Friday, August 10, 2018

Honest Words.

One of the most neglected stories today until recently is the civil war in Yemen. Yemen is being bombed by U.S.-backed Saudi Arabia forces in an attempt to defeat the Houthi rebels. In the midst of the bombs, many civilians have died. Many of the same ones who defend Trump are silent on this barbaric exercise of imperialistic aggression. These war crimes didn't just exist in Yemen. They have existed throughout the war on terror. Libya, Syria, and Iraq have been devastated by war as well. Saudi jets readily send bombs that destroy human lives and infrastructure in Yemen. This has been supported by American policy. It shows the hypocrisy of American imperialism. American imperialism desires to promote the myth that it is focused on promoting democracy, yet it is in league with Saudi Arabia, which is a nation filled with repressive measures against the human beings in that country. The recent airstrikes against a school bus killed and wounded many children, many of them are under 10 years old. The Saudis and the UAE has bombed Yemen for over 3 years. What is sick is that the Saudis and the UAE defended these overt war crimes. Massive starvation exists in Yemen too. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) reported that its hospital had received the lifeless bodies of 29 children pulled from the smoldering wreckage of the bus. Most of these children were under the age of 10, some of them as young as eight. The liar spokesman for the Saudi military, Colonel Turki al-Malki, issued a statement claiming that Thursday’s attack on Saada was “a legitimate military operation ... and was carried out in accordance with international humanitarian law.” American involvement with Saudi in the Yemen war is totally shameful and disgraceful. The war in Yemen should definitely end now.

There is always an artist once in a generation that inspires people and motivates crowds. She was one of a kind and the greatest singer of our generation. She was the one with the Voice for real. She could sing high and low with an exquisite clarity that can never be duplicated by any singer period. Yesterday was the Birthday of the late, great Sister Whitney Houston. Legendary performances, dynamic charisma, love for her family plus her community, and superb music outline the glorious legacy of Whitney Houston. She was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. Many people don't know that Whitney is all Newark and she sang excellently in the church during the duration of her youth. From her first soloist album to her last album, she made classic music. From her debut during the year of 1985, people knew that Whitney Houston was the one. Her classic records give me goosebumps. Throughout her career, she represented the grace, the talent, and the strength of black women. She married Bobby Brown and had one child.

Many of her records were inspirational and promoted uplfitment in humanity like The Greatest Love of All, Step by Step, I Believe in You and Me, Miracle, etc. She worked hard, had fans worldwide, and won many awards. She passed away at February 2012 when I was 28 years old. She was the most awarded women artist of all time. She sold over 200 million records worldwide. Also, people know of Whitney Houston's philanthropy in her life as well. She worked with pop artists, gospel artists (the album of The Preacher's Wife: Original Soundtrack Album is the highest selling gospel album in history selling over 6 million copies. Whitney Houston was part of that album), R&B artists, hip hop artists, etc. Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, and Dionne Warwick greatly inspired her as well. She universally is respected. Whitney Houston had a lot of love and proclaimed it in her music and in her life.
Rest in Power Sister Whitney Houston

Laura Ingraham's comments are racist and xenophobic. She recently said that her America as she know it doesn't exist because of massive demographic changes. She criticized legal immigration as well. FOX News is known warehouse of racists, far right extremists, and liars. That is Trump's favorite news network too. She is basically saying that she wants America to be mostly white. This isn't surprising by her since she disrespected Lebron James by saying that he should just shut up and dribble. That's nonsense since any athlete has the right to play and speak up on political issues. Trump wants NFL players to stand for the national anthem or be suspended without pay. Once again, he is exploiting sports to promote divisiveness, racism, and oligarchy. Trump ignores that the national anthem was created by a racist and its original lyrics condoned oppression against black men, black women, and black children. Many football players have knelled in protest. A kneel is an inoffensive protest that doesn't disrespect anyone. It does respect the concept of freedoms like protesting and standing up for principles. Now, my state of Virginia has a state of emergency because racists are coming into my state to defend Trump and white racism. Trump is a white supremacist and a racist, so that is why he defends Confederate statues and white nationalists. Now, Laura Ingraham made xenophobic comments about demographic changes when America originally was not majority white and never spoke a syllable of the English language. So, Trump and his supporters are shameful in their rhetoric. True Americans condemn racism and xenophobia plus defend the right of protesting police brutality. Therefore, this is our generation. This is our land. Our ancestors built this nation literally with our blood. Therefore, I won't let any racist violate my human rights. I will defend my freedom totally.

Black people resent the condescension among some who lecture black people on class when black scholars are some of the greatest researchers of poverty and class issues in the world today. Crime is not based on genetics, but on socioeconomic factors. No unjust crime is right. Likewise, crime is mostly intraracial plus within close primoxity and many of the same ones who use the term black on black crime refuse to talk about solutions or talk about white on white crime or Asian on Asian crime. I am certainly not super rich, but many black people who are now upper middle class or rich know exactly how it is to be poor since they once were poor. Many black philanthropists have helped poor black people for generations and the problem is that some black millionaires do in fact embrace the evil of classism and bourgeois tenets. There is a problem of some rich black people ignoring poverty or mocking the poor, which is wrong and evil. There is no excuse for that. The term social justice warrior is used by far right people to disrespect progressive activists, but promoting social justice is sacrosanct. The vast majority of America know about the poor and many study the poor. The problem is that the 1 percent doesn't want to do anything about it since they believe in neoliberal capitalism and other evils that harm the poor. I do believe that poverty should be researched greatly and solutions ought to exist to fight against poverty as well. Poverty exists among people among every color. Yet, there is a fact that poverty, the prison industrial complex, and police brutality disproportionately harm black people and other people of color (as proven by tons of studies). Therefore, I want to address poverty (which deals with class oppression) and end the racist including sexist structures of oppression too. Class reductionism is no solution since you have to both fight poverty and end all forms of discrimination. You can't do one without the other. Black people have the right to expose and oppose white racism without apology too.

By Timothy

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