Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Time and time again has shown that many of the super wealthy and some of the political establishment don't care for the poor. The super wealthy receive record bailouts, huge subsidies, and other huge benefits while the poor experience neoliberal, reactionary policies. This policies from the bill has nothing to do with enacting long term healthy living. It has to do with punishing the poor, who in many cases have no other option, but to get food stamps to survive. There can be a bill to grow investments in building healthy food stores in poor communities, in building more food banks that have healthier options in poorer communities. Local, state, and federal governments can offer incentives for many stores and institutions to have better food choices in low income communities too. Yet, that bill in TN doesn't deal with those solutions. It deals primarily with limiting which foods can be brought with food stamps. Also, there is nothing wrong with eating cookies once in a while too, so that bill is draconian (since it restricts many foods not just soda and ice cream). The bill wouldn't dare offer those food restrictions in Medicare (which is taxpayer funded) since elderly Americans don't play that. Many of the same ones who lecture us on "big government" say nothing on big government in dealing with restricting many foods on EBT cards. Instead of that bill, policy makers should focus on investments in exercise centers, healthy food centers, education, and other solutions to exist in low income areas that can make a difference in poorer communities. There can be even more discounts for Food stamps users to buy healthier foods, so there is an incentive to buy better foods in that way. The Healthy Incentives Program (HIP), which was first launched in 2011, gives SNAP recipients a discount on healthier options — for every dollar they spend on healthy food, they earn 30 cents back to spend on other SNAP-eligible items. That pilot program has proven to be extremely successful. SNAP and WIC are programs that are very minuscule in the federal budget as compared to other things. The bill is a sophisticated austerity plan. The poor need no patronage. They need resources, access, power, and respect. They need economic justice too.

My thought is that black on black crime is a myth. Crime is crime irrespective of race. Crime in America happens mostly intraracially, because a large part of American society is segregated. Therefore, most whites are killed by whites. Most black people are killed by black people. Many black people are in prison, because the criminal injustice system imprisons more black people than whites even if all parties are convicted by the same crime. Therefore, classism and racism are institutionalized in the system. That is why black people and white people use drugs in the same rate, but whites are convicted much less percentage wise than black people. Crimes rates in the black community have declined since 1980. Teen pregnancy rates have declined in record lows since 1992. Cancer rates have declined in the black community and black life expectancy rates in the black community have grown since 2000. Racism is about hatred, jealousy of blackness, and hypocrisy. Racists hate us, but they are obsessed by us. Therefore, we reject self hatred and racist programming. We want freedom and justice as black people.

This is a great story. She is Sister Myya D. Jones and she is running for mayor of Detroit. Sister Myya D. Jones' story is a story of power, determination, and love. She loves her people and she loves Detroit. Her motivation is filled with sincerity and an audacious desire to witness more improvements in her hometown. First, we all honor her sacrifice. She has helped her family in immeasurable ways and she is gifted to deal with economics or business skills. She has imparted her knowledge and her wisdom to positively impact her neighbors. It has been more than a quarter of century since the end of the Cold War and we witness heroic young people like Myya Jones being leaders in promoting the principles that our forebears have fought and died for. The torch has been passed to a younger generation of people who understand the necessity to fight poverty, to advance community development, and to grow health care in our society. Myya Jones is representative of a new generation of leaders who believe in building up the general welfare wherefore folks can have jobs with living wages, where institutions grow, and where human freedoms are protected.. She has traveled the world and travel does broaden one's horizons progressively. She has worked in volunteerism and other political endeavors. Myya's compassion is glorious and I wish her all of the best in her quest to be the new mayor of Detroit. I want her win and she is a black woman who is an inspirational person for human beings globally.
Since the dawn of human history, black women have fought for justice.

Yesterday was Birthday of Sister First Lady Michelle Obama. She is 53 years old today. She is first black woman being the First Lady of America. She is the greatest First Lady of American history. She has inspired girls and women to achieve their dreams and aspirations. She told the truth that the White House was built by slaves and that when the haters go low, we go high. Michelle Obama is an amazing woman who can speak eloquently about real values of hope, tolerance, and justice. She has lifted her voice to teach us about the importance of healthy foods, exercises, and volunteerism. She has spoken about the value of all of us regardless of our color or our background. For years, she has been an intellectual giant in knowing about legal and political matters. From the South side of Chicago to the White House, she cared for her family. She loves her husband and her 2 daughters. First Lady Michelle Obama represents Black Excellence, Black Beauty, and Elegance. She is a gorgeous black woman. She taught us that we shall not be moved and the mountain of adversity can be broken down, so the highway leading into the land of freedom can transpire. Therefore, I wish the best for Sister First Lady Michelle Obama. Yesterday was the Birthday of the late, great Brother Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali was a courageous man from Louisville, Kentucky who inspired more black confidence in the world. He appealed to people's greatest strength. He worked to help the poor among many backgrounds. Muhammad Ali also opposed the unjust Vietnam War too. He was the best heavyweight boxer in history and his skills prove it. He not only spoke about his skills. He backed it up in the ring. Muhammad Ali has shown the world that you can speak without apology about your greatness and still help people at the same time. Greatness is not something that is about selfish intent. Greatness is found in the human soul which carries through in developing a better world. I honor Muhammad Ali's legacy and his family.
Rest in Power Brother Muhammad Ali.

Telling the truth is important. Trump supporters don't give a concern about Trump's xenophobia, sexism, disrespect of a disabled man, and racism (he called for the death penalty of the Central Park Five). They don't care about his lies and disrespect of John Lewis. They don't care about his overt vulgarity and narrow minded attitudes. Therefore, telling the truth about what Trump has done is not bullying. Trump has a long history of bullying others and many people want us to bow down to him. Many people in Hollywood have disagreed with Trump, satirized him, but they never massively bullied him. I never bowed down to a white man in my life. I a'int going to bow down to Donald Trump. The white man is not God. Therefore, I will stand up for my people and for truth irrespective of how his supporters feel. That point must always be emphasized. In my opinion, Trump can say the N word right now and many of his supporters (both black and white) would still ally with him. So, we know that we are in a fight for our lives. We have the right to defend universal health care, to defend our civil liberties, and to respect wisdom. Trump is a billionaire financial speculator and he owned multiple casinos for years and decades. He has used cut throat tactics for a long time. He certainly hasn't been bullied massively at all. He has bullied others and disrespected others for a long time. He is massively sensitive and can't handle legitimate critiques about him. Workers have exposed his crooked ways and Trump University has been exposed as a scam.

By Timothy

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