Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Craig: I'm not here to spend masses of my precious life time going over information which is easily available if you look, listen and read correctly. You need to go through all the information on this site and others. I'm not sure when that picture or where abouts it was taken.No in England not many people are aware of the Knights of Malta infact people here aren't aware of much these days since they go through this pathetic so-called education system. You'd find more people aware of the Knights Templar than the Knights of Malta and its true underpinnings.English people aware of the Queen and the Knights of Malta simply believe this order is a health order as they disguise themselves within this St John and Hospittler nonsense. It is very secretive within the masses what we speak about with her connections to the Vatican. Your not meant to know her true power of this land and certainly not her SERVILITY to Rome. They will then discuss all day the definition of Patron to try and riddle out of it. Too many people think she's the protector of the Protestantism here but its nothing of the sort infact she detests it. Shes a Guelph and just understand them and understand her and this information comes straight from ex British SIS Dr John Coleman and others.Study the Guelph Black Nobility family for answers on this. Remember also her cousin is the 78th Grandmaster and Prince you see above, Cardinal Andrew Bertie. He controls the whole Order with his cousin controlling the British division whilst Egan controls the Americas and King Juan Carlos of Spain controls the Middle East. I cannot remember the others and I think theres another 3 regions but I may be wrong. The Jesuits took full control of the Vatican in their face style within 1870 when their Doctrines of Infallibility was thrusted upon the Pope. In reality they had the Papacy back in 1814. They came back and got control through their creation of the Illuminati as its spoke about. They were whacked by the Pope in 1773 and the Bavarian Illuminati was created in 1776 by sheep-dipped JESUIT Weishaupt who incidentally helped turn the Pope around sneakily of course. Then what happened? The Jesuits took serious REVENGE as usual. The film 'Count of Monte Cristo' is really the representation of this story and how the Superior General used his Rothschilds to destroy the Bank and then buy it back for pennies.Dolphin if you wish to trumph up this most devious, evil minded and blood revengeful Order and its Black Nobility Creator then feel free to do it elsewhere. They have diseased this World more than the Vatican ever did before the Jesuits were even created. People are dying in their masses in Iraq through these Crusaders including Women & Children. Your so-called freedoms are being curbed even more as they once again are about to plunge us back into the Dark Ages in the Protestant nations.The SMOM control all Banking, politics, media, entertainment, Intelligence the lot through their many loyal subordinate high ranking Knights such as King Juan Carlos, Edward Egan and so forth. You then have the levels like Henry Kissinger, Rudy Guiliani and so forth. Their in all the positions of power and they exercise this power. The SMOM were subordinate to the Pope for his helping them in times of trouble. Remember who controls the Papacy? The JESUITS have the SMOM Order more as a Brother these days but alas its not equal in no means. The Council above are the leadership of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, theres your names. Bet you didn't think we could oust these people but its not that hard when you get through all their diversions and veils which their little piddly wannabe agents like Alex Jones put forth. Its not as big a mystery as they would have you think. Think of it just like the Wizard of Oz and how this Wizard is merely a weak man behind a curtain and not this great mystical wizard of power. I unveil the TRUTH and sometimes it hurts but sometimes its not so amazing either and guess what? Its FREE!. I should also point out that the film Wizard of Oz is so popular for a reason and thats because its full of triggers for various Manchurian Candidates Worldwide as is Star Trek and other nonsense productions which don't deserve the spotlight.Do your homework! Get the Vatican Assassins IIIbook and so forth. There was a good SMOM book at one time but I forget its damn name and I know it wasn't easy to find. Although we lift the veil on this amazing Order theres still many secrets within it that would amaze us and its still manages to be kept quite secretive. It has many inner cores and outer cores and its the outer cores many see and simply think it then cannot be so powerful but alas these inner cores are RAW POWER! Fritz Springmeier has spoke a bit on the SMOM also. Funny I should speak of Manchurians and SMOM above because Fritz spoke of both and deprogrammed Manchurians. Wheres Fritz right now? Jail for around 9 years! Why? Because he was fitted up on phony robbery charges thats why! Check up on that most even shit known as Francis Spellman the once Archbishop, Military Vicar and KING of NY & the AMERICAS! Him and the likes of his subordinate SMOM Papal Knight David Rockefeller can do as they please literally and they did/DO!


Dear Friends and Brethren,

Upon returning from a refreshing visit with my son, Ben, several changes will now be implemented.The first is that I cannot answer and forward emails any longer as I have done in the past. I will daily send out about three emails as I check my inbox every morning for updates from members on the list and others. For those who have pressing questions, my fee will be 50.00FRNs (alias "dollars) per one half an hour in responding by email or phone. I strongly suggest that you purchase VAIII as this will give you the ability to figure out the answers to your own questions---which was the intended purpose of the book in the first place.Secondly, my ministry will consist only of radio interviews, the maintenance of my website, and speaking arrangements when asked by a group to lecture in its area. The rest will be strictly business handled through LOWVEHM, Inc.

The business aspect of LOWVEHM, Inc., includes my wife's business of selling high-grade, Israeli-cut diamonds to individual customers. Danita is a gemologist by profession and utilizes a contact in Tel Aviv whom I met while in country several years ago. The minimum size diamond to purchase is one carat.LOWVEHM will be expanded into the seven areas of high technology that will dominate the 21st century. They are Light, Oxygen, Water, Vibration, Electricity, Hydrogen and Magnetism. These sciences, with resultant products, will completely restructure such fields as medicine and electrical power.For example, if the sun and the moon revolve around the earth and the earth is at rest, then there is a law of physics that keeps the sun and the moon in motion. This then means that a mass, once put in motion and in the right magnetic position to another electro-magnetic mass at rest, will stay in motion while taking a load. Yes, there is such a thing as perpetual motion; we see it every day 365 times a year.

Therefore, my next project will be the building of such a motor that will power our homes. These motors are already perfected and in existence, now utilized by the Jesuits controlling their deep underground military bases. It is time for this technology to be brought above ground for us to enjoy. I will also be an ACN rep offering the finest telecommunication services now available. If you want to help me in further exposing the Order, you may wish to purchase a product or service---or become a rep yourself. This will give me the financial liberty to republish old, anti-Jesuit works on CD further giving understanding to all of us as to the plotting and power of the Company.I also intend to learn foreign currency trading through a course offered by one of the best. In this way I can devote a small period of time to earning money and a larger period of time to research and republishing while providing for my family.

My new newsletter, The Jesuit Watch, will be forthcoming. It will be bi-monthly (published every 2 months), its first edition to be released in August. The cost is 40.00FRNs annually. To subscribe, a copy of VAIII must be purchased because I do not wish to address the questions answered in VAIII over and over again. My purpose is to add to your knowledge with this newsletter while VAIII serves as a workbook.In conclusion, between answering questions for a fee, my wife selling diamonds once in a while, the newsletter, ACN, currency trading and developing the electromagnetic motor, hopefully the Lord will bless financially enabling the furtherance of our understanding of the movements and mentality of "the Engineer Corps of Hell," the Society of Jesus.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric


Dear Craig and Friends,

I am not angry; I am in need of a viable business that I have not had for over five years. I have lived on the support of other people during that time which enabled me to research the many topics and persons included in VAIII. We are talking about 16 hours a day nearly every day during that 5-year period. Now, I need to pursue a business that allows me to provide for my family as well as continue the research into the Jesuit Order. Maybe I should not have said "high-end" diamonds. I should have said "high-quality" diamonds. As you know, Israeli cut diamonds are the best. I apologize for the confusion.Concerning ACN, check out the website The 13-year old company has been recently endorsed by Donald Trump. I realize that he may well in fact be a Knight of Malta as he is a foremost billionaire of the Order's North American commercial emporium, New York City.

But as a businessman to endorse a company after a two-year study is a good mark for any company. I am not part of ACN but rather an independent rep separated by contract. If you say that I am in error for working with a company endorsed by a Knight of Malta then every new car salesman is equally in error for selling Chrysler, Ford or GM products as the Knights control all those companies.As far as currency trading, this is not "working for the whore" any more than any other business involved in commercial paper. If it is wrong to do this than it is equally wrong for any honest man to be involved in any financial institution as they all are working only in commercial paper. Thus, you cannot be a teller in a bank, a loan officer, a seller of stocks, even a buyer and seller of basic goods in any paper currency during daily transactions. The principle is the same.Now for you men who consider me to be in error, what am I going to tell those people who I now owe about 100,000 FRNs for the financing of the research for the writing of VAIII? Maybe if you front me the money I will reconsider. Until such time I will continue to seek to make an honest living as all of you do while devoting remaining time to the continued exposure of the Jesuit Order---as all you do also.I trust this clarification is helpful.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric


Anonymous said...

This site is complete and utter hogwash - the most completely uneducated nonsense I've ever read!

Timothy said...

Give me proof that it's hogwash. I use real sources and real information. Therefore, your view is hogwash since you offer no evidence of your view but ad hominem attacks.