Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday News

I saw the final debate and here are my thoughts. This debate was about the issue of the Supreme Court first. Chris Wallace wanted each candidate to discuss about details. This debates documents how a male bigot with mediocre intellect is showing deception. I'm not a strict constructionist. I believe that the Constitution can evolve to right wrongs and get rid of imperfections. That is why it was wrong for the Constitution to call black people 3/5s of a person centuries ago. Hillary Clinton opposed Citizens United. Trump wants the Supreme Court to reflect a far right agenda. Trump's voice sounded hoarse in this debate. He is clear that his justices that he promotes will be similar to the extremist Scalia. The Founders were never infallible, so the Constitution should evolve to suit the times and reflect egalitarian principles. Trump talks about the Second Amendment when even the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment can have reasonable restrictions on it. I believe in the Second Amendment, but I also believe in sensible regulations to it. They disagreed on abortion, which is an issue that has been debated for a long time. The debate tuned into immigration. Trump lied and said that Hillary wants amnesty. He omits that undocumented immigration has declined in the past few years. Hillary Clinton said that she doesn't want children to be punished. She believes in border security and wants comprehensive immigration reform. Therefore, even on immigration, Hillary Clinton is not completely progressive on the immigration issue. Donald Trump wants a large wall along the United States border, which will not work. Trump lied and claimed that his opponent wants amnesty, but he exploited undocumented workers for years. Workers (whether undocumented or not) deserve to be treated with dignity and with respect. The debate moved into Russia and Putin. Later, the debate came into the economy.

Hillary Clinton wants an economic plan to deal with clean energy, infrastructure, helping the middle class, helping the small business, and increasing the national minimum wage. Trump wants great tax cuts for the wealthy. He wants to renegotiate trade deals and he omits that the deficit has declined by 2/3s since 2009. The deficit increased under Reagan and George W. Bush. The economy isn't where it should be, but tricked down economics is not the answer. We need investments, the super wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes, and other programs. I don't agree with NAFTA. Trump is despicable to blame Hillary for the victims of sexual abuse and for the protesters in Trump rallies (when Trump advocated violence against protesters). Trump is known to degrade women. Trump talked about emails and Hillary and he ignores his Trump University corruption. The debate came into the imperfections of the Clinton and Trump Foundations. Undocumented immigrants pay more federal income taxes than Donald Trump. Trump lied about voting fraud when voter fraud isn't found in a majority of voting machines. Trump refuses to say if he will accept the election results. Trump is a liar since ISIS has decreased its power in Iraq, Mosul is being attacked, and the Iranian nuclear deal doesn't mean that Iran has a nuclear weapon. The last part of the debate was about the national debt. Hillary Clinton's ties to Wall Street and militarist policies must be known too. It seems that Chris Wallace is a deficit hawk with his words on the debt and social programs. Trump told the lie that inner cities have no jobs and no education. Trump said that Hillary was a nasty woman in the debate, which was cruel. Trump interrupted in a lot of times. Hillary Clinton wanted to send money into the Social Security trust fund. Both gave closing statements and it's over. Hillary Clinton won the debate. This doesn't mean I worship Hillary Clinton. The debate didn't show information about racial justice, climate change, police brutality,  I believe in political independence.

We are not shocked at this. Donald Trump is a sexist bigot. For years, he has disrespected black people, women, immigrants, Muslims, etc. His misogyny is abhorrent. His lies are apparent and his agenda is wicked. I don't support Trump at all. He believes in a xenophobic nationalism that promotes fear mongering, a lack of intellectual curiosity, and blatant hypocrisy. He calls this election as rigged, but his Trump University is rigged which harmed people. That is why people have brought up lawsuits against Trump University. Tocarra Jones is a beautiful black woman. She is deserving of respect and dignity. Trump is just plain wrong. I know many black people support him for many reasons. Just because some black people support him doesn't mean that Trump respects black people. Obviously, he doesn't respect black people by claiming that the Central Park Five as guilty, but it has been proven that they are innocent. It is inexcusable for Donald Trump to disrespect a black woman period. His anemic performances at the debate document his mediocrity and extremism. It is inexcusable also for Trump to support adultery and sexual assault in a tape period. Anybody supporting Trump is just plain wrong. We will fight for justice.

Today is Friday. Enjoy your Day everyone. Also, we acknowledge the independence of Haiti. In 1804, heroic Haitian Brothers and Sisters defeated the English, the French, and other imperialists to form their own nation. The Haitian Revolution was successful and caused Haiti to be the first black run Republic in the Western Hemisphere in human history. This historic event should always be cherished by us since it proved that human freedom must be promoted and slavery anywhere on this Earth must be extinguished. Toussaint L'Ouverture and other heroes fought against tyranny and won. Today, Haiti is dealing with many issues and we are in solidarity with the Haitian people in Haiti and throughout the world. The Afro-French people have a long history. There are at least 2.5 million black people in France, which is more than any other nation in Europe. Some came from Africa, some were born in France, some came from the Caribbean, and some were form America (as many African Americans traveled from the U.S. to France). The “negritude” movement of the 1930's and afterwards was about black people in France to advance literature, art, and other aspects of human culture. Also, France is not an Utopia. Racism and classism are found in France just like in the States. France has a notorious history of colonialism and imperialism. They were involved in the Maafa. Also, it is important to recognize Afro-French heroes who fought oppression, who are standing up for truth, and who believe in justice. One Afro-French hero of our generation is Sister Rokhaya Diallo. She is a filmmaker and a progressive activist who is fighting against racism in France. In 2002, Rokhaya Diallo took part in different humorous short-films by the group Une case en moins. There are black French scholars, activists, athletes (like Mariama Signaté), spiritual leaders, politicians, and other human beings.
Bless the Afro-French people.
Nous croyons en la justice. Nous voulons que les Noirs d'avoir la liberté et nous honorer la vérité.

There is no question that we are at war. We are fighting for black liberation. One of the most important points of this situation is to realize that we are at war, because many black people are being killed by the police in an unjust way, many of our people have been poisoned in many areas of the world (i.e. Flint), many of us are being discriminated against, some of us are being negatively stereotyped by the media conglomerates for profit, etc. We know about how the criminal injustice system has unfairly sentenced many black people. Sister Deborah Danner was a woman filled with light and hope. She wrote the truth that Black Lives Matter and she had mental illness. In our community, we must always show understanding, compassion, and love to our Brothers and Sisters who have mental illness. Deborah Danner never had a gun with her. We know that tons of alternatives could have been enacted to resolve the situation without her being killed. No psychiatrist, therapist, or other experts were called to the location to help her. She was not given immediate compassion. She was killed by one NYPD cop. We all feel sadness over her passing. We all are angered at the lax accountability of cops who unjustly kill our black people. This story shows how black people, who are especially poor, or have mental illness are very vulnerable to oppression. We are opposed to racial and class oppression. We desire justice for all. We realize that the solution isn't just about allowing people to have resources (which must be done). It is about transforming society as a whole, so people can live in a world free from discrimination, free from police terrorism, and free from oppression in general. Deborah's life will not be forgotten by us. She is not here physically, but her spirit motivates us to carry onward in the same journey for human liberation.
Rest in Power Sister Deborah Danner.

By Timothy

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