Thursday, May 24, 2007


Bro. Eric,

I fully understand your predicament. What you need to do is urge all on your list to seek God's face in prayer for the supplying of that 100,000 FRNs (whatever that is). They all love you and your great service to the Lord and don't want to see you caught up in commercial snares that will hinder your great ministry to all those who have gleaned from your vast amount of knowledge and research. As Prov. 23: 4 says, ". . . cease from your own wisdom." Lean not unto your own understanding. Is there anything too hard for the Lord? Let Him part the waters of the Red Sea. Let Him put the coin in the fish's mouth. Let Him turn the mountain into a plain. Let Him bring water out of the rock. I know this is easy for me and others to say, not being in your shoes, but God is on the throne, and his promises are sure. "Prove me now. . .," he says.I trust that your wife has enough spiritual reserve to grasp this.After the monumental task of completing VAIII, the devil is countering with a left hook. Just have your guard up.

Bro. Carl

Dear Brother Carl,

Your replies are always of great value to me.But in this instance, we must agree to disagree. I cannot and will not ask for one more dime from anyone. Those to whom I owe money are personal friends; I have never and will never accept any gift financial from a stranger, saved or lost. I do ask for all those on the list to pray for my business success. Just changing your long distance service with me will help. If ACN works for me as for others, within six months I should receive enough "income" to enable me to work on attacking the Jesuits without the pressure of supporting my loved ones. I could include private speaking engagements as part of my ministry to local churches without asking for or expecting any financial gift. Concerning your questions, I will always respond to you without charge. But these others who drain me while at the end of the day I have earned nothing, these I must charge. The fact of the matter is that they will ask me no more questions; they merely want something for free breeding non-appreciation for the work provided. When I finished VAIII, this ACN business came to the forefront within two weeks. I joined for one reason---to take the profits away from the Order's huge phone providers (like Verizon) who finance the sodomite agenda and the gun-grabbers, and put some of those monies into my pocket thereby enabled to finance an information war against the Jesuit Order. I intend to extend this war into technology---putting the electromagnetic motor into the hands of the common man. Really brother, VAIII answers most questions concerning the Order's past, present and future. To continue to connect the dots with a newsletter will be a blessing to men such as yourself who have not the time for this meticulous research. So why should I not profit from it somewhat?Further, I do have some fear about relying on the financial good graces of saved men.

They are so fickle today, brother. A Baptist pastor friend of mine, David Hollowood, was a pastor some years ago. He was a KJV only man, a TR man, an non-501©(3) man and truly practiced biblical separation. He was and is today a faithful father taking care of his adult son with MS. Do you know what his church did to him for his faithfulness? Those heretics drove him from his pastorate without any charge of heresy or immorality (the only biblical reasons for dismissing a pastor), forced him out of his home provided by the church, packed up his belongings and put them into a 40-foot tractor trailer until David could find another dwelling. Fortunately, he moved here to Pennsylvania where I was privileged to meet his acquaintance along with his invalid son who is on this email list. (In fact he just called me and asked for the 700.00 Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) I have owed him for over four years.) I remember one night while at David's dinner table we spoke of the coming Chinese invasion. He then uttered to me words I have never forgotten. "Maybe it has pleased God not to deliver us because of the compromise of the local churches." I still remember the look on his face and the saddened response of his wife.In conclusion, God's people in the American Empire have no idea of the Pope's war which rages against them. They live in the land of fantasy.

They think living in "The Matrix" (the womb of the Virgin Mary) is the place of safety and success while completely oblivious of the intense truth that:"We know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness (the lap of the wicked one--TR)."I John 5:19.My dear wife will do anything I choose to do. She is the epitome of submission which makes me quite cautious in all decisions affecting her and the boys. Thus, for their protection and mine, I must be untouchable and beholden to no man for any financial contributions. I feel like a Levite in the days of Israel's apostasy, ploughing the fields for food when I have the right to be fed and clothed by the tribes.I will promise to keep my guard up.Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric


Dear Eric and all,

Some of the responses to Eric's entry into a legitimate business (you might not like ACN network marketing or diamond selling, but people do make a living doing these things) to support himself highlight what I have seen for years: the man of God is supposed to live off air and prayer (his own and theirs), but he should not actually need to promote himself,his business, or make his needs known, ever. If he does, he is deemed unspiritual, backslidden, or compromised. Everything Eric has related in the e-mail is true: he devoted himself for the last three years to the compilation of VA III to the exclusion of any sort of work, or even normalcy of life. The same can be said for the first and second editions. I know as we have been in each other's presence physically for almost five years, and I personally and often without Eric's asking provided dozens of citations from volumes I purchased that sometimes were quite saltly in price for their age and condition. Eric has done something that no other Protestant in this generation has had the spirituality, stamina, unction or perserverence to accomplish. He has produced a historical narrative studded with the words and writings of the best Christian men of many generations, proving by objective observation that Revelation 17 and 18 are absolute truth and can refer only to Popery promoted by Jesuits. By God's grace and providence I was able to participate in this work, and prayed for Eric about the work to its completion. To castigate him for attempting to fulfill a Bible mandated duty is a very rude way for anyone to reward his labor. KJV 1 Timothy 5:8

But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.This is yet more evidence to me personally of the coming destruction of this country: successive generations of Protestants who would rather switch than fight--AND PROFESSING CHRISTIANS WHO WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE MUZZLE THE OX THAT TREADETH OUT THE CORN. Paul labored with his hands night and day so that he would be chargeable to no man! What sort of person finds fault with any Christian man who does the same? Why do some of you feel Eric's owes you an hour or two (or more) of his time a couple times a month to answer questions (often off the wall questions) which are addressed in Vatican Assassins III? He has been at your service for free for a long time, but as the wisdom God has directed him to cease, understand that God works all things after the counsel of his own will, and it is no longer God's will for him to spend hour upon hour answering e-mails. That is why you seldom see post from me-I do not have that kind of time and learned while street preaching years ago that sort of thing is fruitless. Eric lays out the facts and they are available to you. Your response and actions in light of the knowledge gained are your own. Eric is not anyone's babysitter or mentor-he is a breathing, eating, sleeping man just like yourselves, and has a life to live here nuturing his family. Work of necesssity is part of that, and part of obedience to God and the Bible. If some do not understand this-OH WELL- Back to the Bible or off to Rome!

- Pastor N C Turner

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