Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Talking a stand

Now I know this obscene hatred by many folks in the APFN forum. Not everyone at AFPN are evil or like that at all. Finally I know how deep it is. This is my response to any anti-Semite. Some of you guys are hypocrites. Many Muslims Arabs stole millions of square miles in the 700's A.D., they persecuted Christians, and do other evil things as well, and you don't say a word. What ever happened to standing up for your Christian brothers and sisters. Hatred have restricted you from that call. Yet, you rightfully expose Israeli mistakes, but you unfairly propel them up as the most dangerous threat to mankind. There is nothing from you guys on real Muslim terrorism (not psy-ops clowns like Zarqawi, etc.) in Indonesia, Pakistan, Sudan, Mauritania, Nigeria, etc. Sorry, but the Knights of Malta, 1001 Club, Committee of 300, Bilderberg Group, Le Cerle, Order of the Garter, Knights of St. John, and other groups are stronger than the Zionists.

The modern Zionist movement was created in the 19th century with help from the Elite. Many historians have tracked and traced Jewish people from the Sephardim, Ethiopic, Indic, and other people genetically and historically from the ancient Biblical Hebrews now. Yeah, Israel made mistakes, but European powers created Israel as a nation. Many Neo-Nazis groups embrace this Serpent race, piece of trash dogma and are racist against Black people. Black people have made great civilizations in Kush, Egypt, Nok, Mali, Songhai, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Axum, Olmec, etc. in ancient times and many blacks are PhDs, scholars, historians, athletes, lawyers, doctors, etc. in America and worldwide today. Most black people aren't acting in degenerate, criminal, and terrorist behavior like most Arabs and most Jews. I hate this nonsense. As for me, I will see the bigger picture that Israel was created by British Freemasonry, the Jesuits, and the Illuminati who have more power than the Jewish people. I'm consistent wherefore I expose the Masonic Jewish Zionists, Muslim extremism, etc. Many Evangelicals support Israel for many reasons and don't support the persecution of Palestinians and Christians in Israel. That persecution is wrong, but Israel is used as a tool of the Elite to force the world to blame our entire problem on the Jewish people in general. I will never fall for that scam. Let's expose the Masonic Jewish Zionists, but recognize the Torah Jews, Jewish Christians, and other Jews dedicated to fighting against One World Government like Barry Carmish, Jews against Zionism, etc.

Zionist tenets existed from Apostate Jews from Babylon and Egypt not by themselves. Gentiles created the occult madness originally, and then the Jews picked it up on a higher level when they apostatized in the Old Testament. I'm not historically and Biblically illiterate. Those who blame Jews in general for all problems on planet Earth are not only historically and Biblically illiterate, but a coward, racist, and a violator of God's Word. God said to love your neighbor as yourself, he who hates his brother is a murderer, and salvation is of the Jews. We owe Jews a lot and even if the Ashkenazi Jews are fraudulent, there are plenty of other tribes who are historically and genetically proven to be descendants of the ancient Hebrew people. Also, Jewish Encyclopedia has found tribes of Jews in Germany before 500 A.D. (or the ascendance of the Khazars). This is truth. We must expose the evil in Israel, but inspire the Jewish people and all people to find true liberty in God. Not to mention that the U.S. and Europe have 100X more sin than Israel will ever have in the 50+ years of its existence. In America in Europe, pornography, gay marriage, hatred of conservative Christian ideals, pedophilia, violence, gun bans, etc. are rampant. I support the good common people in Israel, but not the evil, apostate Israeli government that is corrupt. There's a difference. Almighty God and Eric Jon Phelps taught me that difference. I'm not going to be a shill in embracing the lies that Israel is perfect or that Jews are to be blamed for all problems of society. Don't be a hypocrite for if you say that Israel is illegitimate, you must also call all Muslim nations of North Africa illegitimate since all of those nations were a product of theft of land by invasions. That land doesn't belong to the Arab Muslims today. That's a fact. Oh no, the big bad Mossad was trained by Knight of Malta Reinhard Gehlen. Most Israeli Prime Ministers were Freemasons and the Lodges of Europe are more powerful than the Lodges of Israel.

The Ecumenical Religious movement is controlled by Rome and other Secret Societies like Freemasonry. Freemasonry existed from the Mystery Religions of Europe, Egypt, and Babylon. The Skulls and Bones, Knights of Malta, Bilderberg Group, Committee of 300, and other Secret Societies were created by Gentiles, not Jews. The ADL was created by the B'nai B'rith Lodge subordinate under the Gentile Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Wow. The Rothschilds are known to be a banking family for the Vatican admitted by Eric and a number of historians. It's a Gentile conspiracy after all. You hypocrites are exposed for what you are, a hypocrite. Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)


Pam Schuffert
Thanks, Timothy...GOd's TRUTH and LOVE Never Fails

Wed Sep 28, 2005

I too know this disgusting kind of hatred on APFN. I pray for them. And I continue to love WITH GOD'S LOVE FOR ALL WHO NEED SALVATION, the Jews He sends my way. Such a love for the Jews is NOT FOR their sins, NOT for the obvious crimes of Zionism, NOT FOR their unbelief, NOT FOR the many things that even my Jewish contacts admit are WRONG IN THE JEWISH COMMUNITY.But it is A DIVINE LOVE from the heart of HIM WHO DIED ON TEH CROSS for ALL MANKIND TO BE SAVED...regardless of whether they refer to themselves as JEW or GENTILE.SUch people prove by their LACK OF LOVE and understanding of HOW GOD'S LOVE WORKS SCRIPTURALLY, that they are NOT of God but deceived deceivers.

"HE TAHT LOVETH NOT KNOWETH NOT GOD, FOR GOD IS LOVE" When Jesus said to LOVE OUR ENEMIES AND PRAY FOR THEM AND FORGIVE THEM, that includes ALL including JEWS that some may feel are "THE ENEMY."When I see peole who CALL themselves JEWS, I see no enemy: I only see PEOPLE FOR WHOM CHRIST THEIR MESSIAH DIED. THE BIBEL STATES HE DIED FOR ALL.And many of those who call themselves Jews through such love have finally turned to JESUS CHRIST FOR SALVATION ADN REDEMPTION. God's love NEVER FAILS.The BIBLE clearly states "FAITH WORKS BY LOVE" and NOT the kind of hatred for "THE JEWS" that I frequently see posted here.

-Pam Schuffert


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