Friday, October 07, 2016

Friday News about Afro-Brazilians, etc.

There are Afro-Brazilian human beings who are fighting for real change in the world. In Brazil, there is a strong black culture. For long centuries, Afro-Brazilians have been social activists, political leaders, scientists, and other heroes. Many black people in Brazil are standing up for their human rights as racism is an evil, global phenomenon. I read about the 2015 Afro Hair Pride March where black Brazilians celebrated their black hair and black culture. It took place in Sao Paulo. It was called Marcha do Orgulho Crespo. In that rally, tons of black women showed their hair and their voices to oppose injustice and desiring black liberation. One Sister there was Professor Maria do Carmo who supported the rally not only to promote black hair. She wanted to advance the self-esteem and the great contributions that black people have made in Brazilian society too. We also see black people developing a lot of culture in the city of São Gonçalo. We believe in the concept of identidade negra (black identity). Brazil has a long history of Afro-Brazilians standing up for justice. There was the Quilombo movement where Zumbi dos Palmares was a black hero of Brazil. Benedita da Silva is also a current civil rights leader and Afro-Brazilian Sister too. Raissa Santana represents new history for Afro-Brazilians. She is humble and beautiful inside and out. Raissa has also spoken about inspiring young black girls and young black women to pursue their own dreams and aspirations. That is key, because when Sisters win, we all win. I wish the absolute best for Sister Raissa Santana and the rest of the Afro-Brazilian community.

Birds of a feather do flock together. Steve Harvey downplayed Paula Deen's racist comments and said in public that he doesn't care about slavery. So, I'm not shocked that Nate Parker is on his show. Parker wants to blame the media, blame his critics, and blame other things, but he won't blame himself for refusing to stop the sexual abuse of a woman. Many journalists certainly do care. Some journalists don't care about a revisionist film that shows events that have nothing to do with the history of Nat Turner. Steve and Nate forgot about the First Amendment which states that people have the right to the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. That means that journalists can issue critiques and promote real inspiration for change. Part of that speech is not looking at certain films. I didn't know that about Steve (about his recent police/community get together). That certainly isn't shocking. For decades, black people have complied with police officer commands and still get shot and murdered. One example is that Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were murdered in cold blood. Another example is that the police used a bomb on innocent men, women, and children in Philadelphia during the MOVE movement in 1985. In Selma of 1965, crooked cops used horses, gas, and clubs to assault and harm innocent mostly black protesters. Therefore, we are not naive and cop terrorists must have justice. Crooked cops are terrorists and they deserve justice. Harvey is something else. We have always been taught by our parents about the police, but the deal is that police corruption persists and no solution will come unless evil cops are punished.

Sister India Arie is 41 years old. She is an amazingly talented black woman. India Arie is a songwriter, a producer, an actress, and a human being show loves people. She loves to perform and to inspire people that life is beautiful (and that our souls can be enriched with love, music, and human compassion). She was born in Denver, Colorado and Denver has a long history of cultural strength. She has made many accomplishments and her love of music definitely remains. "The Truth" is one of her greatest songs, because the message is eternal (which is that Black Love is Beautiful). One of her gifts is to outline lyrics in an introspective direction while making the clear point that we are resilient and powerful as human beings. Our ancestors suffered the most horrific injustices in human history, but we still rise. We are not only surrounded by history. We are history makers. :) She represents the beauty of our people. She represents the hope that we cherish as human beings and she will make even more accomplishments as a beautiful, brilliant, and powerful black woman. India Arie promotes freedom, cultural enrichment, and liberation. We honor her as we honor a relative or a friend. We love her performances and we all love what she represents.
Bless Sister India Arie

Sometimes, the simplest of events can remind of the joy and happiness that we experience in life. Every time that I listen to music that I enjoy, I do feel a energetic charge of creativity in my mind and soul. Music is powerful and it is like an international language that people globally can contemplate, dance to, and vibe with. I listened to some of the new music from Solange and it is beautiful, creative, and just has a soulful vibe. For years, Solange has made classic artistry. Other artists I enjoy listening to are very numerous from Arrested Development to Lauryn Hill. Also, it is important to honor our friends too. Guidance, advice, and inspirational are qualities of great friends. I am appreciative of the friends in my life (from people I recently know to friends that I have known since early childhood). You know who you are. I do wish for consciousness to grow in our world. With recent events, a grown adult (with access to technology) should especially know what time it is. Likewise, regardless of our nationality or socioeconomic status, we are certainly born equal and are entitled to human rights and justice just like anyone else. So, I do encourage people to fight for the Dream and keep on living your life. I love my black heritage as Black is Beautiful. I love Africa as Africa is Beautiful too. It hasn't been a crystal stair for us, but we want the victory. We cherish truth and we won't quit. Our thoughts are focused on helping others and building in our communities.

In the midst of oppression, Sister Michelle Alexander has been one shining light to make it plain that the problems in the prison industrial complex are real. She is a person who not only is a great author and scholar (with her magnificent prose). She is a progressive, independent thinker who outright opposes police terrorism and the injustices found in the criminal system. For years, she has spoken to the victims of the New Jim Crow. She knows the stories of so many of our Brothers and our Sisters who are deprived of voting rights, economic rights, and other human rights after they paid their debts to society. She has spoken the truth that both the Republicans and the Democrats are complicit in the expansion of the New Jim Crow and the lackadaisical approach that some have done towards police terrorism (she has written about how some cops use civil forfeiture for evil ends). Michelle Alexander is a woman on a mission for justice and we honor her mission. She passionately believes in racial and gender justice 100%. We are in total solidarity with her cause and we love the quintessential point that justice for all is a honorable goal to pursue. She is 48 years old and her wisdom is sagacious and we wish even more blessings for her. Many of us (of the black African Diaspora) long to visit Africa. For years, many African Americans have lived and worked in Africa like Maya Angelou, WEB DuBois, and others. Once again, Serena Williams has eloquently shown only her love of Africa, but her respect for our black ancestors. I love Africa with all of my heart, soul, and spirit. It the land of our ancestors and our black ancestors experienced unspeakable injustices. We owe it to our ancestors to stand up for black liberation. I do believe that any black people, who desires to and has the opportunity to do so, should visit Africa. As Sister Serena Williams has mentioned, in order for us to make a better future as one community, we have to understand our historical past. Our past is filled with triumphs, with inventors, and with trailblazers too among many black people. We make history everyday too. African heroes exist from Patrice Lumumba to Steve Biko and Lilian Ngoyi. Subsequently, we are inspired to fight for freedom and we are permanently in solidarity with our African Brothers and Sisters. Our Blackness is always glorious and beautiful. Yes, we rise.
Bless the Motherland of Africa.

By Timothy

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