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The Sovereign Council of the Order of Malta

The Prince and Grandmaster

His Most Eminent Highness, Frà Andrew Bertie

The Grand Commander

Grand Chancellor
H.E. Jean-Pierre MAZERY

The Grand Hospitaller
His Excellency, Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager

The Receiver of the Common Treasure
His Excellency, Marchese Gian Luca CHIAVARI Patrician Genoese

H.E. Fra' John A. MacPHERSON
H.E. Fra' Elie de COMMINGES
H.E. Antonio R. SANCHEZ-COREA, Jr.

-These people control the likes of Queen "Guelph" Elizabeth II & King Juan Carlos of Spain.

These people control all Banking, Politics, Media, Intelligence & Entertainment (Hollywood etc). The second most powerful Order the World has ever known. Second only to the SOCIETY OF JESUS who control the SMOM to this very day.SMOM GRANDMASTER Bertie with his loyal SMOM (Middle East) King Juan Carlos of SpainSMOM (Gt Britain) Queen "GUELPH" Elizabeth II




MON 28 2007


The Jesuits knew it would not be easy to take The British after their defeat with the attempt utilising the Spanish "Invincible Fleet" Armada on August 8 1588. So what did the Jesuits result to which was most effective right up to this day by themselves and their many arms? INFILTRATION! By the way did you notice the day was the 8-8-1588, the four eights? There must be some significance!You will notice that the Jesuits were expelled in 1604 from England by King James I and once again their revenge was sort after. What was this revenge? It was the attempted destruction of the Parliament building which we know as Guy Fawkes day. Some places here in England still burn the Pope on the bonfire instead of Guy Fawkes.

Sneeky cretinous Jesuits Greenway, Gerard and Garnett were involved in that plot. You should note that the Jesuits controlled Charles I who was the son of King James I, yes its true!! You should realise that his mother Mary Queen of Scots was also controlled by the Jesuits. Can we can see things more clearly now? So after being hammered in 1604 they took control once again in 1625 with Charles I only twenty one years later. These Long Robes simply never give in or up.England's throne has been fully controlled by Jesuits since King George III who they were mildly giving the Cup of Borgia in order to control him during the middle 18th Century.

Remember George was part of the group known as The Venetian Party of the North. This is why we're told he was mad, it was simply the poisons the Order were giving him which gave these symptoms. You should also note what George III actually called himself and signed as. He was known as Prince Elector of the New Holy Roman Empire. You should note that British Prime Minister Shelburne was an actual JESUIT himself. He was a PM during King George III's reign. Queen "Guelph" Elizabeth II showing her Servility to the POPE!There is no Monarch who will can ever take up the British throne unless they believe the Pope is "Infallible" which once again was Jesuitism and a way of helping them control easier since 1870. Once again if you go deep enough you find that SMOM Queen Elizabeth II is a descendant of the high power GUELPH family of Venetian Black Nobility. Infact most of these cretins come from this line. There was a photo at one time of her doing a curtsie down at the U.K's "Powerhouse" military fortress of Stonyhurst College.

Eric Phelps had this photo in his lecture at ConCon2002 if I remember rightly. I find it suspicious how its totally gone missing when its such a powerful tool? SMOM Papal Knight, Peter J. GraceNow if we go further back you will see how the British Royalty were controlled by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta family the Grace's who were linked into the House of Stuart and incidentally Irish Roman Catholics as far back as early 17th Century. Check into how Oliver Cromwell & William of Orange III removed them from England. You should also note how the Grace's have pulled the strings of U.S Presidents such as being advisers to at least three of them. Look into William Russell Grace's W.R. Grace Company.
I suggest people check out the power of the modern day Grace, Peter J. This guy was the U.S chairman of the SMOM along with being in its creation known as Council on Foreign Relations, Newcomen Society. Notice how he graduated from the Russell Trust's Yale University linked to the Bavarian Chapter 322 (Russell Trust). He was also apart of Operation Paperclip bringing many Nazis through to the United States via Vatican marked trains which people believed were mercy trains. Vatican passports and dress were used. Go check into the W.R. Grace chemical company links to all this. When we know the Jesuit control of the SMOM and how it all controls Intelligence we begin to connect all the dots finally. You should remember that the Council on Foreign Relations is a SMOM creation utilising Rockefeller money. What are the Rockefeller's? SMOM Papal Knights. David Rockefeller is a loyal SMOM Papal Knight controlled by Cardinal Edward Egan and of course the more powerful SMOM higher inner cores within London.

When you look into these Grace's you can start to understand how much of these so-called truthteachers on the major alternative radios and sites are fully controlled agents. Once again the Order controlling BOTH sides creating oppo-sames. When we speak of Knight of Columbus, J.F.K we should never forget Peter J. Grace's contributions to this. Guess what else this rotten SMOM was known to do? Advise Cardinals which in itself shows extreme power. Remember what we've been told about how Jesuits treat Cardinals like dirt! When we know the SMOM is subordinate to the Superior General of the Jesuits this becomes more understandable since being made almost a brother Order. Check into how Peter J Grace was linked with Citibank and Citicorp. Whilst Joseph P Grace was linked with National City Bank and the creation in 1915 of Grace National Bank which is now known as HSBC Bank USA. Remember the SMOM control all Business, Banking, Finance and Insurance.

Oh funny that as he was an Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company trustee. He also goes as far to be linked into "Powerhouse" Jesuit Fordham University and also Notre Dame. Remember his work with SMOM Reagan? Reagan was groomed from when he played within that film based on American Football and Notre Dame. Funny that isnt it how Grace is a Trustee of these education "Military Fortresses?" You know what worries me about this cretin? He was apart of Respitory & Immune research and drugging. Now we know SMOM Papal Knight David Rockefeller controls the Medical Cartel. We also know that right now the two biggest areas of our health their attacking are both of these areas. One of their main assaults occurs from the Chemtrail Aerosol spraying of the skies almost daily, via utilising the Open Skies Treaty. Funny that isn't it? Just look into the chemicals that the Grace's were working with. These people are rooted so deeply its incredible. Unfortunately for us Peter J. Grace has nine children so although he's dead now since 1995 he still lives on after 81 years of his life in the physical and certainly his past devious works. So I just thought I'd inform you of these Grace cretins. Once again we see SMOM insurance connections with Peter J Grace's successor SMOM William J. Flynn who was the CEO up till 1994 for Mutual of America Life Insurance Company. Before I forget you should also note how William R. Grace played his part in the assassination by slug of William McKinley, the 25th U.S President back in September 1901. Who was McKinley's Vice President then? Teddy Roosevelt. Who then became President till 1909?

Teddy Roosevelt. Big deal some may say but look who was one of his greatest friends. It was William R. Grace himself. This was the time when things in America really changed for the worse. Finally the Jesuits who controlled the U.S since 1868 were on a roll and their stench was smelling more amongst the aware public. So really things had gone down well before John F Kennedy came along and who the Roman Catholic Institution saw as a traitor and a complete danger. You have the likes of Lenny Bloom and Tom Heneghan speak of the changes to America since Nov 22 1963 but its well before this in reality. Notice the timing how since 1919 that the SMOM's Royal Institute of International Affairs have controlled the States through Wall Street from 'The City' in London. To this very day the Chief Executive Officer of J.P Morgan and Chase as its now called gives the orders to the Secretary of State who relays the orders back to the U.S President. Why do you think the original Morgan Guaranty Trust Building was blown up on 16th Sept 1920? Some patriotic true opposition obviously was aware of this powerhouse. Right now the Chief Executive Officer is the young Jamie Dimon. We must remember the power of Wall Street which is riddled with British SIS Intelligence fronts such as the Blackwater Group, Blackstone Group. I must point out how Olive Group is a British SIS front within Washington D.C whilst British SIS have their U.S Headquarters within the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington D.C, recently utilised for planning to overthrough President Putin of Russia.So in conclusion the British Royal throne and complete control of Gt Britain by the Society of Jesus has gone on since the middle 18th Century. Before this the Jesuits had control on and off and much battling was going on. These Jesuits are cockroaches that simply never go away. Remember you can set off a Nuclear device but the cockroaches will still exist and thrive. This is why the Jesuit Order has been unstoppable and so powerful all this time since their terrible creation back in 1534. I'm quite sure Royon Elias Lara SJ will certainly lead the Jesuit Order well with his Assistants when he takes over from the old Peter Hans Kolvenbach. I believe new younger blood is needed within the Superior General position for the tough finalising of the new World system their gearing us for known as New World Order. SMOM Papal Knight Bush snr with Military Vicar & SMOM leadership Cardinal Edward Egan at the Al Smith Dinner.Note who first publically announced New World Order back in 1991 at Congress?

SMOM Papal Knight George H. W. Bush who himself has recently been questioned as to wether he's really a Bush or a Nazi Scherff. It was Bush 41's Grandfather George Herbert Walker who attended the "Military Fortress" of Stonyhurst "JESUIT" College in England, UK. You should also note that this Al Smith Dinner is where Presidents get chosen and eyed up as with hotels in London such as the Rochester. Recently John McCain was down there sucking up to Cardinal Egan calling him his Emminence. Its highly tipped that Rep John McCain will be the 44th U.S President. Now recently Bilderberg attendee, Gordon Brown likes to utilise these words of New World Order many times in his recently C.B.I Speech for 2007.

As we've seen the Jesuits have totally controlled and created the U.K's Labour Party. Also never forget that the Jesuits were the brainchilds and true masterminds behind the Bilderberg Group which was come up with by Joseph Retinger SJ. Shame many researchers purposely forget this fact more in favour of speaking about Black Nobility Prince Bernard or more less powerful people like the con of Dennis Healey.Hope this helps you and others.Craig OxleyProposals to reunite Anglicans with the Roman Catholic ChurchGeorge H. Scherf(f) Jr was the 41st U.S PresidentGordon "BILDERBERG" Brown Invites POPE to Britain and moreFeel free to distribute this text WorldwideCorrection made Mon 28 2007 about Prescott Sheldon Bush. It was George Herbert Walker who was trained at Stonyhurst College.

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