Monday, February 27, 2012

GOP Candidates To Unemployed/Uninsured Woman: You’re On Your Own. She Applauds (VIDEO)


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"This woman doesn't take into account the philosophy behind Dr. Paul's answer."

Nor have you -- you've been duped.

"If we didn't have the Medical Industrial Complex, insurance and drug companies writing legislation, and the bureaucracy of Medicare and Medicaid, our country would be different"

Yes, instead of 40,000 a year dying from inadequate health care, there'd be millions. You are too ignorant to know that the reason Medicare was started in the first place is that your vaunted free markets denied care to the elderly.

"In a free market, prices would fall"

Only for those the insurers would compete, namely, the healthy who aren't likely to have a claim. Their rates are already low. For everyone else, the prices rise, if indeed insurance can even be had. You haven't a clue what you're talking about, you're just repeating the lies about loving you that Ron Paul whispered in your ear while he copped a feel in your pants.

"We are a charitable people"

Indeed, yet despite all that charity, the need so ourstrips that charity people die because of it. Over ten times the number of people every passing year than died on 9/11, and getting worse.

"The man was a Doctor before government intervention..."

Which means that as far as economics and markets go, he's a rank amateur, a poser, and a charlatan.

"He has seen what charitable hospitals can do...."

As have we all. People who haven't had health care in decades have to be turned away when free clinics visit their communities because the turnout is so big. Charity is no way to run a health care system.

"It breaks my heart that my tax dollars pay for other people's healthcare, when I can't afford it for myself. "

You aren't the only one that can't afford health care. Join the club - there are millions of us. Stop whining.

The answer is not to let the insurers run the place like Ron Paul wants to do, it's to force them to own up to their end of the contract, to extend coverage to all regardless of preexisting conditions, and to make sure that the vast majority of their profits go into paying benefits - all provisions of the health care act.

The only thing we need in addition is the public option, a low-overhead benchmark in the market, in the form of a Medicare buy-in for all comers. The last thing we need is this Texas a_______ giving the crooks free reign to ____ all of us.


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Your reasoning is not quite what it should be, There is a free market for most and that is what has forced the prices so high in healthcare. Everyone duplicates services to make the most profit and so we pay up to 4 times or more for theie healthcare than they would in any other country. Free markets do not work in healthcare as America demonstrates to the world.


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