Thursday, May 25, 2006

Information Wars

I took a brief break on Wednesday and I'm back for Thursday. So many news keep on popping up that it's hard to keep up at times. An article in the Danish publication called "Ekstra Bladet" mentioned that Building Number Seven must of have been destroyed by explosives. Of course, Building Seven had limited fires and fell in a symmetrical fashion. Nathanael on May 25, 2006 talked about how the mainstream media like USA Today, FOX, CNN, and others are trying to unfairly bash the 911 Truth Movement. What many in the mainstream media seem to forget is that governments have done terrorist acts and deception for thousands of years. Even a 2002 recently revealed tape proved that LBJ knew about the Gulf of Tonkin incident being a fraud and he used it as justification to fight in SE Asia. Richard B. Schmitt from the LA Times on May 25, 2006 talk about how Vice President Dick Cheney might testify in the Libby case. Vicente Fox is at America promoting the open border policy, which is supported graciously by George W. Bush. You even got MS-13 gangs killing and robbing people. Paul Joseph Watson from Prison on May 24, 2006 wrote about a Pastor who revealed a plan. That plan was that FEMA are trying to indoctrinate churches to go along not only with the government, but support martial law, gun confiscation, and private property theft. This is extreme, yet the pastor says that this is all true. This is similar to the NVOAD program, which was about training volunteers in a "Peer to Peer" program in a neighborhood setting.

Many brainwashed Christians support this tripe are using Romans 13 as justification. In truth, Romans 13 was about respect the of the existence of government, but it never condoned people to violate the Word of God for the sake of following government. The highest of all authorities is of course God, not the government. The Bible in Acts have Peter saying "We follow God rather than men." So, we follow God's Word and the Bill of Rights plus Constitution above the dictates of a corrupt government. The preachers and other people say that government volunteers are infiltrating churches to promote this nonesense. Until the day I die, I will never compromise my core convictions on truth and morality. Regardless of what the government says, abortion is wrong, it's murder, and it's a real holocaust like the one in WWII. Regardless of what the government says, the Iraq war is unconstitutional. Regardless of what the government says, voting fraud and the evils of torture still exist in this planet. Homeland Security is nothing more than another large government body that isn't even effective. They definitely weren't effective in the terrible tragedy of Hurricane Katrina where dead bodies floated in the water and people's gun were taken by folks carrying assault weapons. Also, I'm not limited into delving into one issue like many Republicans and Democrats. I'm talking about toll roads, immigration, occult Secret Societies, abortion, and other things.

I learned about this years ago, but I want to make this perfectly clear. There is a lot of hoopla about Al Gore and his new film talking about "global warming." Never forget though, that the Mainstream Environmental Movement has nothing to do with solely improving the environment, but it's about controlling as much private property as possible. They are funded by oil barons and globalists by the names of Rockefeller and Ford. Even Al Gore's father, who's name is Gore Sr., worked with the Big Oil company of Occidential. Big Oil is also in support of the Peak Oil agenda. Henry Lamb wrote a recent work in May 2006 about the United Nations continued goal of land grabs. He further writes about the Biosphere plan to steal property, so humans won't so-call "ruin" the enivornment. This is very similar to the Supreme Court condoning the illegal eminent domain situation wherefore governments steal private property for almost any reason under the sun. Right now, Dennis Hastert (the House Majority leader) is asking ABC for a full retraction, because ABC claimed that he was under investigation. I believe this is all about covering up Hastert's supporting the Bush administration's agenda for many years.

I will have to say that I commend the new Jesuit, Knight of Malta, and other related information brought up by Eric Jon Phelps (though I don't agree with his views on race) and Nicholas Rivera. They certainly keep me aware on about the real truth, not the make- believe bile given by the status quo. Life is filled with suprises I guess. It's almost a year away from the London bombing. It is interesting to note that not only drills occured in London on that day (like 9/11), but the man the media called the "mastermind" was an MI6 intelligence asset as admitted by John Loftus. One of the most terrible events about this immigration issue is the promotion of ID cards. Chris Matthews is one of the worse people promoting this mess. It's bigger than ID cards, but face scans and eye scans into a centralized database. It's disgusting.

They are promoting it for illegal immigrants to track them, which is equally as wrong as using biometrics against American citizens. UPI on May 25, 2006 further talks about how NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg calling for the fraud-proof ID cards for immigrants containing fingerprints (plus strands of DNA) to help weed out illegal workers. The CFR (and many multinational corporations) is one of the main groups of people promoting amnesty, so our borders aren't secured and destroyed. You can't solve any illegal immigration problem without securing our borders. Even Jerome R. Corsi wrote about the CFR's amnesty/globalism (being pro-North American Union) plan in their "Building a North American Community" report. In the final analysis, it is an information war. It's between us and the establishment. It's between us promoting free thought, free speech, and respect for human life (whether born or unborn) and the establishment promoting stagnantion and non-questioning of their presentations of the so-called "facts."

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

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