Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Important Information in Early January of 2017

There is no true liberation without the fair distribution of the wealth. The vast majority of the wealth on this Earth is controlled by the 1 percent. Since the oligarchs control most of the state, the power of the oligarchy must end in order for the power of economics and politics to be controlled by the masses of the people. Power to the people for real is a goal of mine. Everyone deserves a fair opportunity in life. The situation is that structures of oppression from economic oppression, racism, sexism, etc. exist. We should do our part to eliminate those structures of oppression in order for true freedom to flourish in the world. All human beings born on this Earth has intrinsic value and are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Likewise, no human is an island. In other words, all people, who have reached many accomplishments, have received help along the way. Therefore, we should create self-determination in our lives. There is nothing wrong with innovation and creativity. Building up our own institutions is fine with me. We are human beings and human beings are very resourceful and dynamic. There is nothing wrong with celebrating individual greatness. We are a great people. The deal is that in addition to that, we have to help the poor and the homeless. There is no liberation without the poor and the homeless getting the resources for them to develop their own sense of freedom and happiness. In essence, we have the right to condemn injustice and call out the mistakes of America.  There is no freedom without workers having living wages, health care, and other parts of the general welfare that people fought for. Also, we have to do deal with the environment. The Flint disaster taught all of us that environmental issues should never be placed into the back burner. Individual achievement alone is not what we desire. We desire the masses of our people in our community to grow and develop. We live in a class struggle and record income inequality must be combated. Also, I will continue to show the truth that Black is Beautiful.

We see black women winning gold medals, developing enterprises, working in STEM fields to help humanity, and achieving other magnanimous accomplishments. Yet, we have a cowardly male Wes Wilcox saying offensive words about black women. There are no excuses for what he did and we live in an era of time where misogynoir is an epidemic unfortunately worldwide. Another point should be reiterated. Any black woman has the right to express her emotions and express herself as a human being. Anyone has the right to be happy, sad, joyful, angry, cheerful, and outline the diversity of the human experience. The most kindest people that I have encountered in real life have been black women. Black women, from the dawn of human history to the present day, have shown compassion, strength, and courage, which in essence represents the beauty of Blackness.
When one black woman is attacked, it is an attack on all of us as black people. Therefore, his comments disrespect Wes' wife and his children. Not to mention that he's a GM and his decisions can harm employment opportunities for black people including black women. White racism is disgraceful and evil. Atlanta has tons of black people and Wes is ridiculous and wrong to slander Sisters. This is the 21st century and his reprehensible comments should never be tolerated.

Also, it is important to stand up for black liberation too. Many folks believe in the lie that showing pro-black messages and standing up for freedom for black people is about advancing racism. That's a lie, because the love of Blackness is about loving the truth and loving the heritage plus legacy of our ancestors. So, I am unapologetic about my Blackness. I will continue to show pro-black messages for years and decades into the future. I have listened to the speech from President Barack Obama. It was very comprehensive and inspirational. One of the greatest parts of his speech was about inspiring activism. If we don't like something in society, we have every right to go in the street and engage in political activism. One example is about how communities have engaged in recycling programs, mentorships, educational workshops, anti-violence initiatives, and other methods to help people. We must embrace science and facts too. The credo of helping the sick, the elderly, minorities, and other human beings is sacrosanct. The President wants a culture of civility in our land and solidarity. In other words, we have much more power united than divided endlessly. We believe in defending democracy. Democracy is the heartbeat of any progressive society and we believe in protecting our human rights. We have many rivers to cross before we reach the Promised Land, but we are willing to travel in those rivers in order for us to reach the same destination. Still,
We rise.

Sister Cynthia Erivo is a very talented human being who shows how glorious and grand art is. She shows her art in theater and her wisdom and passion for greatness are truly wonderful. We all wish her more success in her life. I watched the whole documentary of African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross. It certainly enlightened me on many aspects of African American history. For over 500 years, we have lived in American soil and we have experienced oppression and triumphs. We have been through a lot of pain and much joy. From the shores of Africa to the White House, we have made contributions in world history. The word of Paul Robeson inspired opposition to imperialism. The courage of Ella Baker motivated the youth in social activism. The creativity of the Harlem Renaissance has blessed many writers and artists to this very day. A black man in the White House along with his gorgeous First Lady wife has shown the world that we are a transcendent people. Sister Mary Eliza Mahoney was a nurse, a great hero, and a civil rights activist. Dr. King, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hamer, and other heroes have shown us that courage, resistance against evil, and humanitarianism are key ways to make real change in the globe. Other peoples of the world are inspired by us (or black people). We have many blessings and we will always love not only human camaraderie, but we love our own Blackness too as Black is Beautiful. Right now, we live in a new era of time. We want justice for all and we know that the journey is not over, but we will continue to cross them rivers in order for us to achieve the Promised Land. We face old and new situations, but our commitment to human justice and freedom remains in our souls and spirits forever.

Yesterday was the Birthday of Brother George Foreman. He is now 68 years old. George Foreman is not only one of the greatest heavyweight boxers in history. He is a great man outside of the ring too. He was born in Marshall, Texas and he grew up in Houston, TX (in the Fifth Ward). He worked in the Job Corps and was active in boxing. He won a gold medal in the Summer Olympics in 1968 in Mexico City. This was a time of radical change in America. Many black athletes have shown the black power salute. He was a professional fighter in 1969. He knocked out opponents with ease. He knocked out Joe Frazier in 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica. George Foreman defeated Ken Norton. He faced Muhammad Ali in 1974 in Kinshasa, Zaire. Muhammad Ali recently defeated Norton and he wanted his title back. Many people thought that Foreman would brutally defeat Ali, but Ali has shown courage and confidence. Muhammad Ali knocked out Foreman in the 8th round. It was a hurtful time for Foreman as he was young and defeated in the prime of his life. Later, he bounced back to fight and became very religious by the late 1970's. To this day, he is a minister. He defeated another opponent to be the oldest heavyweight champion in history at the age of 45 in 1994. He defeated Michael Moore. Today, George Foreman has shown great charisma to inspire the youth, to sell products (like his famous Foreman Grill), to give joy in the lives of people, and to help out his family. He is very cheerful and enjoys communicating with people sincerely. I wish the best for George Foreman.

By Timothy

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