Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Love Life but I hate garbage

Frequently, situations occur all of the time. There has been another controversy with Barrack Obama (an ally of Rezko and Prince Hall Mason Jesse Jackson). He commented that Christian "Right" leaders use divisive language to drive a widge among the electorate. What is the truth? The truth is that most Christian conservative leaders aren't depicted in mainsteam TV. Most Christian conservative leaders focus on a wide spectrum of issues from poverty, religious liberty matter, free speech being against hate crime laws, AIDS, and other things. Obama is wrong about that point. The "Christian Right" that many see on TV are either compromised, believe in anti-conservative Christian dogma (like Reconstructionism or Dominionism), or are into the Elite (like Roberston and Falwell are in the CNP. Robertson's father was a high level Mason and Pat was a friend of the late SMOM J. Peter Grace. Grace gave him his television debut so to speak. Robert Schuller is a 33rd degree Freemasonry. Billy Graham praised the Jesuits and the Pope). Some folks want to go as far as endorsing the establishment of a One World Religion. John Paul II has talked about an idea similar to that along with a teacher I recalled from school. I think Obama made a mistake by over generalizing people.

There is a Consitution crisis in America. Bush and Cheney constantly don't properly enforce the laws they are required to do. Even Cheney denied that he is part of the executive branch. Bush quietly claimed the authority to disobey more than 750 laws enacted according to the Boston Globe. Even Jerome Corsi has reservation on Bush's policies in terms of civil liberties. The Supreme Court (its members include those from the CFR, Opus Dei, and the Knights of Columbus. Previously, Freemasons dominated the Court, so fraternities and secret orders have sway in our court system) made decisions yesterday. It struck down portions of the Campaign Finance Law, which was good (but not good enough) to ban speak said days before an election. It ban a student having a sign about Jesus and a bong (which is against Free Speech). The Court support the faith based iniatative. I don't believe in an explicit "seperation of church and state" myth, but I disagree with the decision somewhat. The reason was that the government shouldn't control any religion and vice versa. Religion should be expressed in the public square without government control, interference, or influence. It's very hilarious now to see new criticisms coming after people. Some want to generalize one race as one way, but that isn't the case when you see the real stats, the great intellect possessed by those of a wide variety of ethnic groups or races. These people include Drusilla Bunjee Houston, JOHN HENRIK CLARKE, YOSEF A.A. BEN-JOCHANNAN, REVEREND DR. RUFUS LEWIS PERRY, Marcus Garvey, Joel Augustus Rogers, Dr. Mae C. Jemison, George Washington Carver (a Believer in the Bible), Benjamin Banneker, Percy Julian, etc. , and Also, not to mention there is the increased graduation rates of African Americans. I don't believe in generalize one race as one thing. Therefore, I believe in life, but I reject and hate garbage. Anyway, the New Caltex Oil Logo look like the Pentagram pattern in D.C. with one side missing. This is an occult symbol explained by Manly P. Hall (Hall wanted a philosophic empire utilizing America as a tool to develop a "New Atlantis" for the world. Sir Francis Bacon insipired Hall and Bacon was a Rosicrucian philosopher who was an utopian. Franklin and Thomas Jefferson endorsed Bacon's agenda of a democratization of the globe. Jefferson was even in support of the bloody French Revolution and classified as an "Illuminatus" by preachers back then). You don't need the occult for fullfilment. Man can never be God since man is always imperfect. We can worship the true God though and reject the New Age and all evil.

By Timothy

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