Saturday, February 25, 2012

The eve of Super Tuesday (and other Issues)

Now, what we see is that there are 4 remaining Republican candidates for President. They are Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich. Their last debate was interesting. Many of them wanted to target Rick Santorum, because he has front runner status in the Republican race. Times are rapidly changing in the world. Rick Santorum feels that if President Barack Obama wins another term, then the country will experience a massive change that will be detrimental to the essence of America. The mainstream media pretty much abhors the philosophies of all of them and wish for Mitt Romney to win the nomination (because they desire a moderate to compete against President Barack Obama). Rick Santorum says that he wants traditional values to reign in society. We should have real values, but what type of values is he talking about. Real values deals with tolerance for their fellow people in the world, an abhorrence of theocracy, a cherishing of human civil liberties, respect for your neighbor, a hatred of war mongering attitudes, and opposition to the union of church and state. Rick Santorum isn't wrong on everything that he says. He is right in that we shouldn't elevate the Earth above man (as some New Age activists believe in). We should protect the environment, but not worship the environment as Gaia or some god. Every human being has the right to peacefully believe in a political philosophy, but we have the right to disagree with authoritarianism in any form that rears its head. In our generation, people are open to embrace a democratic, cooperative society. This society doesn't deal with statist authoritarianism. It reject cartel-capitalism with its market monopolies. There are even Muslims who are progressive and reject authoritarian philosophies found in the Western-back Middle Eastern nations. Also, we need a full health care package in America. In America, at least we have some good things in the present health care law, but it has been diluted because of pressure from the Republican reactionaries in Congress. Even this new law is considered by the Republican/Tea Party crowd as being equivalent to the health care package found in Scandinavia, which is fantasy to say the least. So, it is our duty to battle against poverty & unemployment. It's our job too to oppose any form of discrimination and the unjust drug laws that harm minorities including the poor of all backgrounds. For if you're a person in jail or even if you're not convicted, this can decrease chances of being in good employment, housing, or government services. The prison industrial complex exploits human beings of both genders all of the time with lax wages, abhorrent labors, and many innocent people in prison too. The recession came into a higher level under the Bush Jr. administration indeed. We should support the poor, the oppressed, and the outcast in our world. We have to stand for something in our lives. Some are working in unions in order to fight back against corporatism.

It seems that most Americans in 70 percent approve of Guantanamo Bay when it's against even international law. It has been over a decade of the war on terror. The current President is not reversing many of George W. Bush's extrajudicial policies (the includes American exceptionalism, Guantanamo prison camp, extrajudicial assassination, and arbitrary detentions). President Barack Obama used his national security team to monitor the Special Operations raid in Pakistan that killed Osama bin Laden. Some self-identified liberals agrees with Guantanamo still existing and other reactionary foreign policies. 6 years ago, the U.S. public was ranked as the most enthusiastic supporters of international law. We fall behind the Germans and the Chinese in global surveys. Now, most Americans reject the use of international law when it comes to the actions of the U.S. government in the global war on terror. A recent Washington Post/ABC news poll found that 70 percent of the American public approves of the U.S. government's decision to indefinitely keep the Guantanamo prison open. Even though, there is huge international condemnation of this policy of the prison to be open. This figure includes 53 percent of self-identified liberal Democrats and 67 percent of moderate or conservative Democrats, “even though it emerged as a symbol of the post-Sept. 11 national security policies of President George W. Bush, which many liberals bitterly opposed,” noted the Washington Post. This poll comes as a complete 180 turn of the American public in their views of foreign policy. Back in 2006, 63 percent of people said that America should follow international law as it pertains to Guantanamo Bay. Only 30 percent said that the U.S. should to be bound by these obligations. Americans back in 2006 supported giving international courts broad authority to judge U.S. compliance with treaties (with 70 percent rejecting the idea that the U.S. receive exceptional treatment under such treaties). In 2009, a survey public that 69 percent of Americans support the statement of: “Our nation should consistently follow international laws. It is wrong to violate international laws, just as it is wrong to violate laws within a country.” Only 29 percent chose the converse position, “If our government thinks it is not in our nation’s interest, it should not feel obliged to abide by international laws.” People have criticized Guantanamo Bay for its violations of international law. Even the Human Rights Watch said that indefinite detention violates U.S. obligations under international law. They want to either prosecute the detainees now or safety repatriate them to home or third countries. Arbitrary detention, however, isn’t the only area in which Americans are increasingly willing to disregard principles of international law. Regarding torture, a survey conducted last year by the American Red Cross found that 59 percent of American teenagers and 51 percent of adults believe that it is acceptable to torture enemy fighters in order to attain important military information. Further, 37 percent of youth support “Depriving civilians in combat areas of food, medicine, or water in order to weaken the enemy,” a war crime that is also supported by 29 percent of adults. A whopping 71 percent of youth and 55 percent of adults support “Refusing to allow prisoners to be visited by a representative from a neutral organization to confirm that they are being treated well.” Extrajudicial assassinations are supported by an even broader majority, with the new Washington Post-ABC News poll finding that 83 percent of Americans approve of the use of unmanned aerial drones to carry out targeted killings of terrorist suspects without due process. The United Nations special representative on extrajudicial executions has raised that President Barack Obama drone strikes is a challenge to the international rule of law. Even a 29 page report to the UN Human Rights Council presented in June 2012 have Alston called on America to promote better restraint in its use of drone in places like Pakistan and Yemen. There must be more accountability in these affairs. You can't say it's moral for drone attacks to go on in Pakistan. The liberal base of the President refuse to close the brig in Cuba. Even constitutional lawyer and blogger Glen Greenwald said that shifting attitudes of America to support this reactionary foreign policy evil policies as blind leader loyalty. If its assault on American values and the shredding of our Constitution is wrong under George W. Bush , it's wrong today in 2012. But “now that there is a Democrat in office presiding over Guantanamo and these other polices — rather than a big, bad, scary Republican — all of that has changed,” says Greenwald. These policies represent liberal establishment hypocrisy. You are a hypocrite if you oppose the Iraq War and endorse Libyans to be lynched by NATO/al-Qaeda forces in Libya (whose leadership is pro-oil and it's a Western puppet state). These evil policies were rejected by most Americans years ago. Much of the American public has been more desensitized to arbitrary detention, torture, and extrajudicial assassinations. These policies aren't civilized at all. We have the right to disagree with these evils.

Top economists and others have proven by war is bad for the U.S. economy (and any economy). The Nobel wining economist Joseph Stiglitz said that war is bad for the economy. He said that the 1990's boom proved that peace is far better than war. The Gulf War of 1991 influenced the recession during 1991 and that was bad for America. Stiglitz has proven that this decade's Iraq war has been very bad for the economy. Even Former Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan said in 1991 that a prolonged conflict in the Middle East would hurt the economy. Job training funds and educational funds are great ways to build up the economy. Even conservative Harvard economist Robert Barro argued that increased military spending during WWII depressed other parts of the economy. Robert Higgs said that military spending wasn't the primary source of the recovery during WWI and that GDP growth during WWII was greatly exaggerated. Larry Summers and the Brad Delong argued in 1998 that: "...five-sixths of the decline in output relative to the trend that occurred during the Depression had been made up before 1942.” A lot of the job creation in the past 10 years deals with defense spending. Private job growth has been stagnant from the years between 2000 and 2010. Between May 1999 and May 2009, employment in the private sector only rose by 1.1%, by far the lowest 10-year increase in the post-depression period. Most of the job growth in that time period was public, which I have no issue with. Yet, the private sector includes things like health care, social assistance, and education (which gets tons of government support). So, the military industrial complex is very strong. According to the economist Dr. Dean Baker, when America has massive military spending on unnecessary and unpopular war, it will lower economic growth & increase unemployment. This means that money is eliminated domestic to fund foreign affairs involving the military. Long term wars can strain the American economy. Even former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said that America running up debts has been impacted by shoveling money into the Pentagon. People from liberal Kenneth Gabraith to libertarian Ron Paul said that war causes inflation (and too much inflation can harm the economy). Wars can increase terrorism and tensions in the world as well. We have been in Afghanistan in almost twice as long as we have been in WWII. We have been in Iraq longer than WWII. We have a seen a depression because of economically reactionary policies. Not only that, but we have seen a recession because of a constant , never ending war culture. The economist Nouriel Roubini warned that attacking Iran would lead into a global recession, because if Iran cuts off oil supplies; it would raise crude prices by 30%.

In many cases, when the mainstream media attacks the 9/11 Truth Movement, they have ties to the elite, intelligence agencies, etc. For example, the National Geographic Special that demonized 9/11 Truth researchers have been funded by Rupert Murdoch and the CIA. Jonathan towers supported the National Geographic pit on 9/11 Truth. Towers grew up in a suburb of New York. He is a 1982 graduate of Yale University. According to Kris Millegan’s "Fleshing Out Skulls and Bones" from 2003, Towers is listed as a 1982 initiate of Yale's Order of the Skulls and Bones. Bush's father and grandfather including John F. Kerry are members of the Skulls and bones. News Corp. mostly controls the National Geographic Channel. News Corp. is owned by the Knight of St. Gregory Rupert Murdoch. He was an Australian born man. He owns nearly 67 percent of the National Geographic Channel in the United States and 50 percent of National Geographic Channel International (NGCI). The show was called "Inside 9/11." The documentary blames all of 9/11 on Islamic terrorists. The director of marketing for NGCI Dan Saunders said that the channel has a non-political view of the world. Murdoch loves to support the Likud Party with reactionaries like Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon. Murdoch advances the pro-war position in his news media empire in spite of the Sun magazine scandal. Murdoch is also known for having produced a 2000 program called “The Lone Gunman,” in which a passenger jet was remotely hijacked and flown at the World Trade Center with the intention of crashing it into the building. The uncanny similarities between the Murdoch film and the subsequent events of 9/11 is strange to say the least. Murdoch is a friend of both Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowry (both men being well insured lease holders of the World Trade Center property). The National Geographic program omits how the U.S. finances terror groups for decades. The CIA had links to the terrorism in Italy back in the 1980s. The CIA used terror to topple President Sukarno of Indonesia and President Suharto. Even the alleged hijackers were trained at U.S. military bases. There are bin Laden family links to the Bush family. The CIA's Ted Shackley was good friends with Murdoch as early as 1972. Murdoch’s partner, Peter Abeles, a Mafia kingpin, started up Australia’s Nugan Hand Bank, the CIA’s money laundering front. Ted Shackley was a fascist that played a role in the overthrow of Salvador Allende in Chile. National Geographic gave the impression that bin Laden was the focal point, the deus ex machina, of anti–U.S. terrorism. This is the CIA’s view, rooted in an eagerness to exonerate Third Word governments from responsibility for terrorism. The CIA would have us believe that private entities like al-Qaeda manipulate vast state intelligence services—not the other way around. So, we should use context in historical research. The truth is that the Western intelligence community is just as much responsible for terrorism in the world as are al-Qaeda.

Times are new in the popular culture world. I remember a few years ago where people wore throwback jerseys and baggy clothing. Now, people wear fashion from the 1980's and the 1960's. Some people wear specialized bags and some folks are wearing a diversity of hairstyles. New music is developing and some older artists are making comebacks. Some of the newer artists wants to push the envelope in trying to create their form of expression. In this new generation, there is a lot of tolerant young people. A lot of young people (in the early 20s) want to be creative and expressive. I have no problem with that. Still, in America, we have this problem. We know the problem. The problem is that too many folks are selfish, materialist, and worship a bank check than respect the diversity of human physical appearances & the diversity of human personalities. Since all people are created equal, all human deserve equal rights and equal treatment in the world. Others want to go into the blasphemy route (despite what skeptics say). There are many examples of this reality. Some these artists are father open with it. For example, Lady Gaga's song entitled "Judas" tries to make Judas to be like a sympathetic figure when he isn't. Judas was a snitch, a government informant, and a traitor to the cause of Jesus Christ. The song "Judas" is like an ode to blasphemy against the Savior. Lil B made a video called "Look Like Jesus." The video takes place in a church where he using hardcore profanity. In the song, he talks about relations with women and blaspheme the name of Jesus Christ throughout the song. Ironically, it's the worldly so-called "Christians" (as opposed to real Christians that sincerely and legitimately are doing the right thing) supporting people like that. These worldly Christians are faker than the people I meet in the streets. That's real. He also refers to himself as “The Based God” and said of the moniker: “...Music wise I do feel like I’m a prophet status and at the God status..." Some folks listen to the man, because they like the beat or for some superficial reasoning. I'm too old for this stuff. Some of his other lyrics talks about demonic possession and so forth. The corporate elites don't give an inch of concern since their major objective is to make a profit. They want our people to degrade one another and use degenerate lyrics since the white supremacists are the epitome of devilish, degenerate people. They or the white supremacists are of the Devil literally. Some deluded people want to imitate or mimic their corporate masters literally. Tyler the Creator is a person more popular than a year ago. He is part of the group called Odd Future. He is an atheist, since he lovesto make anti-Christian lyrics. If he made lyrics disrespecting Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or New Age philosophies, then he wouldn't rapping now. His album "Goblin" has an upside down cross on his forehead. He raps about rape, necrophilia, and blasphemy by saying: "…I’m opening a church to sell coke...” and “Wolf Gang, triple six crew...” Again, I am too old for this stuff. Still, you have people supporting this garbage including professing P.C., non threatening, prosperity gospel believing, male & female bashing type of "Christians." They are the ones that support the war on terror, jingoistic patriotism, and the refusing to condemn heresy in society. Yet, many Christians are real and are speaking the truth. So, I want to make that perfectly clear. These actions by the worldly musicians are similar to the acts of the late Aleister Crowley. He was part of a Masonic- OTO secret society. He worked in British Intelligence. He wrote literature to plan for the destruction of the nuclear family, the glamorizing of the occult, the usage of cinema to brainwash people, and the belief of anti-Christian doctrines. This is all mentioned in his speeches, works, and actions. He was one of the most well known Satanists of all time. He called himself the Beast 666. Many Rock and roll artists took influence from him like Led Zeppelin and the Doors. He believed in do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law (that means that humans can do what they want in accordance to their own will). The problem with this philosophy is that humans are imperfect and a man's heart is constantly wicked, who can know it except God? Therefore, we need basic moral values and boundaries in our cultural society to prevent anarchy and an unstable civilization. I'm not saying society should be oppressive, but society ought to be progressive to ensure human rights & maintain a sense of ethical standards. In discussing Christianity, Crowley stated: “That religion they call Christianity; the devil they honor they call God. I accept these definitions, as a poet must do, if he is to be at all intelligible to his age, and it is their God and their religion that I hate and will destroy” (Crowley, The World’s Tragedy, p. xxx). Tyler the Creator is pictured wearing a shirt with Aleister Crowley's image on it. Taylor Momsen, one of the stars of the TV show “Gossip Girl” is also lead singer in a rock band called “Pretty Reckless.” She wears a shirt with his image as well. A lot of these artists don't even know who Aleister Crowley is. Kevin Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers pop group (who are supposedly “outspoken Christians”) wearing a T-shirt with Crowley on it. Some younger people want to push the envelope in order to promote creativity. Yet, people have the First Amendment or free speech right to disagree with many elements found within mainstream popular culture. This isn't rocket science. Now, it's our job to not condemn all artists to hell. It's our job to inspire these individuals that there is nothing wrong with being anti-establishment. Yet, if you want to be truly anti-establishment, then promote the upliftment of humanity, promote the destruction of materialism, and promote a radical tolerance for all human beings (you don't need to promote nihilism to be against the status quo since the status quo loves nihilism promoted by people in order for a real world revolution to not exist in the globe. If the establishment didn't like the anti-morality culture here, they wouldn't of supported so heavily). I will never place a 100% trust in any hypocritical country. I put my trust in Almighty God.

By Timothy

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