Friday, May 26, 2006

On the Black Nobility


JagDRS: Not familiar with the term - White Nobility. As for Black Nobility, Dr. John Coleman references "them" numerous times in his book Conspirators Hierarchy - Story of Committee 300. Therein he refers to numerous levels and layers of secret world organizations, many of which are inter-tangled with each other, including the Black Nobility - "Europe's most powerful oligarchical and ancient Black Nobility familes" , the oldest of which he claims are familes from Venice, Genoa and Rome (like Giovanni Agnellis of Fiat Motors; the Giustiniani family, Black Nobility of Rome and Venice who trace their lineage to the Emperor Justianian; ) but they are spread around other parts of Europe too, like France (such as Etienne D'Avignon), Poland (Brzezinski was a member of the old Polish Black Nobility), Swizterland ( the Oltramaire) family), England - Queen Elizabeth II of England, of the Black Nobility Guelphs. There are also American members. Just as an example of the over-lapping layering among some of these secret orgs, there is also an org called the Club of Rome, which Dr. Coleman explains is an umbrella org linking Committe of 300 members from America and those from the Black Nobility.

Other old Venetian Black Nobility Committee of 300 members and board members of ASG and RAS are the Doria family, the financiers of the Spanish Hapsburgs, Elie de Rothschild of the French Rothschild family, Baron August von Finck (Finck, the second richest man in Germany is now deceased), Franco Orsini Bonacassi of the ancient Orsini Black Nobility that traces its lineage to an ancient Roman senator of the same name, the Alba family whose lineage dates back to the great Duke of Alba, and Baron Pierre Lambert, a cousin of the Belgian Rothschild family.

Since this is not a book about the drug trade, I cannot of necessity, cover the subject in an in-depth manner. But its importance to the Committee of 300 must be emphasized. America is run not by 60 families but by 300 families and England is run by 100 families and, as we shall see, these families are intertwined through marriage, companies, banks, not to mention ties to the Black Nobility, Freemasonry, the Order of St. John of Jerusalem and so on. These are the people who, through their surrogates, find ways to protect huge shipments of heroin from Hong Kong, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan and ensure they reach the market places in the U.S. and Western Europe with the minimum cost of doing business.

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