Monday, June 25, 2007

> Dear Brother Eric,>

Congratulations on being made successor to Sherman Skolnick and> co-host of Cloak and Dagger! This is fantastic news! What a tremendous> blessing! You and Lenny Bloom are a dynamic duo and our God will bless> this incredibly. A child of God and a descendant of Abraham, Isaac,> Jacob-Watch out Jesuits and coadjutors! They know they are and their> lies and those of their Jesuit masters are being exposed and the works> of darkness reproved as we are commanded in Holy Writ.>> To add to what you said about Coadjutor Michael Moore's Fahrenheit> 9/11 how the blacks in Congress could not get one Senator's signature> and how Al Gore didn't care. Moore included video of Luciferian Skull> and Bonesman Bush at the 2000 Al Smith Dinner.> Here is a link about that dinner.>> This is from a past post on Craig-Oxley's "The Unhived Mind"> Here's a quote from Skull and Bones Luciferian George W. Bush> "This is an impressive crowd of the haves and have mores," Some people> call you the elite, I call you my base." Bush said this during the> Alfred Smith Dinner. This says a lot dear truth-seekers and brethren> in Christ Jesus. The media claims Bush was joking but where's the> punchline? There is nothing funny about this quote. It is imperative> that we understand what Bush really meant by his statement.> This annual dinner is chaired by the Archbishop of New York and every> four years it serves as the kickoff to the presidential "election"-it> truly is a contest to see who flatters the Archbishop more and the> American Pope-who represents the Papal Caesar in Rome selects his> slave to run the nation on his behalf and on behalf of the Pope. I> believe the above quote got Bush the presidency and the fact he> mentioned Knight of Malta Skull and Bonesman, and CFR member William> F. Buckley Jr. (Bill Buckley).

This speech was especially addressed to> the Cardinal and Bush gained his approval plus members of his family> like Knight of Malta Prescott Bush Jr., Skull and Bones Prescott S.> Bush Sr., 33rd Degree Freemason and Knight of Malta former CFR> director and CIA director George H.W. Bush, and Third Degree Knight of> Columbus Florida Governor Jeb Bush have proven the loyalty of the Bush> Family (descended from the House of Stuart) to the Roman hierarchy so> George W. Bush was awarded the presidency (in name only) and his> running mate CFR member Richard B. Cheney would be the president> behind the scenes to keep an eye on Bush-the obedient puppet and> figurehead. This is how the Jesuit Order is destroying this once great> godly nation and its Baptist-Calvinist Constitution and Bill of> Rights. The Order seeks to establish an openly absolutist dictatorship> following the signing of a concordat with the Vatican and they plan to> take full ownership of the "provinces" in a few years. I am no citizen> of a wicked Jesuit province but a state which according to the> Constitution should be sovereign whose citizens have been blessed by> the God of the Bible with certain "inalienable rights" that the> government cannot infringe upon or violate. The Fourteenth Amendment> is illegal and it was never truly ratified according to the> Constitution therefore it should be repealed. The Jesuits created> their empire with it and it must be rejected, dismantled, and the> Order must be expelled then this nation will enjoy the blessings of> Jehovah again in a Bible-based Constitutional republic. I believe then> and only then will the Lord intervene and fight for this nation> against her foreign invaders just as He fought against the Jesuit> controlled British empire during the War of 1812.

He sent a hurricane> and a whirlwind after the British torched Washington D.C. and the> invaders were decimated by the storms, God intervened during the> bombardment at Fort McHenry and prevented a bomb from destroying the> defenders' supply of gun powder according to Wikipedia link "At one> point during the bombardment a bomb crashed through the powder> magazine. Fortunately [rather by the providence of the God of the> Bible and His favour] for [with] the defenders, the fuse was either> extinguished by the rain or the bomb was merely a dud. May His favour> be with this undeserving nation once again and a faithful remnant."> Here is another article from the website 'Catholic New York' showing> the process of selection by the Archbishop of New York Cardinal Egan.>> "Note then Governor Bush met privately with his boss Edward Cardinal> Egan at the archbishop's residence the morning after the Alfred Smith> Memorial Dinner [Smith was a Knight of Columbus] for 45 minutes (this> shows that Cardinal Egan selected Bush over Gore)-the Archbishop of> New York determines who's granted the presidency today and this> control the Roman Catholic hierarchy has wielded over the Oval Office> goes back to the FDR's administration and perhaps as far back as> Theodore "Rex" Roosevelt -the first emperor of Fourteenth Amendment> America. The Archbishop of New York controls U.S. foreign and domestic> policy through his Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) through his> select Knights of Malta (SMOM), Shriner and Scottish Rite Freemasons,> and every secret society including the Order of Skull and Bones. Bush> is a member of Skull and Bones (meaning he kissed the slippered toe of> the Pope and bowed before Don Quixote (Jesuit General/Black Pope) when> he was initiated and dubbed a Knight of Eulogia).

Gore is a 33rd> Degree Freemason and John Kerry is a member of the CFR. The two main> political parties are controlled and they ultimately serve the same> master and agenda. Cardinal Egan answers to his Jesuit masters at> Fordham and he was trained by Jesuits at Pontifical Gregorian> University in Vatican City. link> Cardinal Egan is the abject slave of Black Pope Peter-Hans Kolvenbach> just as Jesuit-trained Francis Cardinal Spellman was the slave of> Black Pope Jean-Baptiste Janssens at the time of the assassination of> JFK. Jesuit General Janssens gave the order to Pope Paul VI who gave> it to Cardinal Spellman who masterminded the assassination using> select Knights of Malta and Shriner Freemasons.">> One of the guardians of the Vatican treasury Masonic Guy de> Rothschild's funeral was yesterday just in time for the beginning of> summer June 21-this was a occultic date the spring equinox in Paris or> PAR "ISIS" a very Masonic Illuminist Jesuit controlled powerhouse.>> Ruth Graham, a Presbyterian wife of apostate Baptist,> Rockefeller-funded illuminatus 33rd Degree Freemason Billy Graham died> and it was all over the news. I can just imagine when Masonic Billy> dies it will be treated like a Papal funeral 24 hour a day coverage> especially from NBC. Graham's final "crusade" was held in New York and> NBC milked it. Jesuit-controlled Illuminati Bill and Hillary Clinton> were in attendance as well.>>

Brother Nick

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