Monday, September 26, 2005

Freemasonry Exposed Part 1

Here's some of the Evil Fruits of Freemasonry:

1). Adam Weishaupt was the founder of the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati [plus Diest] and part of the Munich Lodge of the Order of Good Council.

2). The French Revolution was created and headed by Freemasons and the Illuminati under the guise of “liberty, equality, and fraternity” [the triple motto of Masonry in their New Age Magazine] Duc d’Orleans (Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France or head of all French Freemasons and organized with the Jacobins to raise the Revolution), Robespierre, Lafayette, Count Gabriel Victor Riqueti de Mirabeau, and other Masons are involved. Joseph Guillotine, a Freemason, invented the “guillotine” to cut the throat of thousands for the crime of just being Christians during that era.

3). Napoleon Bonaparte (initiated into the Army Philadephe Lodge in 1798 and a Templar Mason according to the reliable research of Freemasonry Watch Website) led unlawful invasions that ravished across Europe even to some parts of Africa acting as a dictator.

4). The Rothschild Family has Masonic ties. They control more than half the wealth of the world through multi-billion dollar enterprises like N. M. Rothschild merchant bank. Nathan Meyer Rothschild (from London in the Lodge of Emulation) and James Meyer Rothschild (from Paris, France and a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason) are validated as Masons from the Masonic reference book 10,000 Famous Freemasons, Vol. 4, and p. 74. History always recor d their agents (i.e. Judah Benjamin, August Belmont, Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, etc.) in wars like the Civil War, Crimean war, and other circumstances.

5). Joseph Smith is a Freemason initiated in the Nauvoo Lodge at March 15, 1842. He’s the founder of the False religion of Mormonism with it’s Satanic concepts of man achieving godhood, new worlds formed by man, God having sex with women, false prophecies, and Satanic ceremonies mimicking Freemasonry. Smith was a racist.

6). Christopher Albert Pike was a 33rd Degree Freemason and head of the Southern Jurisdiction Scottish Rite. As a Confederate General during the Civil War, he wrote Dixie and was pardoned by Brother Mason President Andrew Johnson when this coward Pike fled to Canada charged with treason after the war. The quotes of Albert Pike worshipping Lucifer [pg. 321 of the 1942 edition of Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma] are available in French and English in the Albert Pike vertical file at the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction at 1733 16th NW, Washington D.C. recorded by Anton Chaitkan speaking for the Schiller Institute. He and Nathan Bedford Forrest helped invent the Ku Klux Klan. (Forrest was initiated in Lodge #168 at Angerona, Tennessee. Paul M. Bessel, Executive Secretary of the Masonic Leadership Center at records Forrest’s membership) Pike was the KKK’s Chief Judicial Officer. 1800’s and 1900’s historians of Professor Walter Fleming, Susan Lawrence Davis, Claude Davis, and William J. Whalen all confirmed this plus the modern scholar Anton Chaitkan). The KKK is also derived from the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) and the Scottish Horsemen, a Secret Society. In fact, all of the founders of the KKK in 1866 were of Scottish descent and ex-confederate officers. A burning cross was a Scottish traditional way to call a clan to war and that’s a common KKK symbol. T he Illuminati often refer to themselves as the circle. The Greek word for circle is Kuklos and this with the word clan forms the derivative Ku Klux Klan. K is the 11th letter of the alphabet and when repeated 3X to name the group. This is occult. Imperial Wizard Joseph Simmons who was a Mason of the Blue Lodge and also a member of the Knights Templar revived the KKK in 1915. The Ku Klux Klan in the City by Kenneth T. Jackson and Martin Short’s Inside the Brotherhood elaborates more on the KKK-Mason connection.

7). Gavrillo Princep (not a Mason since he was 19 years old) in the Black Hand killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, which launched World War I. According to Paul A. Fisher’s Behind the Lodge Door on pgs. 217-218, The Black Hand was a progeny of Freemasonry. Princep admitted on trial that Ciganovitch was a Freemason and the Hier Apparent was condemned by a Freemason’s Lodge (Hotel St. Jerome in Toulouse with French and Grand Orient Masons) Chabrinvitch testified that Major Tankositch (one of the plotters) was a Freemason. Masonic involvement to begin WWI is therefore there.

8). The cult of Freemasonry has ties to Christian Science. Mary Baker Eddy who founded it was an associate of 33rd Degree Freemason Henry Steele Olcott (who made the Satan worshipping cult of the Theosophical Society). The Hero Robert Howard of his Hard Truth Website shown Masonic Watchtower seals as well. Mary married a Freemason. Early 1900’s editors of the Christian Science Monitor are Masons like Erwin D. Capham, George Channing (32nd Degree), Arnold H. Exo, Charles Hi etman (32nd Degree), etc. The main logo for the Christian Science cult is also the Knights Templar symbol.

9). Cecil Rhodes was initiated into Freemasonry at the Apollo University Lodge No. 357. He was raised a Master Mason in the same lodge on April 17, 1877. Rhodes joined a Scottish Rite Lodge at Oxford called Prince Rose Croix Lodge No. 30. Cecil was a globalist and advocated a One World Order under the British Empire rule with racist Anglo-Saxon supremacy precepts exposed by Tim and Barbara Aho’s Watch Unto Prayer Ministries. Actually the elite have allegiance to Satan not to Britain. Freemason John Ruskin of Oxford influenced him. Rhodes worked with Freemason Lord Nathan Rothschild who left him as a trustee. Soon, the making of the Round Table Group, the RIIA, and CFR by the elites of the globe came into being. The present Chairman of the CFR is Peter G. Peterson who is a Freemason. Max Rothschild was another Freemason in Lodge No. 11 in Munich, Germany.

10). J. Edgar Hoover was a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason who was a very evil man. Hoover worked with General Intelligence Division in 1919 and was cozy with Nazis dominated Interpol; the Berlin based International Secret Police. He helped ship Nazis to America in the Vatican Ratline and violated civil liberties with his COINTELPRO. He is rumored to have black blood (so a self-hating racist) and a homosexual whose sex partners include Clyde Tolson and Louis Bloomfield. He is involved in JFK’s assassination as well as the cover-up like his Brothers Gerald Ford, LBJ, Allen Dulles, Sherman Cooper, R. L. Thornton, etc. JFK was killed in the Masonic Dealey Plaza, the site of an original Masonic Lodge in the early days of Texas. This lodge is also the first fraternal lodge in Texas during the Texas Revolution des igned to free Texas from Mexican control with that pagan, Satanic obelisk according to Ralph Epperson. This Plaza is nothing more than a mass of esoteric symbolism and is named after George Bannerman Dealey who was a 33rd Degree Freemason. The Killing of the King ceremony killed JFK (according to Hoffman, William Cooper and others) by many Freemasons and JFK was slain at the point where the sun was at the most high point in the Temple of the Sun (ca. 12:30 pm.) in Dealey Plaza, in the presence of an obelisk. That was in a reflecting pool also in the four corners of an architectural rendering similar to Stonehenge. It's shaped like the truncated pyramid with the capstone missing. The eye, indeed, is the underpass under the railroad overpass. The Plaza is also an outdoor Sun Temple and JFK's killing corresponded to the ancient fertility oblation of the Killing of the King. The New Orleans CIA (which provided security) station’s headquarters were in a Masonic Temple. Dallas is located south of the 33rd Degree o f Latitude. Jim Garrison, Jim Marrs, Penn Jones, Jr., and countless other researchers conclusively proved that JFK’s assassination was a conspiracy.

11). Many leaders of the segregationist movement were Masons in the 1960’s like Governors George Wallace of Alabama (he changed later in his life), Orval Forbus of Arkansas, and Ross Barnett of Mississippi. Lodges were segregated until recently. Isn’t it ironic that Jesse Jackson, Collin Powell (33rd Degree), Scottie Pippen, Andrew Young, John Lewis, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Kweisi Mfume, and Julian Bond are all African American Prince Hall Freemasons when Masonry has a legacy of bigotry. Researchers have shown information that MLK was murdered by government forces for opposing the Vietnam War and others things. According to many people, Dr. William F. Pepper’s Orders to Kill Behind the Murder of Martin Luther King does identify the players in the conspiracy known as members of the Masonic fraternity. It’s also ironic that MLK said his last speech in a Masonic Temple and in his speeches, he often refer to “the brotherhood of men.” The FBI and N.O.I. murdered Malcolm X [all of his murderers were NOI members] Hoover, Elijah Muhammad, Wallace Muhammad, and Louis Farrakhan were all involved and all Freemasons. (A note by a former NOI member given to Eric Jon Phelps is in his book Vatican Assassins detailed on the NOI members mentioned being part of Prince Hall Freemasonry). So, many members of the Nation of Islam were Masons of the Prince Hall Rite.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)


Here's 2 discussions with a pro-Mason and a Mason. The first one was done in September 2004. The woman is named Penny and my words are in bold.:

*You can go on the forum and say whatever you wish. Enjoy. I've debate pro-Masons for over a year now, so this is nothing new at all. Becareful of what you wish for because you just might get it.

OK, I have to stand up to be counted on this one.......You are so very wrong about Freemasonry.

I'm so very right on Freemasonry.

You either know next to nothing "first hand" about this fine organization or you have some sort of ax to grind and are presenting a view slanted by your own unhappy perceptions.

I know tons of infomation about Freemasonry since I've studied works from them (for many years) and looked at anti-Mason heroes like Cutting Edge Ministries, Ed Decker, and other groups helping people to leave the Fraternity. Many Freemasons are quoted as to prove my points so if you don't like the quotations from the horse's mouth then that's your business. This is Fair and Balanced plus not slanted unlike the Faux News Network.

Some of the finest men and women in this world belong to the Masons, Eastern Star, Job's Daughters and De Molay. Oh, let's not forget Rainbow for Girls -related to Job's Daughters, but without the requirement of having an immediate family member who is a Mason. Most of the men in my family have been and are Masons. I personally was a member of Jobs Daughters when I was younger, Eastern Star as an adult.

Some "fine men" are part of every religion and organization and that doesn't mean that specific organization is right or moral to join. Peity is no excuse for aligning with Freemasonry. It's so ironic you mention the Eastern Star since their logo is an inverted 5-point star related to Baphomet meaning Satan. People in your family being Masons also don't justify it all. People in my family are in, but still its evil and I have to be a man about it and oppose it. I love my family, but hate the Fraternity and I will die opposing all Secret Societies.

The holy bible plays a major role in each of these fraternities, and only the highest values and mores are instilled in their membership. The only reason they require that you believe in a "higher power" rather than just outright saying you must believe in "God" is that these organizations accept members from all religions yet some religions have other names for God - this simply avoids offending someone who might prefer to call Him Jesus or Budha or whatever. Would someone who claims Wicca to be his/her religion be accepted? I have neither seen nor heard of this happening, and don't believe it could ever happen. Such a person would probably not be asking to join in the first place, and I doubt any membership would welcome or accept them in the end.

You seem to forget that the Bible (whose values and mores are corrupted by Masonry I might add) is placed equally as with the Koran and other religious texts. Freemasonry accepts men of other monotheistic religions as brothers in fellowship. The Bible says that man can't be into any fellowship with those of other faiths unless you want to convert them or discuss religiously your beliefs. God doesn't want the unification of religions, but one religion displayed unto him (Christianity).

By your own words, you say that Masonry accepts those of another faith therefore Freemasons seek the ecumencial and Unification of Religions path (One world religion) instead of the exclusive path of Christ. God is never associated with Buddha or Allah (with endless works, false dogma, etc.), since God's name is I am that I am. God is an offense to evil and sin. If I'm in grave sin, then I need to wake up and go home to God not worry about compromise by virtue of "offending" people. In terms of Wicca, I was just outlining the similarity between the ceremony of the First Degree with those of the Wiccan religion. Nothing more or less.

Grow up! Go spit out those sour grapes, deal with your problem -but don't accuse Freemasonry of being Satan based - nothing could be further from the truth. BTW, did you know that our own George Washington was a Mason? As were many of our founding fathers. Get a life!!!!!!!S

Sorry, Penny I'm grown up from the great state of Virginia. Showing sources from Masons, outlining real evidence, and deducing valid conclusions is not expressing sour grapes at all. Freemasonry is Satanic by its vile oaths with secrecy, pagan symbols, and bad fruits in the world. I've already know that George Washington and many of the Founding Fathers were in fact Freemasons. Did you know that John Quincy Adams was opposed to Freemasonry along with Noah Webster, Thaddeus Stevens, and other early American heroes. The inventor of the guilliotine, Napeloen, J. Edgar Hoover, Joseph Smith, Albert Pike, and other miscreants are Freemasons as well ruining the development of mankind. I've already have a life.

By TruthSeeker24


The other Mason is Mark from OK. My words are in bold.This was done from August to September 2004.

This site is typical of the lies people come up with. It is sad when someone who claimes to be a Christian has to blantantly lie to get attention. Why doesn't "Truthseeker" use his real name???? Using a fasle name doesn't make him any less of a liar nor will it lessen his lies at the time of judgement.

I wonder what are my liars that I keep on spewing??? Bush being part of the Satanic Skulls and Bones and Bohemian Grove is a FACT. Over 1 million jobs outsourced overseas is the Truth. The Iraq War being unjust and illegal is a FACT. Abortion being immoral is a FACT. Bush causing America to be divided in half more than ever before is also a FAct. I usually don't use my name because it's Freedom of Speech and aliases are common on the internet. If I continue to live a clean life and follow Christ until death, I'm in Heaven.

Interesting how some want to blame Bush for everything. Lets look at some FACTS. Yes jobs are going overseas, but this trend far outdates Bush. (How many plants does Hines have overseas???? 57 of them, you think Kerry is going to bring them back so Americans can have the jobs?) How do you find the war in Iraq to be illegal? The Congress voted and passed the resolution. Like it or not it passed! Yes abortion is immoral and murder. Bush has spoken out against abortion but Kerry was excommunicated from the Catholic Church for supporting abortion. Yes America is divided, but it is not of Bush's doing. America is divided because of LIBERALS. The same LIBERALS who support abortion and gay marrage. - PS Truthseeker, the lies I was referring to the lies you plagerized on Freemasonry. Can you come up with anything on your own or can all you do is cut and paste? Using a ficitious name only lowers credibility.

Did I say that I've blamed Bush for everything on the face of the Earth? No, I've just outlined his corrupt policies and legacy which are apparent to those with ears to hear and eyes to see. Yeah, the Heinz company has 57 plants overseas, but under Bush's watch there is a net loss of jobs which is the first in USA history since Herbert Hoover. Over 1 million jobs are gone under his watch and Bush supports Clinton's NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, etc. (globalisation) which are accelerating the job loss. Also, Bush has skyrocketed the federal deficit in a record totalling over $400 billion. I don't support either man of Bush or Kerry. I'll probably vote for the Constitutional Party in this 2004 Skulls and Bones election. That never infringes on the Bush or Kerry vote.

The Iraq War was illegal since there was no Congressional Declaration of War from Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution. A Resolution won't cut in justification or executing it. Congress declares war not the President using a Resolution. A Resolution is totally different from a declaration of war inside Iraq. Bush supports abortion for rape, incest, and to save the life of the mother. If a man supports it for rape or incest, he's not truly Pro-Life at all. Bush also have gave tax payers' money to population control and abortion efforts in Third World countries, plus he said he never attends to condemn Roe V. Wade. has documented Bush's Pro-CHoice policies. I agree that Kerry is worse, but Bush isn't Pro-Life as well. Him being excommunicated from the Catholic Church doesn't have anything to do with the argument at all. LIBERALS have divided America in many areas, but in this time, I've never seen the country like this. Bush passed Big Brother plans, the Patriot Act, and other programs running contrary to conservative ideals. Liberals can't be totally blamed for it and Neo-cons need the blame as well. In Fact the liberals are right on Iraq, globalization, civil liberties, and other things that I give credit for. Freemasonry is not of God and if you don't like the sources that I've quoted from the horse mouth's then that's your business. Masonry accept brothers of a Lodge of different faiths which is wrong. Masonry has pagan symbols and symbolism which is wrong. Masonry also in their history have committed folly and have death oaths (even if they are non-literal) that contrary to Christ's command to never swear at all. Plus Masons call some of their leaders Worshipful Master which is against Christ's rule of calling no man Master. This is America and it's free speech for me to use whatever alias I want and that doesn't lower my credibility at all. *

If Truthseeker wants an honest debate, anytime, anywhere. Just to let you know, I am using Truthseekers "espose" on Freemasonry in an upcoming book. In it I will not only PROVE that the quotes he uses are from non-Masons, but that he cuts and pastes his work from other web-pages. The rituals he quotes from are not true Masonic rituals and a few more but I can't tell it all in here, have to save some for a suprise.I got all I need for the book, I am finished with this site, moving on to the next.

You've never refuted me about Bush or his corrupt legacy so I'm not convinced that you'll refute me on Masonry. Bush being part of the Satanic Skulls and Bones is a fact, he passed Big Brother policies is a fact, and the Iraq War posing no threat to us causing many problems is also a fact. I quote from sites, but on many occasions I do type my own thoughts like I'm doing now. To still believe that every quote here is a cut and paste job from another site is a LIE.

You couldn't beat my younger brother or Chris in a debate and me presenting contradictions about Bush, abortion, liberals, and other issues refutes your NEO CON point of view alone. I have no fear of your book, but God alone. Phds, Ex-Masons, and religious leaders from across the globe believe as I do, so you'll continue to embrace pagan symbols, unnecessary oaths, and a folly-filled history unless God wakes you up to DEMIT from that group. I've debated people anywhere, anytime, and anyplace before. Isn't it obvious who won?????

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)


MELUKUT said...

What building is that?

Timothy said...

I wasn't talking about a building, but about Freemasonry (a organization) being wrong to join.

MELUKUT said...

Yeah of course I know what Freemason is all about. I have the whole library about Freemason in my collection but I just want to know what building is that? Tq.

Timothy said...

That Building is the Jefferson Memorial, which is located at Washington D.C.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

MELUKUT said...

Oh I see...TQ