Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Jesuit information

Dear Friends and Brethren,

This article by Dr. Henry Makow (a racial Jew himself) is most excellent. What he fails to mention is that the Jews (Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists) of power are mere shills for the pope. They are the pope's masonic "Court Jews," as the late Sherman Skolnik would say.Add this key ingredient and we now will understand why the Mossad played a most obvious, attention-getting part in 911---as did Al Qaeda. For both intelligence brotherhoods are controlled by the Black Pope via his continuted Nazi SS---the CIA/NSA---thanks to the Kinghts of Malta and Operation Paperclip overseen by Knight of Malta J. Peter Grace and his master, JFK assassin Francis Cardinal Spellman.Add this key ingredient and we understand why Rome is using the American military for the annihilation of hundreds of thousands of Arab Moslems---for the future security and development of the pope's revived, Dark Age "Kingdom of Jerusalem"---called "Israel" by God in Exekiel 38:8. Remember, the pope's open but false policy is to be against the war in Iraq; his secret but true policy is that he is the impetus behind that Crusade.Indeed, this 21st Century Crusade is being fought, not for the benefit of the Lord's racially beloved, Abrahamic Covenant-bound, Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic people living in Israel, but for the benefit of the pope yet to be the Antichrist in the coming rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. For the Third Temple to be built, there must be a secure Temple Mount so the work will not be stopped by terrorist bombings and attacks.

As it was in the days of Messiah Yeshua, so it is today. The Jewish leaders of banking and political power "have no king but Caesar"---the pope of Rome. The average racial Jew is to be "extirpated from the face of the earth" as per the Jesuit Oath of the Fourth Vow quoted from six different sources in Vatican Assassins III.

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric





Craig exposing Hal Turner

As of around 00:00 Oct 22 2007 Hal Turner has banned me from entering his website. What did I speak about today? I spoke about JK Rowlings not being the author of the Potter books. But what do I think really caused this banning again? I spoke about U.N Agenda 21 and the displacements of people into buffer zones in his topic about water shortages. Totally revelant but I guess he doesn't want to speak about these topics. Well he's simply an agent who gets on Television with his Roman Catholic dogma of hating Jews. What channel did he recently get onto? CNN which is a global propaganda news company controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency for the SOVEREIGN MILITARY ORDER OF MALTA in control of Ted Turner. I should have spoke about UN Proposition 21 where by the United Nations claims the right to own all the Water on Earth. Turner seems to really fear me. I noticed today that someone had tried to make out they were myself but they made some very big mistakes which I highlighted. Maybe this was Hal himself or one of his three toothed foolish followers. Why do you fear me Hal? Do you think I'm going to bring to much heat onto you if you continue to let me speak? Your in a corner Hal, do you not let me on and let the people see your suppression of truth, or do you go against your owners. What a situation Hal baby.
Notice this:People need to learn the truth about JK Rowlings. She's an utter FRAUD and always has been. All the Harry Potter books were written by the wealthy Railroad owner, RICHARD POTTER. Please note his daughter was called Beatrix and was a massive Socialist. She married Sidney who was also a Socialist. They have played a massive role in the Socialism of the United States. Now Rowlings is not an author of these books she was simply an editor but trumped up as the author. Very devious craft books installing the craft into the minds of vulnerable children.-------------------

Hal Turner Asks:Craig, why do you keep coming back here? I have repeatedly locked you out. I have repeatedly banned you. I have told you to go away. I have made it clear you are not wanted here, yet you continue to come back.Why?Edited By Siteowner

Can't handle the TRUTH can you Hal Turner, you want bunkum to spread like your pathetic Gold story recently when infact the U.S has no Gold since 1913 apart from what was recently stolen from the WTC attacks which is gone also.HAL TURNER A DISINFORMATIONIST WHO HATES INTELLIGENT PEOPLE ON HIS FORUM BLOWING HIS AND HIS MASTERS BUNKUMS WIDE OPEN!!!!!!


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Hello Truth...,

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