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Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave a major foreign policy speech in San Diego, California. In her speech, she exposed Donald Trump’s bigotry and scandal ridden Trump University. She has exposed Trump’s non-serious attitude about foreign policy and his extremist advocacy of possibly using nuclear weapons in the Middle East and his contradictory statements about ISIS. His advocacy of allowing no Muslims to come into America does nothing to solve the complex problem of terrorism in the world. So, Hillary is right to expose Trump’s deceptions, lies, and extremism. Yet, Hillary Clinton is a known militarist. She supported many policies in favor of U.S. imperialism from her support to the Iraq War to the support of the evil US/NATO bombing of Libya. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was murdered in his home town of Sirte by US-backed rebels, an event that Clinton celebrated at the time with the infamous wisecrack, “We came, we saw, he died,” touching off gales of laughter among her claque of traveling aides. President Barack Obama, his top military and foreign policy advisers including Clinton herself authorize the Navy Seal Team 6 raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Hillary Clinton’s speech was eloquent, but it omitted many parts of her agenda. Right now, Hillary Clinton is under investigation for conducting all her government communications while Secretary of State on a private email server. This arrangement clearly intended to keep her correspondence under her control, regardless of the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. Later this summer, she is expected to be interviewed by the FBI, which could lead to criminal charges over the mishandling of classified materials or perjury. Bill and Hillary Clinton’s personal wealth is now $150 million. They give speeches to corporate audiences and fundraise for the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation is the center of international influence peddling. Clinton has supported the constituencies of billionaires and millionaires. Hillary Clinton is allied with the military industrial complex. Right now, the military industrial complex has done torture, assassination, and preemptive war, which promotes the interests of the ruling class abroad for years and decades.

Donald Trump has been exposed for being a bigot and a far right extremist who embraces many fascistic views. Trump is blatantly racist to say that a federal judge can't judge on a case, because of his Mexican descent. That is overtly wrong and racist. I will never vote for Trump no matter what. Donald Trump made his billions via scams and insider dealings. Many Western newspapers even expose how he has used fraudulent methods to enhance his fortune. There are court documents in a lawsuit joined by numerous former students at Trump University allege that the supposed training in real estate provided by the school was a fiction. It was a fraud on two levels. At an enormous price, up to $35,000 for the “Gold Elite” program, students were told little more than “buy low” and “sell high.” As many as 5,000 students paid a total of $40 million for the worthless instructions, most of which could be obtained, according to press accounts, through a simple Internet search. As for the claim that Trump would be personally involved in sharing his supposed real estate expertise, with instructors who “are handpicked by me,” the documents show that Trump played no role in the “education” program except allowing his name and face to be used to promote the venture, and then cashing the checks—his cut of loot was at least $5 million. New York state attorney general Eric Schneiderman, appearing on two television interview programs Thursday morning, said, “We have laws against running an illegal, unlicensed university. This never was a university. The fraud started with the name of the organization.” He added, “It was really a fraud from beginning to end.” Trump University accounts for only a small fraction of the real estate mogul’s personal wealth, but the methods used were representative of his “business model” as a whole, and for that matter, of his presidential campaign. This has been focused largely on appealing to increasingly desperate sections of workers and the lower middle class. It offered Trump’s billionaire persona as the solution to deepening economic afflictions. The problem is that Trump offers no real, comprehensive, and progressive solutions to solve problems. Some people of a party of the ruling class are prepare to vote for a person like Trump as its Presidential candidate. Despite the initial hypocritical criticisms of his vulgar and racist pronouncements, nearly all Republican Party leaders have now reconciled themselves with Trump, culminating in Thursday’s statement by House Speaker Paul Ryan that he will support his candidacy. Trump represents the corruption found in corporate America as corporate America has been involved in speculation, swindling, and theft, which existed in the economic crash of 2008. For over 40 years, the American ruling class has acted parasitic in its financial policies during the long term postindustrial decline. Therefore, the two parties of the establishment, which are the Republicans and Democrats, are preparing to nominate candidates who may be subject to criminal indictment between now and the general election.

This story is similar to other stories. The fiancĂ© loved her boyfriend so much. We send condolences to her and to the Brother’s family as well. Many of these gun laws lack discretion or lack provisions for handling various circumstances. The woman never murdered anyone, yet she is unfairly treated as a murderer by some. She was trying to save her life and the prosecution is blatantly using excessive measures against her. She is hurting and the court system is treating her like she is a killer (which is false). It is sad and it makes me angry to see a Sister experience this. I think gun laws in Illinois and nationwide for that matter should be revised to make sure that in situations like this, a person is given a fair process legally. Ashley Harrison doesn’t deserve massive prison time and no prison time period. Even when a Sister defends herself, some folks want to prosecute a Sister in a harsh manner. We know about Chicago. Chicago has the sections filled with upscale places like in Northern parts of Chicago (and in the Loop plus the Gold Coast). Also, there is found crime, drug smuggling, and massive poverty in other parts of Chicago. Revolutionary change is definitely needed in Chicago. That is why we have to revise these gun laws to make sure that they are used fairly. I am in solidarity with Sister Ashley Harrison.

Snoop is the one who went into a awards red carpet with dog chains around black women's neck. So, he is a hypocrite in any juncture. Snoop has shown misogyny and is a person with mighty contradictions. Now, there should be more movies about the diverse experience of black people. Our history didn't start during the Maafa. We have stories that deal with inventions, romance, great civilizations, and other great accomplishments. Likewise, we should never forget about the Maafa either. Many white racist revisionists want to sugarcoat slavery (via the scandal of Texas textbooks) or deny it altogether and I don't agree with that view at all. We have to remember the past, which includes the good actions that we have done and the evil injustices inflicted against our people. Roots doesn't just deal with slavery, so it is a movie that is more than slavery. It shows information about the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, Reconstruction, etc. Therefore, both Snoop and Roland Martin made many points. People can agree or disagree with both of them. The new Roots miniseries have shown courageous people standing up for their human rights not just people being brutalized. So, the point is that we must show the diversity of our stories. Roland Martin made a great point that Jewish people will never say en masse that there should be no Holocaust movies. Snoop responded to Roland Martin by cursing him out and calling him out of his name. Snoop would never say that stuff to Roland face to face like a man. The important point is that all of our stories should be told. We, as black people, do have the responsibility to tell our own stories. We have the right to use our infrastructure to outline our history and our culture in the world along with promoting ownership of our powerbase in our communities too. I don't believe that solely movies about slavery should be shown, but I do believe that black youth especially should be educated on slavery, our inventors, and our heroes at the same time. Our heroes should be told as well.
#Never Forget the Past and Make a Better Future.

By the start of the 20th century, London was at the height of its influence as the capital of the largest empires in history. Its imperialism continued. There were many challenges in London too. London’s population grew rapidly in the early decades of the 20th century. Public transport also greatly expanded. There was a large tram network being constructed by the London County Council through LCC Tramways, which was the first motorbus service to begin in the 1900’s. There were improvements to London’s over ground and underground rail network, including large scale electrification were progressively carried out. During World War I, London experienced its first bombing raids carried out by German zeppelin airships. These airships killed about 700 people and caused great terror, but they were merely a foretaste of what was to come. The city of London would experience many more terrors as a result of both World Wars. The largest explosion in London occurred during World War I, which was the Silverton explosion when a munitions factory containing 50 tons of TNT exploded, killing 73 and injuring 400. The period between the two World Wars saw London’s geographical extent growing more quickly than ever before or since. A preference for lower density suburban housing, typically semi-detached, by Londoners seeking a more "rural" lifestyle, superseded Londoners' old predilection for terraced houses. This was facilitated not only by a continuing expansion of the rail network, including trams and the Underground, but also by slowly widening car ownership. London's suburbs expanded outside the boundaries of the County of London, into the neighboring counties of Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey. Like the rest of the country, London suffered severe unemployment during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. In the East End during the 1930’s, politically extreme parties flourished. The Communist Party of Great Britain and the British Union of Fascists both gained serious support. Clashes between right and left culminated in the Battle of Cable Street in 1936. The population of London reached an all-time peak of 8.6 million in 1939. Large numbers of Jewish immigrants fleeing from Nazi Germany, settled in London during the 1930s, mostly in the East End.

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