Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Facts and Reality

One of the greatest nefarious views of respectability politics is to scapegoat the poor and others who are suffering. It's a sick pastime expressed by not only the rich, but by the some of the middle class crowd too (when many of them are barely above poverty themselves). Respectability politics precisely means that we must act a certain way, talk in a certain way, and believe in a certain way in order to magically acquire freedom and justice. That lie is reprehensible since history has taught us that oppression doesn't end when we dress a certain way. It exists because of our God-given characteristics being hated on by those who believe in the erroneous tenets of racism and other forms of bigotry. Police brutality refutes respectability politics too as innocent black men, women, and even children have been murdered by crooked cops for no reason at all. Many of those who love respectability politics embrace the Horatio Alger's lie. That lie states that if the poor just get up by their own bootstraps (and stop complaining), then somehow poverty will end. The truth is that most poor people worldwide (as billions are paid less than $10 a day) aren't poor because of laziness as poor folks are some of the hardest working people on Earth.

They are poor because of a neoliberal capitalist system that permits low wages, expensive housing, and other forms of an economically devastating situation. Back during the Great Recession, people foreclosed on their homes because of Wall Street speculation and other factors not because of laziness on the part of Americans. So, the truth is that whether people like it or not, the poor are our Brothers and our Sisters. They are entitled to the same human rights and liberties that we also cherish. They seek like we all do democratic rights, living wages, universal health care, great educational resources, and all of the opportunities that should be afforded to any human by birthright and not by privilege. That is why health care is a human right. Homelessness is a worldwide problem from LA to India including parts of Europe. It can't be solved by imprisonment or harassment, but by compassion. If America can send human beings to the Moon, then it can send billions of dollars to help the poor and the homeless right here on Earth. Some love money more than they love humanity. Money is a tool that can be used for good. It isn't a god. Some criticize welfare (slandering it "handouts" when they are hand ups. Not to mention that no human is an island. Every human being had help at some point of their own lives. Many white racists lecture black people about welfare too when most Americans who have welfare are white Americans), yet they are silent on corporate welfare, legacies, tax loopholes, record economic inequality, etc. They want mock the poor involving welfare, but Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are not private programs. They are legitimate public programs sent to be given to us the people. I believe in accountability and integrity (i.e. The Golden Rule is a sacrosanct life precept), but I don't believe in scapegoating or lying about the poor. It is the common goal of tranquility that we believe in, so the general welfare of the world is enhanced.

That is why I believe in social justice and I reject the racism plus the xenophobia of a male (not man) who currently occupies the White House. This male talks about voter ID laws when Voter ID laws in America suppress the times when people vote, limits the amount of IDs used to vote, and studies have documented its discriminatory nature against black people, the elderly, the poor, other people of color, college-educated students, etc. Therefore, this is a fight for our survival. The solution never revolves around blaming poor people or the suffering. It revolves around a transformation of society wherefore the systems of oppression are thoroughly eliminated and a better system of justice is subsequently implemented to make justice for all a living creed. That's real talk.

One of the great news today is that Lebron James has opened the I-Promise school in Akron, Ohio. He will send scholarships to students who graduate from high school as well. This will benefit hundreds and thousands of young people. Education is very important and Lebron James has told of his story about how he fought hard to enrich his life with education too. The principal of the school is Brandi Davis and the school is a public non-charter school. It has free breakfast and free lunch for all of its students. The school has experts, a powerful curriculum, and its architecture is beautiful. Lebron has courageously stood up and accurately stated that Trump is exploiting the wonder of sports as a means for him to promote divisiveness. Lebron James has shown that contributing humbly to your community is one great essence of living. His legacy will not only be one of the greatest basketball players in history, but it also includes him being a community activist who wants children to achieve their goals filled with determination and excellence.

Recently, on the new network of Paramount and BET, they have the documentary of Trayvon Martin. It's entitled, "I am Trayvon Martin" which is part of the series of I am stories. To put that time into context, the events of Trayvon Martin started the Black Lives Matter movement, because after the disgusting acquittal of the murderer of Trayvon Martin (who is Zimmerman), BLM grew from Twitter, into the California area, and into the streets of the world. Trayvon Martin was a young teenager who lived in Florida. He was stalked by George Zimmerman (who has a known history of harassing people and being authoritarian. He has threatened people recently and he is a notorious coward). Zimmerman stalked Trayvon Martin and was told by the police to not mess with him. Zimmerman continued, a confrontation happened, and Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin. Protests existed nationwide and worldwide. It was the event that defined heavily the components of this decade of 2010. The 2010's seem like the 1960's with the social activism. Also, the parents of Trayvon Martin, who are Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, continue to fight gun violence, racial oppression, and police brutality to this very day. Now, it has been 6 years since the passing of Trayvon Martin and 5 years after the BLM. We have a very long way to go especially with many stories of innocent black men, women, and children being called on (with the police coming to innocent black human beings) by white racists for just being at their house, passing out newspapers, selling lemonade or water, and just living on this Earth. That is why right now, we will always believe in justice.

Rest in Power Brother Trayvon Martin.

By Timothy

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