Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Savant on Issues

I will probably read this book on Levinson and King. But it seems like old new to me. Stanley levinson had belong to the Communist Party during the 1940s but had become disillusion with the USSR, and was unable to remain in a still pro-Soviet American Communist Party. By the time, he met King (during Montgomery) he had broken with he CP some time ago. He was still left-of-center, though not Communist. King knew this, and felt that Levinson's previous CP affiliations didn't matter. Michael Harrington, whom I met while I was a student, was also in King's circle. He was a socialist and a founder of the Democratic Socialists of America, a group to which belongs (or once belonged) Cornel West. Jack O'Dell, if I remember correctly, was a Black ex-Communist. He also was in King's circle. King was obviously NOT a conservative, and certainly more than a liberal. Though not a Communist, and philosophically opposed to Marxism-Leninism, he was an staunch opponent of McCarthyism and the Right. As for Levinson being Jew....well, what of it? King led a Black Movement of UNIVERSAL human appeal, and didn't mind non-Black allies.



 NO. Even if Brown did steal from the store the cop is a murderer, and the cop's supporters are pigs. Brown was unarmed and with his hands up--unarmed and shot 6 times by the cops -Savant _____________________

 Dr. KIng would be denouncing the "unspeakable horrors of police brutality" in Ferguson also. He would regard the looting as a wrong and foolish reaction, but not the primary problem. -Savant


I'm even more happy to hear that there are some whites who came out to support the Black protests against police brutality. This shows that all whites do not support police murder and repression of Black people.

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