Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Issues are a daily occurence. Yesterday I saw Hardball having a man named David Talbot. He wrote a book claiming the RFK believed that the JFK assassination was a product of a conspiracy. Talbot was arguing with the lawyer (Bugliosi ) who convicted Charles Manson. The lawyer believed that one man (Lee Harvey Oswald) killed JFK. Bugliosi kept saying that there is no evidence that Oswald had CIA ties. Yet, a CIA agent named Crowley mentioned documents in his book "Regicide" proving that Oswald had CIA ties and supposed "defected." Many bullet hit JFK, the vehicle, the sewer, and other locations which have nothing to do with the Book Despository. Many of the players in the Warren Commission questioned Oswald's sole involvement and a majority of Americans in polls believe a conspiracy occured in JFK's death. There is tons of proof that members of secret orders and the government were involved in the death and cover up of his death. One simple evidence proving it are the CIA agents (like Robert Marrow), Mafia figures (like Sam Giancana), and low level agents (like Frank Sturgis and Howard Hunt) admitting their involvement in JFk's assassination.

Regardless, doubters are always going to exist. Some still believe in fairy tales. Some say that black people are intellectual inferior to whites. That's a lie since all peoples have a time of cultural problems including whites in the "Dark Ages" when some tribes acted as violent criminals. Great civilizations occured in many continents. Real black people with great intellect are Drusilla Bunjee Houston, JOHN HENRIK CLARKE, YOSEF A.A. BEN-JOCHANNAN, REVEREND DR. RUFUS LEWIS PERRY, Marcus Garvey, Joel Augustus Rogers, Dr. Mae C. Jemison, etc. The fact is that intervention, education, and discipline can increase intelligence and IQ irrespective of race or color. People say give us evidence. Well, I say to those people like NC Turner, hey I've got tons of more evidence. I wrote things years ago that could take hundreds of pages to reveal. London Independent on Wednesday at May 30, 2007 discuss about intelligent robots coming now in the world. I'm moving on though. Some people hate the truth. I'm still against the NAU, lies, I'm still against abortion, etc.

By Timothy

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Wolveshater said...

I agree Tim. I collect your Letters to a file here, So Keep it up Laddy. I like your Favorite books to, I got to get that Flavius Josephus you list. Wolves.