Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday News in Late May of 2015

I saw the news coverage of the arrest of the pregnant woman in the news too. Some folks have to escape naiveté and realize that black men and black women are targets of the corrupt system. The evil criminal injustice system could care less about our dignity or our rights. Therefore, we have to develop strategies and execute them as a way for us to establish solutions. There is no freedom for us without the unity of black males and black females. Unity being promoted (along with a code of conduct) is common sense which has been advanced by other ethnic groups for decades in America. When we promote true unity, then we (as black people) are attacked unfairly. That is a sign for us to continue to advance real unity. We want real change. Real change comes by social, economic, and political actions that benefits the masses of the people not a select few. I read the stories of Montgomery Bus Boycott, the old school BPP's programs, and the Memphis Sanitation strike movement. Their histories show us common patterns (like community growth, unity across classes including generations, solidarity, the building of infrastructure, strong black leadership, etc.) that can cause real change. The deaths of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell are tragedies. More than 100 shots were fired by the police and no cop being convicted shows the problem of police terrorism in America. There must be revolutionary changes and the communities of America must control the police. The police must not rule themselves. We pay the police's salaries, so the people should have the investigative power to not only investigate, but to enforce penalties for cops who are involved in injustices.

I have read Zoe Saldana’s comments. I don’t have issues with fictional characters being displayed by actors or actresses of many ethnic backgrounds. Non-fiction stories are different. Non-fiction stories shown in films must be an accurate display of people’s racial backgrounds and their social ideologies. Zoe is contradicting herself by condemning many white people playing black characters (which ought to be discussed), but she wants to play Nina Simone (when Nina was a beautiful, talented dark skinned black woman. We know plenty of Sisters who are dark skinned with amazing acting talent who can play Nina Simone). Talented actors and actresses should have the opportunities to express themselves in the world, but historical revisionism (especially in an extreme fashion) ought not to be embraced. At the end of the day, we want films to be fun, exciting, educational, inspiring, and diverse. We want our stories to be shown fairly. Likewise, we know that we have to be vigilant in defending our image as our image is beautiful. Conscious people exist worldwide and inspiration is an excellent way to allow people to continue on their journeys. Life deals with lessons, joy, and other components of existence. We want injustice to be undoubtedly extinguished, so we can see a world where racism is abolished, where wisdom is abundant, and where justice is made real for all. Real people inspire me too. We, as black people, will allow nothing to turn us around. Our eyes are on the prize.

Yes, the Supreme Court ruled that people convicted under the age of 16 can't experience the death penalty (which has been unfairly applied for decades. Some know my views on the barbarous, inhumane death penalty). There is no justification for Cooper's evil actions at all. Paula Cooper's suicide was a tragic end to a life filled with tumult basically. This is why people have to make the right decisions and realize that life is precious and fragile. Every day, we have to use our time not only wisely, but to see how we treat others is a big signal of what our true character is made of. P.S. Nebraska finally bans the death penalty. Nebraska is the first conservative state in over 40 years to ban the death penalty.  The point about double standards is accurate. These violent, international criminal gangs have participated in shoot outs, murders, drug trafficking, human trafficking, other forms of violence, and other nefarious evils. People readily don’t call the criminal actions of these criminal gangs as a product of white culture, a lack of white fathers in the home, or a product of a certain musical genre. Yet, when some black people do the wrong things, then the whole black community is damned. The forces of reaction don't care about black people and we should care about solidarity and human community growth for our people. The double standards (as shown by the mainstream media and other extremists) are not fair nor is it right. Therefore, we want not only fairness, but the eliminating of false racist stereotypes that slander our people on a daily basis. Also, there must be structural changes in society to eliminate institutionalized racism, poverty, and all injustices (instead of the legislation of repression).

Voluntary relationships should be promoted. We don't advocate using coercion or forcing people to be in relationships that they don't desire to be in. Black women have every right to love who they want. We are not fascists. Likewise, true freedom in our black community must come about. We (as black people of every gender and of every nationality) have the responsibility to help the black collective in a constructive, positive way. Regardless of which person someone chooses to date or marry, we should advocate concretely justice and liberation for all black people living in this Earth. That's our goal. There is nothing wrong with Black Love and Love in general. With the recent events going on in 2015, the handwriting is on the wall. Certain reactionary forces want to end the movement for social change. Many people want to divide and conquer the black community for their nefarious purposes. We want the black community to grow into a higher level. We want black people to be free. We want all black people to have their human rights protected. So, any human being has the right to be happy and we want solutions to our issues as well. There is no freedom unless the system of white supremacy is gone. We must end poverty too. We have to be in favor of the interests of the masses of black people worldwide (as real education, international collaborations in a pan-African sense and even learning multiple languages are things that we can do). We are at war. When crooked cops assault, and even kill black people in cold blood, then we are at war. In other words, we have to know ourselves, love our blackness, and act in a revolutionary sense. We have use strategy and enact individual and collective actions.

The 1968 Democratic National Convention protests was an event that was a key part of the anti-war Movement. Demonstrators came to Chicago in August of 1968 to protest the U.S. war on Vietnam and the forces of reaction in America. The protesters were abused, assaulted, etc. by the Chicago city police. They or the police were acting on orders of the reactionary Democratic Mayor Richard J. Daley. Daley was part of a political party that was heavily responsible for the war in Vietnam just like the Republicans too. The “liberal” Johnson administration and the U.S. military told the public that in public that the light was at the end of the tunnel. Yet, in private, they knew that the war was in a vicious stage where there were pessimistic about the conduct of the war. LBJ promoted the false “guns and butter” approach which was about how liberal reform at home and the funding of the war in Vietnam would work to caused economic stability in America. This doesn’t work, because the Great Society was abandoned in some ways in favor of the war in Vietnam (many of the resources sent for the imperialist war in Vietnam could have been used to help rebuild urban and rural areas of America). The Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley opposed demonstrations and other similar activities directed at the convention. So, Daley mobilized his police forces (who are known for racist violence and corruption) and he used the National Guard including other military units to intimidate protesters. The Democrats and the Republicans were war political parties. Humphrey in the convention won the Democratic nomination. Even an anti-war resolution was voted down when it was put forward at the convention. The National Mobilization committee to End the War in Vietnam called for demonstrations in the Chicago convention. Other anti-war groups like the Yippies decided to protest the Chicago convention. The SDS decided to send people to Chicago to convince the young McCarthy supporters of the need to build a movement outside the Democratic Party, but it didn't mobilize for any of the planned demonstrations. 20,000 demonstrations came to Chicago to protest and the city denied permits to protest outside the convention or any of the candidates’ headquarters. When the protesters’ arrived, the cops beat, maced, and arrested demonstrations or legal activities. Reporters and McCarthy supported were targeted by the police. Photographers had their camera broken and their film confiscated by the police. There was violence in the floor of the convention itself. Even Senator Abraham Ribicoff of Connecticut condemned Daley for using Gestapo tactics from the podium. Daley was angry and yelled at Senator Abraham Ribicoff of Connecticut. So, the police acted violently and this was a police riot. Humphrey would have trouble to gain votes during the Presidential election. Later in the election, Humphrey broke with Johnson’s policy on Vietnam (by Hubert Humphrey wanted to stop the bombing of North Vietnam and he desired a ceasefire) and he almost won the election, but Richard Nixon won it in 1968.

By Timothy

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