Friday, July 08, 2016

Emergency in America: Violence and Police Brutality

Here are my thoughts (from me Timothy) about the tragic execution of another black person: It's a shame that we witness another black family losing their relative in this fashion. First, I send condolences and prayers to Alton Sterling's family. It is very heartbreaking to witness Alton's teenage son crying in the press conference. Alton Sterling's mother has shown courage and strength. Her words eloquently outline the urgency of the problem and our desire for true solutions. A solution isn't just about legislative changes. It is about a fundamental change in the system since the system is corrupt and the system must be replaced with a true egalitarian, progressive system. We desire the truth and justice involving this situation. The video or the snuff film shows not only the brutality of police terrorism, but how excessive force is a reality in American society. Alton Sterling was on the ground and he couldn't massively move. There is no evidence that he posed a life threatening risk to the safety of the officers at all. The officers didn't call for backup, but they did executed the black man in a short span of time callously. The Department of Justice is investigating this case and the cops are in leave. Baton Rouge, Louisiana isn't the only city with this problem. It's a national problem. The officers have said that their body cameras were dislodged, which is suspicious to say the least. We are more than sick and tired of this epidemic of black people being killed in this matter while white folks with shotguns aimed at the cops' face have not been killed. There are tons of stories about that I can show easily (like the story of Joseph Houseman, who is a white man with a gun yelling at the cops, but he wasn't killed by the police. Jesse Deflorio is another white man who fired at a BB gun at police officers and he wasn't killed by the cops). The gun on Alton Sterling was found in his pocket and Alton was immobile on the ground. Alton was murdered via at least 5 shots from the officers. It is certainly time for those who aren't woke to wake up. We have a serious issue where cops who commit evil are heavily given immunity or slaps on the wrist. We should speak out and resist this tyranny by using nonviolent methods and self defense if necessary. We have every right to be outraged. We have every right to voice our views and to promote freedom and justice for our black people. Black rage at injustice is no sin. Neutrality or acquiescence to the status quo in the face of evil is a sin. We want crooked cops to be held accountable for their actions.

The murder of Philando Castile is a total disgrace. Black people being murdered unjustly by those who carry a badge is a serious problem. This is certainly a war for our survival as black people (as the same anti-black hatred expressed by scoundrels & slave owners like Washington and Jefferson is found in the racists today who brutalize our black people) when a young black person was just murdered brutally. The cop did point a gun at point blank range at an innocent black woman after that cop murdered her boyfriend Castile. She was still placed in handcuffs for no reason. It really is revolting that these thugs show no compassion for a black family (including their disrespect of a black child in the car by murdering a hard working black person). The murderers didn't even immediately call for an ambulance. The innocent woman in the car was almost killed and I send condolences to the Brother's girlfriend and the young child (including the rest of the Brother's family). His girlfriend narrated the whole sad, heinous ordeal, which was sent in social media. One of the saddest parts of this is that his girlfriend's daughter was in the car them with them. She will live with this moment for the rest of her life and the murderers have shown no empathy. Philando Castile helped kids in school as part of his job. Now, he is gone physically, but terrorism will not stop us. Our ancestors are with us and we won't back down. We will fight and we must fight. Many people have praised her speech. Nakia Jones has gave a very powerful speech that people should listen too. She is very sincere and heartbroken over the murder of Alton Sterling. In situations like these, no one can be neutral. We face an epidemic where terrorist cops have abused the rights of people.

We can run down the list of black people being unjustly murdered by crooked folks who wear a badge. The police institution is filled with corruption. Every cop is not infallible, so that is why more cops should have self reflection and understand that racial oppression, classism, police brutality, and other injustices are real. What is truly revolting is how some people want to condemn all black people in the most degrading, evil terms possible for the evil actions done by some black people (which is a racist mantra). Nakia Jones gave an emotional speech. She didn't submit to the Blue Wall of Silence. Decades ago, the ex-cop Serpico also exposed the corruption in the NYPD during the 1970's. She gave her honest views on her pain and her life story, so her words and her powerful voice can motivate real change to happen in our world. She made the great point about having an oath to protect and serve the community. Nakia utilized passion, empathy, and eloquence to describe about many important issues in the black community (from violence to other social issues). She is right that racist cops have no business to wear a badge & drive around in any area where black people live. She's right that more men should mentor male youth more. She is also correct to advocate more Black Unity in the world. When we are united more, we create more strength. We desire black men, black women, and black children to have true freedom. In the final analysis, evil must be opposed by any means necessary. I believe in building and self defense. I wish the best for the Sister.

We face domestic terrorism. We face an outright war. We are against domestic terrorism and any evil in the world. The lives lost unjustly should be remembered. My heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims of this unspeakable, murderous terror. A solution will not be one thing. Some people believe that the answer is just one formula and that isn't the case, because we have a complex problem. We live in an emergency. It's an emergency when we have to tell black youth on how to deal with the police, so they won't be murdered. We have an emergency where high unemployment rates and poverty persist in many of our communities. We have an emergency when racism, discrimination, class oppression, and other forms of bigotry are persistent, systematic, and constant in our world. Therefore, we have to unite among the poor and the working class black people to develop strategies to address our issues independently. Legislation alone isn't going to solve this problem. I have no problem with progressive legislation (as I'm an economic progressive. I cherish the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act), but we need more self-determination as a community too (like forming a stronger political and economic infrastructure for our people) along with making sure that crooked domestic terrorists are held responsible for their actions. Many things must be done. I don't watch her (or Wendy Williams') show. Her statements are typical of her. During the 1990's, she made her radio career in disrespecting black celebrities and other people. Now, she has her own public talk TV show (that the powers that be own). Her statements are outrageous. HBCUs were created to give black people educational opportunities not to promote discrimination. Also, people of many colors are in HBCUs. The NAACP was created out of the Niagara movement in 1909 and its founders included both black and white people (to counteract racial discrimination). Yes, the NAACP in its history has promoted massive anti-Communism during the McCarthy era and its leadership supported the Vietnam War for a time (which are things that I don't agree with). Yet, organizations geared to the improvement of black people have the right to exist in a free society. Also, she doesn't condemn Asian based organizations, Latino based organizations, Jewish based universities in the world, or Irish based museums, because she knows full well that those ethnic groups will not play that. We, as black people, shouldn't play that either. Therefore, we can respond by not watching her show. We shouldn't support anyone who disrespects us or our intelligence.

Here are my thoughts about the Dallas ambush shooting: We face an emergency in America. We have racial tensions, economic inequality, and imperialism overseas. These tensions influenced these situations that we face today. Murder is wrong (no one should do murder or kill innocent human life) and our people have built large sections of this nation. It is our ancestors who picked cotton centuries ago without pay along with suffering the lash and the whip by racists. It was our people with our black freedom struggle that has inspired other social movements of every background to this very day, but we have not been given the respect and true acknowledgement from others. Today, we see cops being killed in Dallas. The blood is not only on the hands of the killers of those cops. The blood is on the hands of crooked officers too who have killed innocent black men, black women, and black children (and other innocent people of other backgrounds). They are just as responsible for this as the killers of those cops in Dallas, TX. People talk about violence, but that protest in Dallas was a non-violent protest. Anyone who blames non violent protesters for the events in Dallas should be ashamed of themselves. It is vitally important to promote a stronger economic powerbase for our people. People from across the political spectrum understand that and we have to fight. Neutrality is no option now when our people are being slaughtered by domestic terrorists. I also get sick and tired of respectability politics too. The President will never tell white racists that stereotypical, anti-black views about black people are extremist and false. He lectures us on controlling ourselves, but he certainly won't tell crooked cops, racists, and other domestic terrorists to control themselves. He should know full well we aren't here cursing every cop out. We are condemning a nefarious system that permits the real violence of poverty, of discrimination, of racism, of police terrorism, and other injustices in our world. That is the point. We have never gotten anywhere with passive complacency. Malcolm X had it right. We believe in self defense not unjust violence. Dr. King also had it right when he said that we must resist evil. Ella Baker had it right that the lives of black people have value and worth. We are truly the only group of people on Earth who is told by the PTB to shut up and sit down when we want to outline our aspirations and our interests in society. We are sick and tired of being told to sit down.
We will stand up instead.

By Timothy

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