Monday, October 10, 2016

The Second Presidential debate

I have watched the 2nd Debate.

The Second Presidential debate is over. Both of the candidates expressed their views. Trump used many habitual lying. First, Trump called his sexist 2005 as just “locker room” humor. His words were not locker room humor. His remarks advocated sexual assault and his faux apology was a political move and was not filled with contrition. This is the first time in history where a Presidential candidate Donald Trump admitted on videotape of his intentions of committing sexual assault against a woman. Trump is deplorable. He denied that he committed sexual assault in the debate, when at least one woman said that he committed sexual harassment against her. Trump lied about ISIS. ISIS is declining in Iraq and Kurdish plus other Arabic forces have defeated ISIS in many areas of Iraq. Raqqa and Mosul soon could be gone of ISIS. Trump wants to get rid of ACA and ACA has driven the uninsured rate below 10 percent for the first time ever.

The ACA is not perfect, so it needs to be changed to be better not totally repealed which will cause millions of people to lose health care. Donald Trump talks about black people. I am black and he doesn’t advocate an end to stop and frisk an end to police brutality, an investment in rebuilding communities, an end to the War on Drugs (with an alternative) and the growth of public resources that black people desire. Hillary Clinton was calmer in the debate and Trump was desperate for attention. He contradicted himself in many of times. He said that he wants Hillary Clinton to be jail (which is authoritarian). Trump talked about the errors of Bill; Clinton (which have no justification), but he doesn't admit responsibility for his mistakes as a man. That tells me that Donald Trump is rude and he's not a real man. Trump spoke more than Hillary Clinton.

Trump didn’t apologize for his other outrageous statements too (like believing in the lie that the Central Park Five are guilty) and he wants bans on refugees to come into America when no Syrian refugee committed a massive terror attack on American soil. We shouldn't have a religious test in America. The terrorist who killed innocent black people in a Charleston Church wasn't a Muslim. Many massacres in Americas were never committed by Muslims or by a refugee.

Also, the Iranian nuclear deal prevented war in Iran and it’s a very strong deal with enforcement mechanisms in place. Donald Trump was angry. Trump has offended black people, Hispanic people, Muslims, POWs, and other human beings throughout the debate and in his campaign. Trump said that America is one of the highest taxed nations on Earth, which isn’t true. Denmark, Belgium, and France are taxed more than America is. He also said that the black poverty rate is 45%, which is false. Trump refused to pay federal income taxes as he admitted. Trump also refuse to support the estate tax or even the Buffet rule (or a tax on Wall Street transactions). Hillary Clinton clearly won the debate. Trump has not a great grasp of foreign policy matters like needing collaborations with Muslim leaders in the world in order to make the world better in the midst of terrorism and extremism.
Trump deflected issues and interrupted in the debate. One of the abhorrent words of the debate is how Trump supported Scalia and he wanted new Supreme Court Justices in the mold of Scalia. Scalia made racist comments, gutted part of the Voting Rights Act, voted against human rights, and is adamantly opposed to progressive freedoms. Scalia voted for Citizens United which expanded corporate exploitation of political elections. Trump filed for bankruptcy, supported the corrupt Donald Trump University, and he allowed many jobs to end. He talks about China in a xenophobic way (forgetting that many Chinese workers like American workers want justice), but worked with China for years. Therefore, Trump is clear on his views. I can never vote for him.

I believe in justice forever.

By Timothy

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