Friday, October 14, 2016

Standing up for our Convictions.

Yesterday, First Lady Michelle Obama gave an important, eloquent, and inspirational speech. Her words ring true and they outline the point that disrespect and callous misogyny has no place in any society. Any man and any woman should be respected as human beings and when the rights of one woman is violated, then all of our rights are violated. Donald Trump has called women obscene names, is a xenophobic person, and made perverted comments about other people. Trump shouldn't be in the Presidency. Strong people don't need to put down women, curse people out viciously, and scapegoat people based upon nationality. Strong people uplift humanity, stand up for the oppressed, and express genuine care and concern for humanity. We know that the fight for justice will not be easy. Yet, we are united in the same goal. We desire investments in education, living wages, and adequate housing for human beings (including the poor and homeless). We want the expansion of health care and we desire true tolerance in society. Trump's tape reveals his advocacy of sexual abuse and there are new allegations of Trump assaulting women sexually too. First Lady Michelle Obama wants to inspire boys and girls to see that decorum is important to advance and that women must have their autonomy respected. Also, it is important to confront social injustices too. Some folks want self-determination (and that's great), but we also need to fight evil. No good can flourish unless evil is confronted and defeated. Therefore, I certainly honor Michelle Obama's courage, strength, and real determination to speak truth to power.

What more proof do the skeptics need of the overt perverted, narcissistic, and obscene character of the male (not man) Donald Trump. Since day one, we have exposed Trump's nonsensical views, his anti-women rhetoric, and his bigotry. Trump's words to a 10 year girl were inappropriate period. He supports torture. He allows a radio host to disrespect his wife without him correcting that radio host. He said that perverted comment about his own daughter. Trump is not only a person with evil views, but his supporters (many of his supporters are outright racists, misogynists, and bigots) ignore his abhorrent agenda of promoting nations to have nuclear weapons and respecting someone like Scalia. Donald Trump is a person on tape saying that he desires sexual abuse against women. That is totally reprehensible. I will never vote for scoundrel like Trump. First Lady Michelle Obama recently gave a powerful, eloquent, inspiring speech that refuted Trump's evil agenda. Many of the far right Republicans who talk about family values and morality support Trump when Trump makes anti-women and other anti-human remarks. That exposes these far right Republicans as total hypocrites. Women are human beings and they ought to be respected of their intelligence and their human autonomy. We live in a crossroads in our time. We want society to move forward not regress to a time where women have been denied of voting rights and other rights. Being strong has nothing to do with tearing down women or being xenophobic. Being strong has nothing to do with promoting evil bigotry and instilling scapegoating against innocent people. Being strong relates to helping the defending the oppressed. It has to do with with seeing our human value as sacrosanct and continuing on the work to make society better than the past and the present. That strength takes sacrifice, determination, tolerance, and a sincere, genuine spirit of hope and cooperation. Our ancestors labored in that same spirit and we live today to promote the general welfare and defend the truth in an unshakable, firm fashion. We disagree with Trump and we want justice.

Some sad news is that Brother Thomas Mikal Ford has passed away today. I was shocked at the news. He was only 52 years old, which is not very old. Like always, we send prayers and condolences to his family and friends. One of the special gifts of this man was his humbleness, humor, and strength. He was born in Yonkers, New York. He played in so many movies and TV shows like in A Different World, the Parkers, and NY Undercover. He was very famous for playing Tommy on the Martin show. On that show, he said jokes and he worked in that show as a family. Every member of that show (like Martin Lawrence, who supported his wedding as groomsman in real life) viewed him as a Brother and a friend. On that show, he played a character where people questioned whether he had a job or not. Yet, in real life, he had a job while on this Earth. His job was to bring joy in the lives of people, to love his family, and to execute the vision that he focused on as a black man. He was a motivational speaker and he graciously loved his 2 children a lot. Today, he is passed away in Atlanta by an aneurysm. He is not here physically, but his legacy lives on. Today, we mourn his passing, but we honor his life by respecting the power of humanity that resided in his soul.
Rest in Power Brother Thomas Mikal Ford.

We all congratulate her on a great album. Solange has shown soul, consciousness, and truth in her album. Her album is an unapologetic celebration of blackness, a love of black womanhood, and it describes the pristine promotion of self care (as the world can be cruel at times and loving one's inner being is very important in the duration of our lives. People who have depression or feel extreme hurt deserve help, compassion, and love). Her song making process definitely outlines a creative genius who loves the creativity and artistry of musical expression. Many people already know about her incredible talent (her True EP is magnificent too) and new fans are growing as a product of listening to her splendid album. Her album is one of the greatest albums of this decade without question. The crispness of her voice and her relevant, uplifting messages will inspire more people to embrace their individuality and their human dignity in a higher level. I know that she is overjoyed with happiness and appreciation with the support of her fans, because she cherishes her fans. She has stood by us and we stand by her as a gracious woman who desires freedom for our black people. We love her honesty, her fearlessness, and her strong spirit as she is a wise black woman.

There are many points to be made. I'm glad that 21 girls have been released in Nigeria, but we know that there is much more that must be done. Nigeria has the highest number of black people on Earth in any nation. It has a long, inspirational history. Boko Haram is a terrorist organization that mixes theocratic extremism and terrorism as a means for them to enact rampage, violence, kidnapping, abuse, and murder against innocent human beings. Therefore, Boko Haram deserves to be bought to justice for their disturbing crimes against humanity. We want all of the kidnapped human beings to bought home. Also, we desire more harmony among Nigerians who are Christians, Muslims, animists, atheists, etc. Regardless of our beliefs and creeds , we all deserve equal protection, human rights, and freedom. Unspeakable anguish that these young girls have experienced are heartbreaking and oppression ought to never be tolerated period. After World War II, many African nations gained independence (in opposition to the evils of colonialism and imperialism) on a higher level like Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa. To make the goal of independence complete in the Motherland of Africa, theocratic terrorists must be bought to justice and human rights must be preserved for all of the inhabitants of Africa 100%.

By Timothy

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