Wednesday, September 07, 2016

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We still are in the fight for justice. After centuries of oppression, we are still here. Many people have done massive evils, but we still stand here in 2016 as understanding the truth. The truth is that progress has come by struggle, and the continuation of positive activism. We won't quit either. I am inspired by the great musicians who expressed their soul in their gifts. I'm inspired by the many lovers of exercise who eloquently show passion, compassion, and wisdom in their messages. I'm inspired by my friends and my people day in and day out who promote love, courage, integrity, sacrifice, and solidarity. There is no freedom without solidarity as we are all in this together. Therefore, we should learn lessons from the past like the heroism of Ida B. Wells and focus on strategies to better our present and future. It is always important to respect the sacrifice of workers. A long time ago, we didn't have the rights that workers have today. Many in the labor movement had to strike, protest, and fight in order for us to have the 48 hour work week, collective bargaining, and other workers' rights. Unions have done so much positive work in not only promoting workers' rights. Many union workers were involved in the civil rights and peace movements spanning decades. Workers, in general, motivate us, inspire us, and during these times, we see how far that we have to go. Just because we are not in the existence of human justice doesn't mean that we extinguish our motivation to keep on going. We should keep on working, keep on being better people, and aspire continuously to achieve greatness and excellence. Greatness is not about pleasing people for vanity. Greatness is about improving ourselves and helping others, so you are truly blessed. Greatness relates to advancing selflessness and viewing human beings as deserving of equality unequivocally. That is what life is all about.

There is certainly no turning back in our society. For long centuries, black people have been abused and oppressed by a capitalist, and sexist white supremacist order. Colin Kaepernick has done a courageous, nonviolent action in opposing police brutality and racial injustice. What Colin did was not offensive and his actions have been praised by veterans, other workers, and ordinary people who realize that the freedom to dissent is a democratic value. Those, who oppose the right to dissent, in essence embrace an anti-democratic mentality. The President acknowledged Kaepernick's right to dissent, but it also important to note that the author of the national anthem was a racist and slave owner. Jewish people won't support Nazi propaganda decades ago and those of black African descent have every right to oppose a national anthem whose third stanza trivializes and endorses slavery. Many people support Kaepernick and his jersey is the NFL's number one selling jersey. He has spent $1 million to human charitable organizations that are dedicated to progressive social change as well. This is a long fight. This fight isn't just about prosecuting police officers who brutalize innocent people. It is about a fundamental economic change in society where the oligarchy won't oppress the poor in a merciless fashion. It is about ending xenophobia when America itself has more people of any background of any nation in human history. So, I believe in integrity, but that integrity won't grow into the highest level possible unless injustice is totally extinguished.

When I read P Diddy's words, they are not harsh to me. In fact, they are tame compared to what the far right crowd has called the President. In fact, he said that the President is doing an excellent job. A hater of the President is never going to make that statement. Also, no President is immune from critique. Therefore, the truth is that he or the President has done things that I do agree with like communing sentences of nonviolent drug offenders and signing the Iranian nuclear deal. I don't agree with President Barack Obama on supporting the TPP, advancing drone strikes, authorizing even assassinations against U.S. citizens without due process of law, support of the NATO invasion of Libya, his claim that racism in Ferguson is no longer endemic (which is ludicrous), massive bailouts to Wall Street, his actions against even legitimate whistle blowers, and on other issues. President Barack Obama is a neoliberal politician. That is a fact. In order for us to get justice, we have to advocate an end to imperialism, racism, and class oppression. I'm not going to justify P Diddy's mistakes either. P Diddy talking about shortchanging people is very ironic given his history. So, we have to place things into context. Likewise, the President could have done more for black Americans. He has gone the extra mile for some minorities too via executive orders, speeches, etc. Donald Trump is no revolutionary. For decades, he has spewed sexist remarks, racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and other evils. I don't support Trump. Now, that is why political independence is important. Unapologetic support and love of Blackness unconditionally is a prerequisite for our freedom.

Tiarah Poyau wanted to have fun in her life in the West Indian Day Parade in New York, but she was murdered by a barbarian. There are many problems that we must face as a people and as a community. It is very clear that no woman of any color should be harassed, assaulted, or murdered period. It is also very clear that we have an epidemic of black women experiencing misogynoir, violence, assault, rape, harassment, and murder. This problem isn't just found in NYC. It is found all over the world. The pernicious evils of patriarchy & sexism has also been serious problems. This is why Enough is definitely Enough. If we ought to reach our highest potential as black people, then human autonomy and mutual respect must be at heart of our ideological framework and social consciousness. In other words, women should be free to make their own decisions and live their own lives fully. The lie that miosogynoir isn't that serious must be exposed. No one is entitled to a woman's bodies, minds, and souls. People should be free to live on this Earth without any form of harassment and murder. This is a problem of guns and the deification of guns is the hallmark of far right views. There underground markets traffic illegal guns all of the time and that must change. Even a simple background check is opposed by the vicious extremists who believe in the myth that any gun restriction is equivalent to a total gun ban among innocent citizens. There are regulations in the First Amendment and in other arenas, but it is sad that it is taboo for people to publicly discuss about the regulations of firearms. Toxic masculinity is evil and many Hoteps love toxic masculinity (or the lie that a real man must be inconsiderate, xenophobic, brutal, crass, and disrespectful to others) and hyper masculinity too. Reginald Moise is a person who is lower than low. We are committed to oppose violence and murder against black women. There is no black liberation without black women being liberated as human beings.
RIP to Sister Tiarah Poyau.

Happy Birthday Sister Gloria Gaynor. She is a legend of not only disco, but of music in general. Her voice is incredible and her songs represent human empowerment and human perseverance. She is 67 now and she was born in Newark, New Jersey. She sang during the 1960's and her famous record "I Will Survive" is one of her signature songs. Later in life, she has gone through a spiritual awakening as religious freedom ought to be promoted in any society. She is still making songs and inspiring the world with her grace and talent. She is certainly honored by me. I have great love for her as a human beings. Bless You Sister Gloria Gaynor. Happy Birthday Sister Leslie Jones. She is 49 years old and she was born in Memphis, Tennessee. For a while, she has been the victim of racist cyber attacks. She reminds all of us that cyber attacking is evil and bullying has no place in this world. Also, Leslie Jones has been supported by people from across the world who abhor disrespect and intolerance. We live on one planet. Those, who disrespect others, based on race, sex, nationality, etc. are not only wrong. Those, who do such evils, have reprehensible character. We reject colorism too. We exist in diverse hues, and we all beautiful too. Black is Beautiful. We live in a new generation where many Millennials and others from other generations desire a world where inhumane treatment is extinguished and true justice is enacted as a reality. We want to create a world where those who use their talents to inspire society and uplift people, are honored in a great way. We won't quit. The courageous civil rights workers during the 1960's faced mobs and guns, but they didn't quit. Those, who defeated apartheid, never quit either. So, we will continue in this audacious journey to make sure that justice is indivisible and where human dignity is really respected. I wish the best for Leslie Jones.

By Timothy

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