Thursday, June 28, 2007

Values and Stability

This morning I hear Joe Scarborough yesterday mocking the Clinton Chronicles. I can't make an assessment of it one way or the other since I never seen it. Yet, Joe's nonchalant attitude that Clinton (a Jesuit trained puppet) wasn't that bad is fantasy. Clinton is clearly a murderer by allowing those men, women, and children to be executed in Waco, TX. There CS gas was utilized and plenty of indepedent documentaries have documented the nefarious activities of the FEDs in that incident. Joe is the type that parades his "conservative" creditinals, but believes that killing human beings (embryos) is fine for research and won't rock the boat on a whole of other issues. Truthfully, freedom, liberty, and truth is what I hold dear to my heart. Another cloture vote about immigration will happen today. If it pass, the amnesty bill will continue. I disagree with the bill since it won't secure the border (i.e. there is no mechanism to monitor that process of securing the border. Bush only constructed a couple of miles of fence when promising more. According to Woodridge, this plan will Cost U.S. taxpayers a minimum of $2.3 trillion. The Vatican and the Jesuits are obviously in support of this including 33rd Degree Freemason Trent Lott) and it won't give incentives for more legal immigration. It won't even immediately deport felons and gang members who are illegal immigrants. Those who are here illegally will have to leave America and return back to the USA to earn full citizenship. That will take years, but it's fair. I do believe in compassion though, so I don't believe in breaking up of families, I don't agree with population control, and knocking down doors to hurt people. It's bigger than illegal immigrants.

Those elitists in support of amnesty want a North American Union, a National ID card system, and global system (That's why Gaddafi Urges Pan-African State by saying that
"Our micro-states have no future."
David Rockefeller have said similar statements. The evil United Nations have been apart of this agenda). Decievers like Hillary Clinton and Bonesman John Kerry want a Fairness Doctrine, which will violate free speech damaging the indepedence of talk radio. These individuals are acting very explicitly about their erreneous intensions. I do believe that there should be a diversity of opinion in the radio, but not by censorship or manufacturing a Fairness Doctrine to make more voices here. Free speech is bad in Europe. A Lutheran pastor was jailed in Germany for peacefully telling the truth that abortion is similar to Holocaust. Both tradegies kill life, they dehumanize human beings, and they are a disgrace.
Today, Tavis Smiley is preparing a debate among both parties about issues dealing with black Americans specifically (not excluding others) like education, health care, oppurtunities, humanity, our liberties, etc. I personally have no problem with that since all groups of people ought to be heard with their grievances to improve society. You want my views on Ann Coulter. Coulter was wrong in using those type of words in sacrasm. I understand she presents sacrasm and hyperbole, but I wouldn't wish someone's death like Bilderberger John Edwards in sacrasm. Also, people like Coulter aren't alone in negative speech. Moyers said that social conservatives wants women to die, Bill Maher sacrastically wanting Cheney to die, and Elton John wanting all religion banned from society. The media rarely exposes this, yet they obsess with Coulter's errors. Edwards want hateful speech banned from the political debate, but many far left people use the same hateful rhetoric in calling individuals bigots who disagree with them. I do respect Elizabeth Edwards standing up to Coulter since we have a right to respond and stand up to people. Some have called America the new Roman Empire and they are right. Ancient Rome had abortion on demand and moral decay. We have it in America. Ancient Rome had buildings inspired by the Mysteries like we have (especially in the city of D.C. which was ruled and created by the Jesuits and Freemasons). Ancient Rome were too much involved in different nations in colonization and America has a foreign policy consisting of interventionalism and trying to send legions in dozens of nations. With all the negativity spiring, it's only naturally for us humans to attempt to have stability and embrace real values.

By Timothy

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