Wednesday, October 05, 2016

The Vice Presidential Debate

The debate was interesting. Both Kaine and Pence eloquently shown their views. I view the debate as if you love Trump, you love Pence. If you love Hillary, you love Kaine. The moderator asked many questions that were important and comprehensive. The debate dealt with social issues, foreign policy matters, and economic issues. The debate was very close. Yet, Pence gave disrespectful answers on race and policing. He actually defended stop and frisk and denied that the police institution has institutional racism and implicit bias. The DOJ has explicitly mentioned that the Ferguson police department used racism and economic exploitation against black people. It is known fact that black people and other people of color are sentenced higher than white people in criminal cases even if they are all convicted of the same crime. Black people have given story after story of accounts of racism, discrimination, and police brutality. Pence's omission of that speaks volumes to his attitude. Pence obsessed with trickled down economics when spending and investment grew the economy during the 1960's. One example is how the Great Society programs reduced the poverty rate in half from 1960 to 1970. The New Deal programs and other investments grew the economy and decreased the unemployment rate during the 1940's. Both men have shown passion and eloquence in their words. On foreign policy, both candidates were militaristic. They each agreed with the escalation of military intervention in Syria. The reason is that Hillary Clinton is a militarist and Donald Trump is also a militarist. They disagreed on how to execute various forms of militarism. Pence doesn't want any refugees to come into America from Syria when he knows full well that Syrian refugees are collectively not terrorists. I heard of the moderator Elaine Quijano for years. I think that there were many interruptions throughout the debate. Kaine at times was aggressive (he interrupted too) and at other times Pence was aggressive. Kaine and Pence were more respectful than the Presidential debate, but each men had contentious moments. Pence attacked Kaine on emails, the Clinton Foundation, and other issues. Kaine attacked Pence on women's issues, Trump's bigotry, and views on immigrants. Trump is clear that he wants to deport tons of undocumented immigrants, which is wrong. Pence is wrong to ignore the reality of systematic racism. Pence is wrong to deny the many extremist and bigoted statements. Trump wanted nuclear weapons in various nations. Pence blatantly denied the bigoted words that Trump actually said. Pence ignored the extremism of Trump and Pence acted calm at time. Kaine wanted to defend Hillary. So, the debate was Pence defended establishment conservatives while Kaine defended establishment liberals. Pence was more slick to defend the indefensible. Just because someone is slick, doesn't mean that the person is correct. Kaine was aggressive.

As the first Lady Michelle Obama has said, when they go low, we go high. First, I am glad that the teacher was fired. Jane Wood Allen is a racist and a disgrace. She is the white woman that shown lies, hatred, and bigotry. Many Trump supporters have the same views as Jane Wood Allen (who has obvious jealousy of a beautiful black woman) too. Allen has no business being in the classroom, because of her racist views can harm children emotionally and educationally. This is why we desire any teacher to not embrace racism and bigotry. We want children to be safe and told the truth that Black is Beautiful. These racists don't believe in cordial behavior. They just show their demonic, savage views in social media, in private, and in public. First Lady Michelle Obama is not only a beautiful black woman. She is extremely intelligent and been active to promote fitness, education, and human rights in America plus throughout the world. First Lady Michelle Obama has shown grace, eloquence, and love for humanity. Also, Allen talks about America, but her ancestors weren't originally from America. Her ancestors are from Europe. We know that America existed in the midst of slavery, genocide, and land theft on a huge scale. Like always, we want justice to exist for all inhabitants of the world. Racism is deplorable and evil. We will defend black people period.

This is a story that people should definitely read. It is a story of pain and triumph. It is a story about awareness about the seriousness of diseases and the importance of altruism. Mia Wright experienced a life filled with tragedies (like abuse, a cheating ex-husband, and experiencing ovarian cancer 3 times), but she overcame a lot of challenges with pristine determination, strength, and faith. That is why we shouldn't lose our faith in the power of the resiliency of the human spirit. Not to mention that Mia Wright's experience makes home the very important point that investments in medicine and fighting diseases is important. Billions of dollars must continuously be invested in fighting ovarian cancer and other illnesses. I certainly support her non profit organization and we all wish more blessings in her life. Angela Davis has the right to vote for who she wants. One thing about me is that I won't vote for Trump. We all have to vote our conscience. We all know about Trump's hypocrisies, sexism, and bigotry. One of Hillary's weaknesses is her advocacy of overt militarism and ties to Wall Street banking interests. For decades, Angela Davis has stood up against the prison industrial complex, against red baiting (which is shown by not only some whites, but by some far right black people too), sexism, and racism. People have the right to agree or disagree with her, but no one can minimize her contributions to the black liberation struggle. Likewise, independent politics is the political goal that I endorse. I don't believe in unconditionally supporting Republicans or Democrats.

Recently, Laila Ali gave a response to the criticism that she has received about her recent Huffington Post interview. I listened to her original interview, I read an article, and I listened to her response on Youtube. Here are thoughts. First and foremost, we all send condolences to her about the passing of her heroic father Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali is a lover of truth and justice. Laila Ali made many contributions in society. Now, it is fair to outline what I agree with Laila Ali on and what I disagree with Laila Ali on second. First, I agree with her that it is important to make solutions internally in our black community. Self-determination is part of our cultural ethos and we love self determination. Also, she said in her response to the criticism that she loves black people and I believe her. She is a mother and a wife to a black family. Laila Ali has helped black people throughout her life, so of course she loves black people. I agree with her that we need to formulate strategies in solving these problems. I agree with her that we have the power to solve our own problems. Now, I disagree with her on some points. I don't agree with her on the over reliance on the "All Lives Matter" motif. All Lives Matter was not originally created to promote harmony among people of all colors. That was created by far right individuals as a backlash against Black Lives Matter. It or the All Lives Matter movement has promoted the myth that we live in a meritocracy in America and all people regardless of skin color are treated totally equitably in society. We know that to be a lie. I disagree with her with her refusal to post explicitly pro-black content in her Facebook page. She claims that such posts will be divisive in her mind. Being pro-Black (and showing pro-Black messages in Facebook) is never divisive to those who love realness. It has nothing to do with alienating others in a racist way.

It is honorable and it is sacrosanct since being pro-Black is being pro-human (as black people are the first humans on Earth). When other ethnic groups have their museums and show their cultural contributions, they are not criticized. Therefore, I have the right to show pro-black content in the Internet if I desire (and I will). We are not born here to worship whiteness. We have the right to expose white racism and white fragility. We are here to stand up for truth and love blackness. If some people abhor any pro-black messages shown by a celebrity, then those people are not real fans of that celebrity to begin with. Unapologetic blackness means that we show our blackness period whether folks like it or not. Some of her comments relate to borderline respectability politics, which I don't agree with since many of our people have been killed unjustly when they wore suits or ties, followed directions, and even if they speak language eloquently. So, that respectability politics stuff doesn't work. I disagree with her about fearing losing endorsement deals for the sake of not stepping on toes. We should show the truth regardless. Also, speaking out has made a difference throughout human history. Also, we need to not only make internal changes in our communities. We need to confront police terrorists and promote social activism. I won't mince my words in describing cop terrorists. We should show the truth in season and out of season. That means even if corporate sponsors hate cop terrorists being exposed, we ought to unapologetically expose evil regardless. Racism, classism, xenophobia, capitalist exploitation, sexism, and all injustices must be exposed and opposed. They or crooked cops are terrorists and they should experience justice by any means necessary. We, as black people, should never feel shame in showing our Blackness or using strong language to stand up for our liberation. That's real talk. We want black liberation. There is no oneness without fighting evil. I understand how she wanted to defend herself since I knew by intuition that she would make a statement. Even though, I disagree with Laila Ali on some issues, I don't view her as a sellout or a traitor. Therefore, Laila Ali's interview is very interesting and we certainly need more discussion and action relating to these important issues. With that being said, I end with:

#Black Lives Matters

By Timothy

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