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Friday, November 28, 2008

Shariah Law


  • At 17:41 , Blogger Andrea Murrhteyn said...


    Well this is my perspective:

    My father was a farmer; and the cattle lived a free range existence. When he decided they needed to be slaughtered, they were generally given a humane bullet to the brain. Quick, immediate and painless.

    As far as I am concerned, you would have to be absolutely consumed with hate, vengeance and rage, to do this to a 13 year old girl; and in situations where population pressures are colliding with scarce resources, competition for resources only exacerbates brutal conduct.

    And still the religious and politically correct, don't acknowledge that represssing anger, only exacerabates the violence thereof, when it explodes; covertly and overtly.

    But, we have 1.5 billion Muslims, how many Catholics and how many Christians I don't know, and all these religions are based on 'forgiveness'? on 'love your neighbour'? or on passive aggressive hate, anger and revenge, and violence?

    What do you think about all this?


  • At 18:08 , Blogger Timothy said...

    I do believe that holding anger in isn't the way to go. When you explode that expression can lead into destructive consequence. The best way to show that anger is through communicating how you feel to many avenues, exercise, and other areas. Most Muslims and Catholics aren't wanting to blow up the world or commit acts of terrorism.

    I just disagree with their religious dogma. These religions are based on works-based salvation and many things that have nothing to do with real spirituality like repetitious prayer, beads, calling a woman Ever Virgin, etc.

    I think it's proper to be simplistic with your faith in God without the extra baggage.


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