Monday, February 27, 2012

Advice on Reality (from the Revolutionist and Others)

Redefined wrote:

What's sad is some Biracial People have more Black Pride then some BP.
I haven't met many Bi-racials who are actually ashamed of being who they are, but there are many blacks who have been taught to hate themselves, some don't even realise just how much self hatred they have, but the signs are all the same, example,
blacks who refuse to shop at black stores, blacks who perpetuate the slave master training of light-skin vs dark-skin, blacks who only date outside their race, blacks bleaching their skin, blacks who are afraid to acknowledge their history and blacks who have no racial pride.

The worst are blacks who fail to see the benefits of unifying and working alongside with other blacks to work towards a common goal...The reason I say this is because these are the type of blacks who helped sell us out before and during slavery, conspired against our leaders and helped have some of them killed, these same type of blacks helped spy on the black power movements for the FBI ...

Africa was colonised because the white man noticed that these sellouts were willing to sell their people, so the white man took full advantage of the divisions and colonised African countries one by one... No African country could even call on their neighbour to help them as they were enemies, hence easily conquered.

An example of this type of black person would be W.E.B. Dubois, he thought against Marcus Garvey's ideals of "Back to Africa" and "Black nationalism and doing for self", Dubois thought that the best way for blacks to move forward was to integrate further with whites and move up in white companies, he filled the NAACP with white board members.... but guess what happened to him, the whites soon turned against him and saw him as an "Uppity Negro", they tried to send him to prison for tax evasion but failed, then Dubois tried to rid the NAACP of whites but failed so he then ended up moving to Africa and then dying in Accra, Ghana!

These blacks who have no racial pride have no use to themselves and when whites turn against them they have no one to turn to for help... Even Michael Jackson tried to be white for so long but when whites turned against him calling him a molester, Michael J then decided to surround himself with the nation of Islam for protection, lol...

-The Revolutionist


NearFuture wrote:

They'd raise hell if we even tried to own a business in their community.
And yeah it's crazy right? Black people act like it's a sin to work with each other, I don't get it.
I do get it, black people were taught during slavery that they cannot achieve anything on their own, that training has stuck with many black people.
As a result of this conditioning, many black people do not think like men and women, they think like children who have to be dependant on the real adults for their survival, they believe that we should stick by massa's side in order to be fed, employed, clothed and educated...
NearFuture wrote:

This is why I say black people need to stop and change the way we think. Have you noticed that alot of advertising is being placed on black people, atleast in America, I see alot of blacks in car commercials and I realised blacks account for 30% of new car sales, so I know they're catching on to our buying power, wonder if we'll give in to the propaganda. alot of these indiviualist ideas also comes from modern day music also, "imma get my money, and no one else matters", just a big mess. You'd think blacks would notice that every amount of rights blacks aquired came about when they were unified i.e. the civil rights movement & the black nationalists parties. IT'S JUST A FACT OF LIFE, UNITY is the "KEY".
The system knows that any money passing through our hands will end-up straight back into the system, it won't even circulate our communities once, they are just making sure the money goes where they want it to go. Even worse are the blacks giving them free advertisement in hip hop, such as gold grills, spinning rims, Diamonds, Platinum, jewellery and Training shoes... We are too easily exploited as a race.
NearFuture wrote:

Sadly I heard about those instances of African immigrants being harrased in Russia and black footballers experiencing outright racism and if we really unified and became a stable force to be reckoned with we'd have more respect and we'd have power.
The funny thing is most of these black footballers are earning in excess of £100,000 per week, now if that isn't success I don't know what is, but yet still they are treated like common Negros, even a black billionaires like "Oprah" still experience racism. Our personal success means nothing to others, we are still viewed the same, weak...

They would be reluctant to mess with anyone else in this manner because if it came down to it other races can defend themselves from whites and they are all becoming nuclear powers while we are dis-united and struggling to produce even simple weaponry!

-The Revolutionist


Note by Me: I don't agree with all of the views found in the music, but I show this information since the person is right that black people should learn their real history unashamedly.
By Timothy
2. We must learn our history and be proud of it, learn from it, and then build upon it. Black people today have been duped too many times, we are always making the same mistakes that blacks before us have made and have said to watch out for. Black people are also told that we have made no real contributions to civilization, yet the oldest remnants of civilization are indeed found in Africa we must learn our history and make it more important to us than any other. We have to look at history and understand why black people have fallen.

Our black children are taught white history before they even hear the name Mansa Musa (one of the kings of Ancient Mali), and we wonder why so many of them take up destructive black stereotypes as a model of "blackness". We have to establish order, I've heard black children say being accomplished or speaking in correct english is acting or talking "white". You know why? Because they do not have a model of what being "black" is. They look at the white ran media and see all these black people speaking in incorrrect english and basically learn "how to be black" from these celebrities and entertainers.

The thing is no one knos what being "white" and what being "black" is because it DOESN'T EXIST, yet we're always saying things based on color.

Have you ever noticed that when white people try and act "black" or be a so called whigger, the talk like they're uneducated and wear the stereotypical gangster clothes because that's what they subconciously think being BLACK IS, IT'S DISGUSTING TO SEE WHAT THESE PEOPLE VIEW US AND ESPECIALLY DISGUSTING THAT SOME BLACKS VIEW OURSELVES IN THE SAME NEGATIVE WAYS.

But you know what? stereotypes exist, so I say we use them as a tool

I call this flipping, we have to teach our kids that talking proper is talking "black", getting an education is "what black people do", teach them that the medias representation of black people is not for our entertainment but too study how the world views us.



I also believe black people should boycott music, and movies, and anyother type of media that proceeds to make money off of black stereotypes.

the mainstream rap music should be frowned upon and we must demand artists that progress the black race, one of my personal favorites is Stic Amn of Dead Prez, I belive he is a good role model for black youth, no ones perfect but his music makes me see a future of black kids with positive music choices:


-Near Future


Not really, it's as easy as speaking to your trusted black neighbors about what's going on in your community and doing something about it. Like a Neighborhood Watch, except black people are investing in ourselves.

Asains are an even smaller minority in America and they are extremely economically prospering as a group, I advise that you expand your horizons.

Sorry, but if blacks want any type of progression WE HAVE TO DO IT OURSELVES, we have to stop asking others for help. Besides hispanics and blacks would never unite with eachother and hispanics are also doing better than us, they have proceeded us as the largest minority since 2008 and their numbers are growing. STOP BEING DEPENDANT.

I don't get you Freddie, how could black unity be anything else but a good thing for black people? I don't think you understand the simple logic of power in numbers, seriously?

Personal acheivement has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for BLACK PEOPLE, I just can't register your opposition to black unity, so black people being unified and producing on their own and becoming a world power is not a personal acheivement for us all?

Speaking of timing, the time for BLACK UNITY is NOW

-Near Future

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