Sunday, April 01, 2018

Stephon Clark's anti-Black Tweets Exposed

Some recent news has caused me to revise my position on the Stephon Clark situation. Recently, I found out that Clark made disrespectful and slanderous Tweets about black women and the Black Lives Matter movement. Also, his girlfriend (who is non-black) has used the N word in one of her tweets too. I thank the black women in the Internet who made this information public. So, I don't consider Stephon Clark a hero. I don't view him as a role model. He shouldn't be glamorized as a virtuous person. What I do mention that his death was unjustified and I do wish healing for his family. We must defend the humanity and dignity of black women. That means that we will check and criticize anyone who hates black women.

Any man (regardless of color) should know this. Misogynoir, colorism, racism, police brutality, and any evil are morally wrong and evil period. Therefore, we support black women and we condemn the reprehensible views of Stephon Clark and his girlfriend 100 percent. Obviously, Clark had self-hatred. He was a traitor to black people and a despicable misogynist. Stephon Clark was a victim of a police murder. He shouldn't have been murdered by the police in that situation. We should always oppose police brutality and murder, but we shouldn't embrace the disgusting, evil anti-black women views of Stephon Clark at all. These are my views. I do believe in black liberation.

Black Lives Matter.

By Timothy

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