Friday, August 01, 2014

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I took my time to think about this issue. One story comes to my mind. It is the story of the Sister Goldie Taylor. She is a Beautiful, Strong, and very Intelligent Black Woman. Her story of being a victim of domestic violence has shown how vicious that crime is. She was falsely accused by some members of her family of provoking the criminal to abuse her. She has since forgiven members of her family. Goldie Taylor was regularly assaulted and nearly killed. She escaped from her abuser and has since been an advocate for the victims of domestic abuse. Her story was real, emotional, and powerful. Her strength and her inspirational qualities are respected by me. Too many victims of domestic violence have been scapegoated and maligned by some extremists, but the truth rings true. The truth is that domestic violence is immoral no matter who the perpetrator is. Any form of unjust violence done by anyone is wrong regardless who does it. Domestic violence should be condemned without any mention of the word “but” afterwards. Domestic violence is immoral period. The word provocation is so commonly used in society, but provocation is subjective. Provocation means different things to different people and many abusers use the term of provocation as an excuse to justify their assault (which is highly sick and evil). The truth is the domestic violence is wrong regardless. Any abuser doesn’t need any provocation. The abuser will just commit evil acts regardless. Abusers readily harm people randomly and any domestic violence is without justification. No one of any gender should do domestic violence at all. We have to discuss about this issue, but not only that. We have to check people doing what is wrong, we have to make sure that laws are vigorously and justly enforced, and some laws have to be even strengthened in order for humanity to be protected. Both genders should have justice, freedom, and equality. Women (who are readily the victims of discrimination, abuse, and wage disparities) should be respected and men should be respected too. Nonviolence is the most peaceful force to enact social change. I have no issue with legitimate self-defense either. Domestic violence has nothing to do with self-defense. Domestic violence is an immoral behavior. Like always, the evils of racism, misogyny, xenophobia, classism, lookism, and any form of bigotry including injustice ought to be condemned fully. There must be structural change in society whereby humanity will have a revolutionary form of justice. We have to understand each other, defend wisdom, and endorse rational, humane treatment among all in the human family.

The events in Gaza and the Ukraine expose the evils of imperialism. Many people use the word of humanitarianism as an excuse to justify war and mass murder. We see the Israeli military forces using terror against the civilians in Gaza. I don’t agree with any innocent Israelis or any innocent Palestinians dying, but it is clear that Israel have used a lot of excessive force in conducting their militarism in Gaza. Many Palestinian children have died; homes have been destroyed, etc. The IDF or the Israel Defense Forces have struck an UN run school in the Jaliyah refugee camp. This is where some 3,000 people were driven from their homes and sought shelter. 16 people have died in the event including 125 people have been wounded. IDF shells have rained down in a crowded market place in Shejaiya, which killed 17 and wounded over 200 people. Meanwhile, more sanctions have been agreed to exist against Russia by the European Union. These actions have happened after the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. It crashed in eastern Ukraine and all of its 298 passengers and crew died from the disaster. The West indicted Putin and anti-Kiev militias for the mass murder. Yet, so far, there has been no conclusive evidence that either Putin or the anti-Kiev militias took down the aircraft. Also, the Ukraine regime, which existed from a fascist led coup, last February, continues to unleash artillery and rocket fire on residential neighborhoods in Eastern Ukraine. The West has pointed to videos and audio recordings posted on YouTube by the Ukrainian intelligence agency, which is notorious for fabricating false charges against Russia. The vast US intelligence apparatus has produced no satellite photos, communications intercepts or anything else to back the allegations against the Putin government. We do know that an impartial, independent investigation is needed for find out who is actually responsible for the action. In Israel, we see entire neighborhoods demolished in Gaza, schools have been bombed, and hospitals have been bombed. These actions have killed 1,400 people and 90 percent of them are civilians. The U.S. is sending millions of dollars in emergency arms to Israel when Israel clearly has a military edge against the people of Gaza. The people of Gaza should not be collectively blamed for every innocent Israeli death and all Israeli people should not be blamed for the actions of a reactionary, criminal government found in Israel too. The people of Gaza and the West Bank have legitimately used nonviolent methods to oppose occupation. Israel’s blockade of Gaza is genocidal and blatantly racist. Samantha Power, the US ambassador to the United Nations, oversaw the casting by Washington of the sole vote opposing the formation of a UN commission to investigate Israeli actions in Gaza. She has worked tirelessly to block the Security Council’s passage of any binding resolution imposing a ceasefire. And she has warned other council members that even in non-binding statements on Gaza, any attribution of blame on Israel is a “red line” for Washington. She supported the US/NATO war against Libya, which caused Libya to experience a massive civil war three years later. The extremist neo-cons and liberal imperialists too have supported the terrorists in Syria trying to overthrow Assad. In the final analysis, we have every right to condemn imperialism and militarism no matter who does it.

This is a twisted situation (of the lawsuit situation in Congress). Both parties are to be blamed for this situation. The Republicans trying to execute this policy are blatantly executing distraction, they offer no comprehensive solutions to our issues (like the establishment of a Marshall Plan to rebuild urban communities in America), and they are part of the same status quo (when some of them claim to be sincere populists when they are not). No major party gets a free pass since both Republicans and Democrats have executed polices which has maintained a high level of unemployment of the black population. Both parties have supported the agenda of not only austerity, but of Empire (even sending billions of dollars to fund Wall Street interests when Wall Street interests dominate the current economic policies of the establishment. Many of them, especially the neo-con/AIPAC extremists, are silent about the apartheid policies coming from Israel and the Western Saudi puppets violating the social, political, and religious rights of human beings in the Middle East). It is a disgrace that drone attacks have escalated in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and other places in the world. There has been massive laws which violate the human civil liberties of the public that must be opposed. The GOP and the Democrats in their leaderships refuse to expose the epidemic of police brutality in our land or to discuss the evil legacy of colonialism in the world today. Boehner is of course a coward. He is afraid of the Tea Party reactionaries (when there is a need to reject oligarchy, misogyny, lookism, xenophobia, and any injustice). Yet, he is not alone. The GOP leadership should feel shame for their extreme agenda like others too. We need a true revolution of values in the world. The Republicans act like that they are not to be blamed for this situation when they are as much to be blamed for this Congressional dysfunction as the Democrats are. Boehner is a hypocrite by claiming to oppose the ACA, but he is suing the President, because the President is delaying the enforcement a section of the ACA. The ACA (which is not a single payer health care system) is a law that allows corporations to dominate the health care when Big Pharma helped to write the law. Not to mention that the leadership GOP refuses to deal with infrastructure building in a serious way, they refuse to condemn police brutality in a stronger way, their leadership refuse to condemn Western imperialist aggression worldwide (I feel for the victims of the wicked war on terror including the victims from Gaza to Iraq), and they refuse to expose other evils. Both parties are to be blamed for this. There will probably never be an impeachment of the President. These problems existed long before Obama or Bush was placed into office. That is why we have every right to not only be politically independent, but we have the right to advocate revolutionary solutions.

1968 was one of the most revolutionary years in human history. The world experienced many social, economic, cultural, and political changes. The Vietnam War was still going on in a brutal fashion. In February of 1968, the Tet Offensive existed. The Tet Offensive was when North Vietnamese forces struck American targets all over South Vietnam. America won the battle, but the public increased skepticism about the war in general. Many people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Spock, and others opposed the Vietnam War. Students and the youth fought for workers’ rights, authentic historical, cultural representation, and for liberation in America, France, London, France, Mexico, etc. Many Mexican students died in their fight for freedom and justice as well. The Presidential election of 1968 was interesting. Eugene McCarthy and Robert Kennedy battled for the anti-war vote and for the rest of progressives. Robert Kennedy ran for President late and won many states including McCarthy. President Lyndon Johnson delivers his Address to the Nation Announcing Steps to Limit the War in Vietnam and Reporting His Decision Not to Seek Reelection on March 31, 1968. The speech announced the first in a series of limitations on US bombing, promising to halt these activities above the 20th parallel. By April 4, 1968, President Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. died and riots spread in over 100 cities of America. The urban rebellions came about because of neglect, discrimination, police brutality, racism, terrible conditions of the urban ghettoes (caused by the system not by black people. The ghetto, as Dr. King said, was created by the establishment to confine and control people not to liberate people), and other factors. The Black Panthers were very strong in 1968 and organized chapters nationwide. Robert Kennedy was assassinated as well in June of 1968. Robert Kennedy had a lot of charisma and he finally wanted the Vietnam War to end. The Democratic National Convention was filled with disaster since the police brutalized protesters and Richard Nixon exploited the divisions of the people in America for his own political advantage. The SDS was a powerful force that opposed the imperialist war in Vietnam and desired radical social change in America. The October 1968 Summer Olympics experienced many events. The games have been boycotted by 32 African nations in protest of South Africa's participation. On the 18th Tommie Smith and John Carlos, U.S. athletes and medalists in the 200-meter dash will further disrupt the games by performing the black power salute during the "Star-Spangled Banner" at their medal ceremony. I have no problem with that these courageous men did at all. President Johnson announces a total halt to US bombing in North Vietnam by October 31, 1968. Hubert Humphrey finally opposed the Vietnam War and he almost beat Nixon, but he was too late. The imperialist Vietnam War will continue under Richard Nixon. By December 11, 1968, the unemployment rate in America was at 3.3 percent, which is the lowest it has been in 15 years. This is unheard of today. So, 1968 was a great, transformative year in the span of human history indeed.

I saw Sister First Lady Michelle Obama speak about her father, brothers, and other important men in her life from the Lawrence O'Donnell show. I just saw the First Lady speak about many issues. She said that the White House was built by slaves and she was never ashamed of her African roots. Her speech was very powerful. The impact of positive men inspiring her and supporting her is very much inspiring. It shows the great value of manhood and womanhood. She told a lot of truths days ago on the YALI Summit. Africa is our ancestral homeland we love Africa a great deal. Yes, the First Lady did made a great point about black boys and black girls having the right to have the opportunity to achieve a great education (so that they can fulfill their own God given potentials). The path to liberation lies among both males and females. Mutual concern for both genders is expressing not only altruism, but it is about showing compassion towards all in the human family. She talked about her husband's father being born in Kenya and that her actions were about instilling values in Brothers and Sisters living in Africa. We certainly are tied to Africa. Any legitimate action that can positively assist Africans is something that I agree with. Africans and African Americans have a great connection. I know real Africans before who were teachers. It is great for the First Lady to give respect to real men. A real woman will always give respect to real MEN. Likewise, a real man will always show respect to real WOMEN too. :) Many Africans and African-Americans witness that we share a lot in common. For example, Dr. King visited Kwame Nkrumah (in Africa) to celebrate the independence of Ghana back in 1957. Malcolm X talked with and worked African leaders in the 1960's. Maya Angelou taught African students in Africa decades ago. Back during the 1980's, Africans worked with African Americans to fight against apartheid, which existed in South Africa. So, this struggle is inclusive as you have mentioned. All of us face many of the similar problems. It is certainly a necessity for us as African Americans to work more together with Africans. We are one people at the end of the day. First, I express my sympathies to the family and friends of Kimani Gray. These human beings are going through a lot and they deserve the total truth. We all do. There have been massive debates about the circumstances involving the death of Kimani Gray. Regardless of the truth, we should always oppose any form of police brutality, which is an epidemic in America. We have to confront crooked officers. There is no solution without us as a community unifying and fighting back against any evil via strong, legitimate ways. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Our people have shown great courage throughout human history. Today, we face many challenges and we have to find ways to not only advance unity. We must be proactive as a way for us to solve the problems in our own communities. We have be further educated on laws (in that way, we can adjust to counteract oppression), we have to learn ways to confront the police doing the wrong thing, and we need more mobilization in solving our problems (via forming more independent organizations that are dedicated to creating justice against the system of white supremacy). We should have hope too. Without hope, inspiration falls about. With hope and actions, things can change.

By Timothy

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