Tuesday, September 27, 2005


When I was a child, I personally thought that everything in America was mostly good and righteous. Now, I realize the truth and see the corruption, the illegal Iraq War, the occult Secret Societies, the promotion of witchcraft and Satanism, and other forms of vice. UPI reported in September 27, 2005 that CFR member Morton H. Halperin, a senior vice president of the Center for American Progress and former director of policy planning at the State Department under President Bill Clinton wanted a Domestic CIA. As you know, the CIA was created with the consent of 33rd Degree Freemason Harry Truman in 1947 as to be involved in handling foreign affairs. I personally don't agree with the Domestic CIA, because its a continuation of the centrailization of power to the hands of the few, it's illegal, and the federal government have tons of power already. I just read an article from people from AmericaLastDays.com detailing people who predicted Hurricane Katrina and the devestation of New Orleans before late August 2005. People talk about Sharon, but I came to realize that he's a puppet of the Elite. There are many bad Israelis just like there are many bad people in every nation. The government of Israel have been controlled by the real Elite since 1948 not by the Masonic Jewish Zionists [who indeed colloborated with the Nazis to murder innocent Jewish people] by themselves. In fact, the Mossad was helped to be created by Nazi Knight of Malta Reinhard Gehlen and most of Israeli Prime Ministers are Freemasons. Barry Chamish, Eric Jon Phelps, and other document the CFR's (with its members of Condy Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, Mr. Fischer who heads the Israeli Central Bank, Dick Cheney, Daniel Pipes, etc.) great influence in the Roadmap policy plus the control of Israel as well. British Freemasonry, the Jesuits (with its SMOMs, etc.), and other groups control the policies of Israel as well. The regular every day Jewish person have nothing to do with the oppression of the Palestinians or any mistakes the government of Israel may have done. Just like the everyday Arabic person has nothing to do with terror attacks in the Middle East. As for Ariel Sharon, history proves that he committed terrorist acts and committed bad policies for both Jews and Arabs, so he shouldn't be the Prime Minister of Israel. Real leadership of God-fearing Jews should reign in Eretz Yisrael, so real peace can come up. Let me also add that anti-Semites don't want people to know about the Masonic Muslim terrorists persecuting Christians in Sudan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and other places worldwide. That is just as wrong as Masonic Jewish Zionists persecuting the Palestinians.

Bush may support Alberto Gonzales, but he isn't a true conservative. Gonzales is anti-Second Amendment, pro-torture, pro-Iraq War, while Neo-Cons like Sean Hannity and many brainwashed establishment "Christians" like Pat Roberstson and James Dobson love his ideals. Kansas City Infozine reported on September 27 2005 about evidence of new government corruption in surveillance. Kurt Nimmo' blog records shaman witchcraft practionner and far left feminist Hillary Clinton is thinking about censoring the Internet. Why should she want that? I guess she hates it that her husband is a liar under oath, many authors wrote about his Mena/drug smuggling operations, and his anti-civil liberty policies in his Presidency. Nothing on planet Earth will make me place the majority of the blame on local and state government regardless of the spin. Yesterday, once again Bill O'Reilly displays spin. On his talking points memo, he said that the Iraq War wasn't illegal when it violated Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution having Congress only declaring war. Even if you embrace the globalist, anti-American U.N.'s decrees against Saddam, the U.N. never formally called for a legal invasion of Iraq, but Bush disregarded the U.N.'s vote to prevent an invasion of Iraq. Also, he continues a tirade against dissidenters of the war when we already have a contructive foreign policy. We should not have any preemptive war period unless if it was a direct threat against America. We should have a fair approach to nations and promote trade and commerce not aggression. Arresting criminals is fine with me, but not making up falsehoods to justify wars. FEMA isn't even a Congressional created agency, yet some of the Neo-Cons worship it as divine. Rev. Ted Pike exposed the ADL supported "hate bill." The House passed it and Pike said that it forbids the public dissent of the lifestyle of homosexuals and the criticism of Jewish people. Hate crimes laws are worse in Europe and Canada where Bible Believers have been arrested for their dissent. So, it's like a war for truth and we will have to defend our positons. Repentance and action are great solutions to keep on moving in this corruption. We must not embrace a fatalistic attitude of paranoia or fear, but we must display rationality and legitimacy to get our points across, uplift real Patriots, expose shills, speak our minds, love all human beings equally, and help our fellow men. With all of the evil, we have no choice but to repent our sins and follow the One True God.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

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