Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Real Truths.

Art flows with Nature and from the human spirit. I love art because of its freedom. It doesn't need rigid parameters to allow itself to manifest itself. Art is also multifaceted and diverse. There are African art using exquisite paintings and gorgeous architecture. The Baroque style outlines extravagance and certain unique patterns. Abstract art focuses on the very unorthodox usages of color, shape, and other mediums in personal expression. Not to mention that art can be instituted as seeing what the culture is made of or it can predict what the culture of the world ought to be. One example is about the recent events going on in America have made artists use more political works. During the 19th century, landscape images and other forms of artwork signified the Impressionist era of time, which especially was common in the country of France. Cluade Monet, Edouard Monet, and other artists were completely Impressionists too. Black artists and artists of color have been readily minimized (by reactionaries) of their excellent contributions in America many decades ago. Today, we live in a new era of time where artists, regardless of the color, are increasingly given their due acknowledgements in painting, sculpture work, ceramics, new media, photography, digital art, and other forms of creative expression.

African American artists include many human beings like Augusta Savage, Jacob Lawrence, Kara Walker, Lois Mailou Jones, and other people who exemplified their talent not only to allow an audience to witness their creations. They wanted human beings to analyze, to evaluate, and to be inspired by their works of art as well. Art enriches the mind and the soul as greatness in art requires honest human self-expression. Many years ago, I did paintings, sculpture, drawing, and other aspects of art. Art gives one the inescapable appreciation of human sacrifice and the crucial work that goes into establishing various works. Dance is art too and performance art utilizing dance remains extremely popular worldwide. Therefore, the present and the future will always witness the ineluctable value of art as the glory of artistic vision will manifest forevermore.

As for Alex Jones, he is totally wrong. he has said that the Sandy Hook massacre was an inside job and that is why he is being sued for such a slanderous, despicable lie. Jones also made disrespectful remarks about Trayvon Martin and the BLM. He has made racist comments about Mexicans, made false predictions, and is a great proponent of the Trump agenda. He is a sexist, a xenophobe, a racist, and a person of the far right movement (under the guise of using "conspiracy" related information). He has praised George Washington when Washington was a slave-owner, a racist, and a person who was a moral hypocrite. Washington signed the Fugitive Slave Act which wanted the government to kidnap people who escaped from the bondage of slavery. He or Alex Jones has praised the JBS and he ignores the legitimate contributions of progressives in history like the 8 hour work day, civil rights, voting rights, environmental protections, etc. So, Alex Jones is not a hero. He is a fraudulent salesman and a demagogue. Many areas like Youtube, Facebook, etc. banning his videos is not a First Amendment issue as those entities are not the government. Youtube, etc. are privately controlled entities and Alex Jones's videos go beyond dissent. Many of his videos outright demonize Muslims and others in very dehumanizing terms. Defamation, slander, and libel aren't protected speech. Now, we see Trump making different statements about the meeting with the Russians. The whole administration is filled with racism and confusion. Steven Seagal supports Putin when he's an authoritarian capitalist who has the support among corrupt oligarchs who are economically fleecing the people of Russia. Just because U.S. imperialism is evil and has no place in the world doesn't mean that Putin deserve a pass for his suppression of human rights in Russia. Two wrongs don't make a right. Therefore, we have to be consistent and oppose the evil agenda of reactionary extremists regardless of where they reside.

There is an increase of journalists and reporters receiving death threats from Trump supporters and far right extremists. That is wrong period. The press is one of the few jobs explicitly mentioned in the Constitution. A free and open press is one prerequisite of any democratic society. Anyone trying to unfairly malign or suppress the freedoms of the press (i.e. the rights of the press to critique political people and to show information) has a completely an anti-democratic mentality. That is why we should view the press as a necessary part of world society. One of the biggest lies from white racists and Hoteps is that black people are doing nothing to deal with racism, miseducation, poverty, police brutality, prisons, gang violence, unemployment, etc. The truth is that black people for decades and centuries have worked in fighting against many evils. The black crime rate in America has declined massively in since 1980. There is growth of black owned businesses among especially black women. There is a massive decline in the teen pregnancy rate in the black community since 1992. There is a decline in black men and black women in federal prison. There is an increase of the life expectancy of the black community. Those facts refutes the lies from racists and Hoteps who care more for capitalism and anti-black scapegoating than black liberation. Black people have organized intervention programs to combat gang violence for years and decades. Meetings have occurred all of the time to fight police brutality and evils. It is the expression of self-hatred for any black person who wants to deny the fighting spirit of black people to solve problems. That is why I will always stand up for truth. I'm a debater by nature. I've refuted racists and Hoteps for over 10 years. I'm not new to this. Therefore, when someone lies about black people, we will defend our black people.

The Trump administration wants to restrict legal immigration. He wants to restrict legal immigrants who want citizenship if they received certain social programs like welfare. This proves us right. This proves that Donald Trump is not only a racist, but his views are xenophobic as well. Xenophobia is a cousin to racism and both evils are totally wrong and repugnant. Immigrants include people of every color and historically they have made great contributions in American society. America is made up of either immigrants, descendants of immigrants, indigenous peoples, or descendants of slaves. Therefore, we have to promote real unity in combating the overt extremism from Trump. Those who attack undocumented immigrants viciously are silent on this story since this story exposes them as the hypocrites and xenophobes that they are. The horrendous internment of babies in cages, the racists calling on black people for eating lunch or selling lemonade, the unjust murder of our Brothers and our Sisters by crooked cops, and other problems that are real represent the importance to advance human liberation. Not to mention that black immigrants exist in America too and they are deserving of equality just like anyone else. That is why we will be relentless in our duty to make real revolution a reality where human justice is made truly real for all.

By Timothy

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