Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Savant's Research

In the 1960s the Black Panthers used to patrol the police in Oakland. They would take down badge numbers, and whenever a brother or sister was being stopped or arrested, they had law books and would tell eh arrested person what their rights were. They would encourage people around to OBSERVE the police carefully, but being careful to stand and the legally required distance. Even without the technology we have today such initiatives on the part of the Black Panther Party commonly resulted in a significant reduction in rates of police violence in the Community although it did draw the wrath of the police on the Panthers themselves. Perhaps we need the equivalent of Panther patrols armed not with guns, but with video and other electronic monitoring equipment.



I reading once more ANGELA DAVIS: AUTOBIOGRAPHY. Interesting slice of intensified history and personal testimony.



Check out OUR HERITAGE: THE PAST AND PRESENT OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN AND AFRICAN EXISTENCE by Tsenay Serequeberhan. Tsenay is a very insightful African philosopher whom I've known for a while. He has also edited an anthology: AFRICAN PHILOSOPHY: THE ESSENTIAL READINGS. If you're among the more intellectually inclined you may find this interesting. 



 There is also Harriet Jacobs' INCIDENTS IN THE LIFE OF A SLAVE GIRL. 

Al Sharpton has a long way to go before he can be another Frederick Douglass. -Savant _______________________

A great national leader is fine, and some (like King) have been outstanding. But you must have deeply rooted homegrown leaders--dedicated and honest--on the local level. In a sense the ordinary person must also learn to be a leader. Even if Sharpton was the equal of King, it would hardly suffice. For the enemy knows what to do: Knock off the great man and leave behind a headless and confused mass. But what if the average person developed leadership abilities so that any leader can be replaced? Different ballgame now



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