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Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Marketing Of Abortion


The Marketing Of Abortion
By Stand For Life on November 29, 2008 7:56 AM 1 Comment
Marketing plays a tremendous role in our society concerning most issues and events. For example, Barack Obama's campaign, along with the mainstream media's cooperation, basically got him elected because of a slick style-over-substance marketing plan. His daily pounding of the ideas of hope and change, without being questioned about specifics or an examination of his past, created a nice little marketing package. We also have had many other marketing campaigns that have been quite effective, such as anti-smoking, anti-fatty foods and global warming.

The pro-abortion view has also been based mainly on the marketing of "choice." America's society was founded on freedom of choice. For example, one chooses which school to attend, what career path to take, where to live, who to marry, etc. It's a natural extension to make choice in abortion an acceptable idea. In fact, it's a brilliant marketing ploy. Consequently, when someone questions them and states that they are really pro-abortion, their comeback is that they aren't pro-abortion, but abortion should be a choice to be considered. Obviously, if they believe abortion is an option, then they are pro-abortion. Planned Parenthood masks their main function of abortion by often saying they are for women's health issues or birth control.

The pro-abortion crowd also uses another common term that is difficult to question. The use of "right" is another word and idea that is ingrained in our society. Of course, our founders said that we have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Obviously, the right to life has been conveniently excluded when the pro-abortion group discusses abortion. The woman's right to choose and right to control her own body are examples of their marketing strategy. Also, if you are against a woman's right to choose, then you might be labeled anti-woman. By creating this marketing approach, they have made it very difficult to oppose their view without being labeled negatively.

The pro-life movement needs a strong marketing campaign of its own to counteract this. The terms "pro-life" and "sanctity of life" often are seen by the masses as terms to defend the position, just as the pro-abortion people use terms to justify their view. Thus, many view that there are just two opposite views without one being the absolute correct one.

We often have been sugar coating the truth of abortion, by avoiding showing or telling the truth of what happens during an abortion. The pro-life marketing approach should be one of distributing or showing as many videos as possible, such as the short video Harder Truth or others that show abortions. Currently, technology has advanced so far that it is fairly easy to disperse photos and videos that could greatly help promote the message. Hopefully, at some point there could be a documentary on a major television network really showing the truth about abortion. The pro-abortion movement would undoubtedly retort with the same old marketing campaign in rebuttal to this. But the images of abortions will assuredly never leave the collective memories of all who see them. We will move ahead in the marketing battle and one step closer to eliminating abortion.


Ceecee November 29, 2008 11:22 PM Reply
The biggest marketing ploy we can use is to tear down the pro-abort's marketing campaign. Show the "pro-choice" appeal for the lie that it is. Every time the pro-aborts try to stop legislation to prevent coerced or forced abortion, jump up and scream how they are campaigning against a woman's right to choose--to give birth.

When women are murdered for refusing to have an abortion, and the silence from the local pro-aborts is deafeningly loud, point this out equally loudly. Ask the abortion industry and the local feminists why they are not defending the right to choice for the woman who wants to give birth. Why are they not expressing outrage over her murder? After all, she was just exercising her right to choose. Don't they want people to make such choices in safety? Then compare their responses to such killings to the way they respond when a woman is inconvenienced with a 24 hour waiting period. Why are pro-abortion feminists silent about women killed by their baby's father for refusing abortion, but march in the streets in outrage over the inconvenience of the waiting period? Put that on the evening news, if you dare.

When the so-called defenders of women's rights claim that women must be allowed to control their own bodies, but these same people don't want any extra punishment for assaults on pregnant women that hurt or kill wanted fetuses, you have to wonder how concerned they are about letting women control their bodies. Do they really want to let women control their own bodies? Sure they do, yeah right. As long as she doesn't control it all the way to live childbirth.
Did you know that once a woman enters an abortion clinic to have an abortion, she has no right to change her mind about it? If she tries, there are many clinics that will have none of it. If she tries to leave before the abortion is done, some clinics will gather the clinic staff around to hold her down so that the abortion can continue. There have even been cases of clinic staff chasing a girl or woman out of the clinic and after catching her, dragging her back into the clinic, and holding her down, or injecting a drug into her, to stop her resistance so that the abortion can be done. Where is the right to choose for these women? And where is the feminist outrage about the violation of her right to choose.
In order for a woman to really have the right to choose, her right not to abort must be at least as strongly protected as her right to abort. Thus she must be protected against pressure to abort when she doesn't want to. She must be protected from being penalized for not aborting. Jobs, housing, and other services must never be dependent on her willingness to abort. Violence against pregnant women must be punished with the strictest severity, especially if the violence is to prevent the birth of the baby, or to punish the mother for refusing to abort.
Women who enter abortion clinics must not be forced to leave their right to choose at the clinic door. This means they have the right to change their minds, and walk out of the clinic still pregnant. The staff must not have the right to do anything about it. Any clinic staff who stops her from leaving should be charged with false imprisonment. If they chase her out the door and drag her back, that is kidnapping.
Injecting her with drugs or having a group of workers hold her down could be an assault charge. So could forcing her legs apart and sticking something up her vagina against her will. Wooaah, what did I just say? That sentence sounds suspiciously like rape, even though such forcing would be necessary to complete the abortion. Am I giving you ideas on how we could use the mantra of choice against the pro-aborts?

Anyway, you get the idea of how we could use some of the abortion industries more extreme practices to disprove their claim that they are for choice, or that they care about the rights of women.
Just an aside, in all other medical procedures, patients have the right to refuse. My doctors don't even have the right to weigh me if I don't want them to. So why should abortionists get special rights to force someone who has changed their minds?


  • At 03:05 , Blogger Ted said...

    On Dec 5 the Supreme Court will either allow or disallow the usurpation of both the Constitution and the Government of the United States — easily the most pivotal decision since our nation’s founding — and the silence of the news media is deafening (if not downright scary).


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