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Ron Paul and Secret Societies



Ron Paul's links to Secret Societies

Ron Paul's links to Secret Societies
posted: Tue, 02 Oct. 2007

The following post is by no means complete, and more research needs to be done to further link Ron Paul to Masonic Secret Societies and the Satanic Agenda.

We've all heard of Bush and Kerry's links to the Skull'n'Bones. This is Ron Paul's story.

Between 1953-57 when Ron Paul (age 18-22) was at Gettysburg College, he was inducted into the "Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity (ΛΧΑ)" where he served as steward and house manager. - So what is this Lambda-Chi-Alpha?

History (my comments in brackets):
It was founded on November 2, 1909 when a man called Warren Albert Cole (& Jack Mason?) had a meeting with his first cousin and a more distant relative. Cole previously made some unsuccessful attempts at starting a fraternity, about which we know little more than names: "The Lodge," "Tombs," "Lambda Pi," then it was Lambda Chi Alpha "Loyal Collegiate Associates,". (Just the names themselves are overtly Masonic and throw up warning signs. Just wait until you hear what they get up to!)Early in 1912, Cole wrote to Lewis Drury asking if he was interested in forming a Greek-letter society. Drury was quite interested. Lambda Chi Alpha's first established chapter, Gamma Zeta, was born. On May 25, 1912, Albert Cross took Cole's Johnston badge to William Thegen's Sons at 618 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, just half a block from Independence Hall, and ordered eight pins for the Pennsylvania chapter. Thegen's like Johnston was not known for making fraternity jewelry, but rather - Masonic items and military medals!

During the spring of 1912, a chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha, Epsilon Zeta began at the University of Pennsylvania. By the beginning of 1913, Delta Kappa at Maine was admitted as the seventh chapter. Lambda Chi Alpha was now truly a national fraternity, even though most of its chapters were still very young and not yet well organized. The first real efforts at national solidarity were made at the Second General Assembly, held at the MIT chapter house in Boston, March 22, 1913.

The L.G. Balfour Co., founded by Lloyd G. Balfour in 1913, made the first Lambda Chi Alpha badges for the Cornell University chapter in October of that year.

Jack Mason gave a handwritten letter to Albert Cross containing Mason's vision of the ideals and principles of Lambda Chi Alpha and how they would be expressed. His reason for the adoption of a new Initiation Ritual was based on the following rationale:"The first question is, what should be the highest aim of a college fraternity? The answer is-I think-to have men of sterling character, who are efficient workers along all the lines of human activity (Masonic activity); not students with big, all-around sympathies, who can deliver the goods in whatever activity they take up (in other words, NOT godly men who deliver the goods). In other words we have to preach two doctrines (Doctrines!), the doctrine of work (masonic) and the doctrine of character (satanic); or, if you wish to join the two, the doctrine of mighty energy working toward a high ideal (the kingdom of the devil on earth). Nothing else counts. It makes no difference how pleasant (godly) a chap he is, if he can't do good sincere work (THEIR work) he's not good, and we don't want him for a brother. The people we do take for brothers we want to encourage along these lines all we can."

In addition to the development of a new "Initiation Ritual" (did you say INITIATION and RITUAL!), the 1913 General Assembly saw the adoption of the significance of Zeta and Lambda Chi Alpha and revisions to the coat of arms and badge. In 1939 Theta-Kappa-Nu and Lambda-Chi-Alpha merged with each other. Theta Kappa Nu Fraternity was formed by the union of 11 well-established local fraternities on Jun 9, 1924 in Springfield, Missouri.

Symbols (mostly my commentary: images can be found on wikipedia-Lambda Chi Alpha):

Coat of Arms
The most noticeable thing sticking out of the coat of arms is the shining emblem above the Crown, always representing the false light of Lucifer eminating from whatever sign is representing him, which in this case is the crescent in the cross. This is over and behind the Crown, which always represents the self-given right to rule on behalf of lucifer. This is the single most reproduced symbol in all Masonic-Satanic coats & logo's and is seen in governments, royal houses, police, security and unions. Get a load of what the crown is resting on " a knights helmet that looks like a really evil pacman!. LOL!.

The three open mottos, in the ribbons, translated from top to bottom, "Crescent in the Cross," "Naught Without Labor," and "Every Man a Man.".
Present on the shild are the crucicrescent (small shield in the middle containing a beast holding up something), the lamp of learning (has some sort of masonic meaning), the clasped hands of brotherhood (openly masonic sign used everywhere nowdays, the three pentagrams-stars signifying something to do with satanism), the scales of justice (signifying masonic justice), as well as the inescutcheon (book?) signifying their merger with Theta Kappa Nu, and the badge of membership below from which sprout vines around the edge (as seen in so many masonic organisations from govt, police & even the UN).

Crescent in the Cross
Lambda Chi Alpha espouses 'knightly' ideals to use the crescent as a symbol, thus linking back to Knights Templars and early masonic history. This symbol looks like a cross as seen in org's such as the red-cross (ie. All 4 stems are equal in length) with a moon-crescent entangled in it. It is notable that only Masonic Societies use both the cross and crescent together in their symbology.

Brotherhood Badge
The first thing to notice about this badge is the pearl-set crescent with horns turned toward the left, the horns being symbolic of both the moon, and most probably the horns of Lucifer.The horns enclosing a monogram of the Greek letters, 'Lambda, Chi, and Alpha' which is very reminiscent of the compass & square symbol masons use. The center of the crescent bears the Greek letters, 'Delta Pi' on top of each other. Check out the shape of that configuration. Ever seen the photo of Alistair Crowley Holding his wrists up & wearing the triangular hat with the all seeing eye! That's what these symbols look like.The Badge is 'properly' worn over the heart, signifying the complete overshadowing / replacement of the spirit by this organisation.

Associate Member Pin (looks like something out of Babylon-5)It embodies the official badge of Theta Kappa Nu as well as the original pin of Lambda Chi Alpha. The original Lambda Chi Alpha pin was a gothic arch and with the union, this was superimposed upon the triangles composing the official badge of Theta Kappa Nu. consists of the letters lambda, chi, and alpha formed into a Gothic arch superimposed over four triangles (another symbolic union of Lambda Chi Alpha and Theta Kappa Nu).

I heavily suspect that all the buildings the fraternity uses are Masonic Temples where their rites, rituals, initiations and other secret goings on are 'practiced'.

Their Creed (comments inserted):
We believe in Lambda Chi Alpha (not the most high God?), and its traditions, principles and ideals (what?). The crescent is our symbol (heh!); pure, high ever growing (?!), and the cross is our guide; denoting service, sacrifice (what to!), and even suffering and humiliation (typical!) before the world (before-the-WORLD), bravely endured if need be (gotta be brave to do that!), in following that ideal.May we have faith in Lambda Chi Alpha (you mean satan) and passion for its welfare (passionate devils!). May we have hope for the future of Lambda Chi Alpha (what future?) and strength to fight for its teachings (not the Word). May we have pure hearts (pure=black), that we may approach the ideal of perfect brotherly love (the love=hate of their own brotherhood).

Some of their Expectations:
I will know and understand the ideals expressed by my Fraternity's rituals (there's that word again) and will strive to incorporate these ideals in my daily life.I will respect and abide by all Fraternity laws, regulations, and policies (NOT the LAWS of GOD!).I will strive to bring into the Fraternity any man who would benefit from an enriching fraternal experience and who would strengthen the Fraternity (recruitment).I will at all times conduct myself as a gentleman and as a responsible citizen and will hold members accountable for their conduct (Pretend to be a decent human being & Punish those who speak out!).

A published letter states "Most campus Greek Letter organizations are secret." Their rituals, passwords, signs and oaths are SECRET. Members are expected to keep the secrets of the fraternity and the personal secrets any brothers decide to share or that members learn. They are a secret society! They have 'Officers' and even a 'Big Brother' LOL!.

The following is an excerpt from a webpage Exposing Greek Letter Organisations (GLO's):

Lambda Chi Alpha's Ritual was a great catch. It has a wealth of condemning material. Here is just a touch showing unequal yoking for any member professing Christ. It also makes another striking analogy. If the bond is eternal and just one brother goes to hell, then they all go. But of course, it is assumed that all LXA's are Christian men: "EXPLANATION OF SYMBOLS AND MOTTOS A: Know then that the Bond of our Brotherhood is an eternal union between its members. The greek phrase of Zeugma Adelphotetos Christianikes, or Bond of Chirstian Brotherhood. Henceforth you are one in spirit with every brother of the fraternity." (Ritual of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, pp. 103-104, 1987)Another ritual practice of Lambda Chi Alpha is CIRCUMAMBULATION. This is a common practice is found in the initiation of WITCHES and is practiced in FREEMASONRY. How can a Christian be ONE in the SPIRIT with an unsaved person and an UNGODLY organization? An Organization founded upon Christian principles would never say such garbage. Fraternities, sororities, masons, eastern stars, etc. Your 50-200 years of secrecy/concealment is over!!! It is better to be exposed now than at the great white throne of judgement! Perhaps you will denounce and repent. I made a vow to God that if more members are acquired by GLO's, it will not be because of ignorance and deception. All people who read Coming Apart at the Seams will know exactly what they are getting themselves into, and have no excuse of ignorance or deception, but will be in unbelief.

Geneology of Ron Paul:
Ron Paul married Carol Welles on Feb 1, 1957 and have 5 children, Ronnie, Lori, Rand, Robert & Joy Paul. They have at least 18 grandchildren.

Ancestry of Ron Paul
1 Ronald Ernest ("Ron") Paul, MD, b. Pittsburgh, Pa., 20 Aug. 1935, US Representative from Texas 1976-1977, 1979-1985, 1997-current

2 Howard Caspar Paul, b. Pittsburgh, Pa., 19 Aug. 1904, d. 23 May 1997 [SSDI 192-05-2326] m. 23 Oct. 1929 3 Margaret Dumont, b. , Pa., 7 March 1908, d. 10 July 2001 [SSDI 183-26-5400]

4 Caspar Paul, b. Hohenzell, Schluchtern, PreuÃ., 3 Aug. 1866, d. [living 1930] m. 4 May 1899 5 Sophia Ziegler, b. , Pa., 15 Sept. 1874, d. 22 Feb. 1964 6 Joseph Dumont, b. , Pa., [ca. 1884], d. [living 1930] m. [ca. 1907] 7 Lena , b. , Pa., [ca. 1884], d. [living 1930]

10 Johann Georg Ziegler, b. Kressenbach, Hessen, 15 Nov. 1844, d. Greentree, Pa., 17 Sept. 1922 m. Washington Co., Pa., 1870 11 Gertrude Herche, b. Wallroth, Hessen-Darmstadt, 4 May 1847, d. Cecil, Pa., 7 Sept. 1924 12 Joseph G Dumont, b. , N. Y., [ca. 1862], d. [living 1910] m. [ca. 1883] 13 Margaret , b. , N. Y., [ca. 1862], d. [living 1910]

22 Wilhelm Herche, b. Wallroth, Hessen-Darmstadt, 22 Jan. 1809, d. Wallroth, Hessen-Darmstadt, 25 July 1878 m. 17 May 1833 23 Gertrauda Jockel, b. Wallroth, Hessen-Darmstadt, 7 May 1813, d.

This was a rather hasty putting together of info edited from several sources including wikipedia, the Lambda chi alpha website, and other websites found using google searches. It's not meant to be a proper article, just some info to get out there to spark some interest in researching Ron Paul's hidden history. Someone though should write up a proper article. While much has been written about various members of US leadership's Hidden secrets, virtually nothing seems to exist about Ron Paul. If only people like Alex Jones and many other key supporters could get this info, it might just start to open their eyes a bit.

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you didn't expose anything, as a member of this great fraternity i must comment that your faint knowledge of our ritual is grounded in emotion and falsehood.