Friday, June 29, 2007

Walking Through Life

History keeps flowing like lava. The Supreme Court decided that race can't be a single factor in determining how student go into public school. Some like it and some hate it. It's a divisive issue. Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy sided with 4 other justice and commented though that race can be a component in determining school composition. It's a controversial issue. Liberals might proceed with making economically based intergrated a more focused priority. There are legitimate arguments on both sides of this issue. Anyway, new polls show more Young Americans as more Pro-Life than previous generations. This is obvious since many Pro-Life young exist that are liberals, conservatives, and indepedents. Not only the far-left crowd, but the Jesuits and other orders have been some of the most virent supporters of abortion, which is child murder point blank. Al Sharpton and Christopher Hitchens debated each other yesterday. Sharpton made the right point that negative occurences by those in the name of religion has nothing to do with the debate on the existence of God. Also, there is no evidence whatsoever that discounts the existence of God 100%. Atheistic terrorist by Mao and Stalin existed, so just because terror exist doesn't mean that representative of all religious or atheistic people.

The origin of the abortion movement in America has always been negative. For example, Margaret Sanger and others were involved in sterilization not only abortion. Even the Roe from the Roe v. Wade decision admitted that the trial was a farce. The Lost Book of Abraham from Mormon has been exposed as fraudulent. It is not unusual for that to exist since Mormonism was a a product of the misadventure of Joseph Smith. He was the one who claimed that man can be a god and create his own planet (plus that America ought to be the new "Zion" on the Planet Earth). All evil must be exposed from the Pilgrim Society, high level Freemasonry, Vatican/Jesuits, and apostate Labor Zionism as long as it doesn't lead into anti-Semitism (not pro-Torah Zionism). I research this wicked form of Zionism for a number of years and it is interconnected with AIPAC, the ADL (controlled by the Masonic group called B'nai B'rith. B'nai B'rith is under the Scottish Rite of Masonry). Additionally, Unbiased writers on this subject include John Daniel, Barry Chamish, and Rabbi Antelman exposed Frankism, Labor Zionism, the ACLU, the ADL, etc. The origin of it is when apostate Jewish people invented the Kabbala, Shabbetai Tzvi (a false Messiah) took it futher, Frankism embraced Shabbetai's philosophies and was a foundation to the modern Labor zionist movement today. Writers have exposed their role in history from the Bavarian Illuminati, to the Armenian massacre of the early 20th century, the colloboration with Jesuit-inspired Nazis, and the construction of Solomon's Temple (one of the final goals of the real power brokers in the world). They don't really care about the true Torah since they are some of the most extremist, far left crowd in the nation. Walking through life is a challange, but it isn't a justification for defeat.

By Timothy

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