Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Living in the 21st Century World.

This information is for people from the 757 and for people everywhere. I'm from the 757 in Virginia. Evelyn Butts was a heroic civil rights leader. She was born in Norfolk, Virginia. She fought to defeat the bigoted poll tax back in the 1960's. She worked in favor for civil rights throughout her life. Rest in Power Sister Evelyn Butts. Honor is not going along with the status quo. Honor is standing on your principles to advance right even when it isn't popular to do so. Some of the greatest acts to do is to act courageous even when the opposition is immense. Therefore, the work continues and we work towards existing in Freedomland. Therefore, we should use hope and we should execute the necessary actions to get things done. Black people have every right to fight for jobs, education, health care, and a great environment too (as the Flint disaster refutes neoliberalism and refutes ignoring environmental issues once and for all). Also, it is important to acknowledge the black people doing the great work to help humanity. There are many unsung black heroes who are engaged and are making a difference in the world. Nina Simone was a singer, she supported black liberation, and she was the living refutation of colorism. Her vision for freedom, her exquisite music, and her ideologies are eternally cherished by us. Days ago was the Birthday of Sister Susan Taylor. She is now 71 years old. For decades, she displayed magnificence in journalism. She was born in Harlem, NYC. Her parents are of Afro-Trinidadian and St. Kitts heritage. In 1994, American Libraries referred to Taylor as "the most influential black woman in journalism today." She worked in Essence at its start back in 1970. Back then, it was revolutionary and ahead of its time for a major magazine to show accurate images specifically for black women like Essence. She was the editor of Essence from 1981 to 2000. Essence is known to show the beauty, the strength, and the intellectual power of black women. Susan Taylor has won many awards dealing in journalism and in other avenues of life. She has inspired others globally and her contributions are inescapable and monumental. I wish the Sister a magnificent Birthday.

Before mentioning about Chrisette Michelle, I will make the following points. There is a notorious pastime by extremists who blame black people collectively for all forms of oppression against black people. These extremists forget that respectability politics doesn’t work and that the War on Drugs, the mass incarceration state, and economic oppression didn’t originate from black people in America. Black people should be honored and not patronized. Black people are sick and tired of being shamed and disrespected by people because most of us don’t agree with Trump’s agenda. We have the free speech right to dissent. It is the notorious lie (as shown by some) in claiming that black people believe that racism started with Trump or that everything was perfect under Obama or Clinton. This lie has been used by white racists and by some black people (who care more for capitalism than black liberation) as an excuse for them to malign the black community in an inappropriate way. Donald Trump has supported theocrats, extremists, far right bigots, and known liars. Trump is a liar by claiming that undocumented workers in the millions cost him the popular vote. Right now, we see the Senate confirm Mike Pompeo as the new CIA Director. He once supported waterboarding and now he claims to be against it. He supports a more extensive NSA spying capability. James Mittis is the new head of the Department of Defense. Mattis is a known led the U.S. assault on Fallujah in 2004, which caused war crimes.

It is truly delusional to believe that war mongers and those who love extremism represent all of views of Americans. Many of the white bigots and Hoteps (since to me, they are allies. Both don’t care about black people. If the Hoteps did, they would advocate for pan-African unity, an end to capitalist exploitation, and workers’ rights) love Trump. Some Hoteps (who include sick sexists) give a pass on Trump when he is an overt advocate for the agenda of white supremacy. These Hoteps (who believe that human rights should be given to a restricted few of black people, which isn't pro-black) and white far right extemists give excuses for Trump (who wants the Keystone Pipeline) while ignoring the necessity for environmental justice and health care given universally to all. As for Chrisette Michele, I don’t agree with her in her actions, but I don’t hate her. I don’t believe in calling her out of her name. I disagree with her, because we don’t need to entertain a male who joked about sexual assault, who uses vulgarity constantly, and who still wants the death penalty for the Central Park Five. Trump is unashamed of his advocacy of xenophobic nationalism, reactionary law and order, militarism, and Supreme Court Justices whose views are like Scalia. That is reality and I oppose Trump’s agenda 100 percent. We can express our voices and speak truth to power in a diversity of ways. We will dissent and resist injustice by organizing, fighting for our rights (like voting rights, economic rights, civil rights, civil liberties, etc.), and developing strategies to build in our black communities. We survived slavery, Bush, Nixon, Reagan, etc. We will survive the deceptive demagogue Trump.

The common myth (by many whites and even by some black people) is that black people collectively hates anyone in the black community who shows a different opinion on a political issue. That's a lie since many black people do respect black people describing a multiple amount of opinions on issues. The deal is that I disagree with some black people spewing anti-black rhetoric or condemning Black History Month. Stacey Dash has done more than show divergent views on issues. She wants Black History Month to be abolished. She wants shows that are geared to black Americans to be abolished. She compared awards shows (which praises Black Excellence) to segregation. Those are not only wrongheaded ideologies. Those inflammatory views should rightfully be condemned as Blackness has the right to be loved and expressed unapologetically. Now, FOX News makes no bones on its regressive coverage. Many of their political pundits are overt Trump supporters lacking in objectively and progressive analysis on issues. Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity (who constantly advance the myth of "black on black" crime as crime is crime regardless of skin color, but they ignore the epidemic of white racism & Western imperial crimes) ally with Trump's views too. FOX News firing Stacey Dash is another piece of evidence showing how corporate media entities want their bottom line, which is money and even reactionary pundits can be fired too. Stacey Dash has shown her face of being allied with Trump. I have the right to disagree with Trump. The same far right extremists who desires us to give Trump a chance condemn people who have the free speech right to peacefully disagree with the policies of Trump. People, who disagree with Trump, have been assaulted, slandered, threatened, and harassed by Internet trolls constantly. That's real. I am opposed to police terrorism, racism, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and any injustice. We are continuously in this fight for liberation and we won't quit. We don't want the abnegation of truth. We want the dream to be fulfilled for our posterity forevermore.

Donald Trump is a pro-corporate extremist. His recent executive orders show his extremism that depicts his xenophobic nationalism. He wants U.S. government agencies to continue with the construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. Native Americans tribes and environmentalists oppose his plan. Thousands of protesters have been in North Dakota to prevent this pipeline from being constructed. This proposed 1,200 mile long pipeline will bring oil from the Bakken fields to the refineries in the Midwest and the South.  The pipeline’s final link would cross the Missouri River just north of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, threatening its water supply and tearing up land deemed sacred in tribal culture. Armed security guards (hired by the Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners as well as North Dakota state troopers plus local sheriffs) assaulted protesters. The Obama administration wanted a review of the project by the Army Corp of Engineers, so he postponed the final confrontation until Trump took office. The Trump administration had business and political ties to the DAPL. The nominee for secretary of energy, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, was on the board of Energy Transfer Partners, while Trump himself owned stock in the company. One of his biggest financial backers during the campaign was Harold Hamm, CEO of Continental Energy, expected to be one of the largest users of the pipeline. Construction of the pipeline once ended in late 2015 because of opposition by Native American groups and environmentalists. There is polluted tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada that will flow in America if the pipeline is built.   The pipeline decrees were only two of the five executive orders issued by the White House Tuesday, all aimed at furthering Trump’s efforts to eliminate environmental and safety regulations and boost the profits of American corporations. Two more orders required expedited permitting and environmental reviews of infrastructure projects designated as significant by the Trump administration. Protectors will continue to block the construction. Also, his policies on the environment are further evil.  The Federal Register posted notes Tuesday from federal agencies withdrawing 23 separate regulations. These included a new rule by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) limiting mercury discharges by dental offices, energy efficiency standards for federal buildings, and poverty guidelines from the Department of Health and Human Services. The Trump administration has imposed a media gag on the EPA and barred its staff from awarding any new contracts. EPA employees have been barred from issuing press releases, updating the agency blogs or posting to the agency’s social media accounts. Trump has nominated to head the EPA the Oklahoma state attorney general, Scott Pruitt, who is currently engaged in 14 lawsuits against the EPA on behalf of Oklahoma-based polluters, mostly in the oil and gas industry. Trump wants to cut taxes of American corporations. He wants to build the wall in the border and he wants to ban people from coming into America from certain nations (even if those people are innocent and have done no crime). Therefore, Donald Trump is an overt fascist. He is not my President.

By Timothy

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