Friday, January 13, 2017

Acknowledging Heroes

I hope that the protesting students (at  Terry Parker High School in Jacksonville, Florida) are successful. African American history is part of our history as black people. People like Harriet Tubman, Fred Hampton, Dr. King, Frederick Douglas, Richard Allen, Sojourner Truth inspired the world with their sagacious wisdom, their wit, and their honorable actions. Actions cause solutions. Many people want to believe in the myth that non-activity and reactionary isolation cause change. They don't. Change comes by struggling against injustice. Change comes by strategy, planning, and conflict against the status quo as history teaches all of us. People make changes and real solutions are antithetical to the status quo. Therefore, the students are enacting the same deeds that their ancestors have done in creating necessary change. Many people who cruelly lecture black people on personal responsibility refuse to promote the basic responsibility of the society to provide black people the truth about our history succinctly. So, I believe that the high school should provide African American history as a full year course. In many colleges (especially in HBCUs), African American history is used in a full year course too. Back in the day, people (including Black Panthers) had to fight to just include Black Studies in colleges nationwide. Many of the same reactionaries (including Hoteps of the ankh-right. The alt right and the ankh right are very similar ideologically) today omit the need to care for the environment, to care for the rights of women, and to care for the international liberation of black people of African descent. Anyone should honor the greatness of black history and Black is Beautiful. Today, I wish the best for the students in their heroic proclamation for real change.

This election is the most bizarre election in my lifetime. Donald is one of the most bizarre people that I have heard of in my life. If those allegations are true, then it further shows his evil character. If he is an adulterer, then that again outlines his lack of integrity. Right now, the allegations are unsubstantiated. He or Trump already has a lack of integrity by mocking a disabled person, disrespecting women, calling for the death penalty of black innocent men, and for his other repugnant actions. Donald Trump has denied all allegations. Putin is a right wing nationalist. Russia isn't the equivalent of Nazi Germany, but there should be an independent, non-partisan investigation in deciphering the total truth about this hacking scandal. He has no mandate to do what he wants since the majority of voters never voted for him. Like always, Trump's agenda is an agenda that I oppose. Certainly, we are inspired to fight for our rights. I do agree with the President Barack Obama honoring his wife and his children as they have supported him a great deal in his life. Also, we realize that we have a long way to go in our fight for justice. We see income inequality, war mongering, poverty, police brutality, Gitmo, torture globally, etc. That is why we should always continue to not only speak up for freedom, but to go into our communities to do the work in improving our world. Fight for what is right too. Change only comes by struggle as history attests. Going against the status quo is part of our human experience and we believe in justice, equality, and dignity. Also, next Monday is a great Holiday about a man who sacrificed so much for us all. He had a Dream and we are not in the Promised Land as he predicted, but we work ceaselessly in order for us to live in the land of true justice in the future.

Yesterday was the Birthday of Sister Issa Rae. She is 32 years old. Issa Rae is a genius, a great actress, and an excellent philanthropist. So much talent resists in her consciousness and in her spirit. She was born in Los Angeles, California. Her relatives are from Senegal, Africa. She graduated from Stanford University with a degree in African American studies. She is a director, writer, and producer. He famous show on HBO is called Insecure which describes the lives of young black human beings in America (and their complex relationships, challenges, joys, and experiences). She has raised thousands of dollars for the children of Alton Sterling. She wants more black people to work behind the scenes in showing accurate, powerful images in our world. I agree with her. Issa Rae has a glorious wisdom that teaches people about not only love for our people, but understand our diversity. Blackness is diverse. There are black authors, rock climbers, swimmers, professors, judges, stunt people, etc. That diversity is indicative of our beauty and our strength. She is a living legend and a great black woman. I wish Sister Issa Rae a further magnificent career.

Yesterday was the birthday of the late, great Brother Joe Frazier. He passed away in November 7, 2011, but his legacy lives on forever. He was not just a great heavyweight boxer. He was a hardworking man who cared for his family and he has shown great compassion to his children. He is known for his strength, durability, and great punching power. He was born in 1944 in Beaufort, South Carolina. He moved into Philadelphia by 1959. He won Golden Gloves championships in the early 1960’s. He won a gold medal in the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo as a Heavyweight boxer. He became a professional fighter in 1965. He won the heavyweight title later by 1970. Muhammad Ali came back into boxing in 1970. Immediately, Muhammad Ali (who is a great fighter himself) faced Joe Frazier after Ali defeated a few opponents. Frazier’s fight in NYC at Madison Square Garden in 1971 was the fight of the century. Frazier defeated Ali and he was the first man to defeat Muhammad Ali in the ring. Joe Frazier continued to fight and won many matches. He worked in music. He wrote his own autobiography in the 1990’s. His daughter Jackie Frazier Lyde is an attorney practicing law and she was elected a Municipal Court Judge in 2008. She boxed before too. Joe Frazier had great humbleness and he was a man who was a legend.
Rest in Power Brother Joe Frazier.

The murderer took the lives of nine innocent, hard working human beings. That murderer is sentenced. Now, it is certainly time to acknowledge the great contributions of the nine victims. Their names are Cynthia Marie Graham Hurd, Susie Jackson, Ethel Lee Lance, Depayne Middleton-Doctor, Clementa C. Pinckney, Tywanza Sanders, Daniel Simmons, Sharaonda Coleman-Singleton, and Myra Thompson. These human beings worked in the church, some worked in education, one man was a great, progressive politician, and each one of these people loved to work in their communities too. They are worthy of praise for their glorious accomplishments and they were victims of the actions of a barbarian. We remember their lives to remind us about not only how life is precious, but about how far that we have to go in our society. We are adamantly opposed to racism and murder. We believe in ideals of justice, dignity, and human liberation, because those ideals represent the best of ourselves. They describe the touchstone of how a real society ought to function prodigiously.
Rest in Power to the Charleston Nine.

By Timothy

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