Monday, September 26, 2005

Stewart Best

At first, I agreed with him on many levels. Now, new information from Liberty to Captives Ministries (with Lisa and Gary Ruby) proved that Best is embracing false doctrine and New Age/occult concepts. Most of what he discusses about the New World Order is true, but his secret doctrines are so diabolical that a man must investigate his words closely to see his deception. The Dark Light’s ideology is trying to find the Ultimate Reality (a New Age term). In Stewart Best’s hardcopy of Dark Light, on chapter 12, pg. 6, he said that to receive apage love or the Spirit of Christ (God) is to have unity or oneness with Christ and God the Father. Union means joining two or more things into one and oneness is the quality or state of fact of being one. This is false, because no man can be like God in oneness and merge with God at all. There is no union between God and man. The New Age Movement indeed support the doctrine that man can have union with God in oneness. Stewart said that most Christians aren’t born again by not achieving “authentic union.” Best believes that salvation is done by a seven step process in “The Way” (a New Age term) to meet “Christ” in his inner man, and to come in union/oneness with God.

The apage flows with the Christian at last in his mind. Best continues to believe that union will receive the “essence of Christ.” Stewart talks of the inner radiant essence (a theosophical phrase), which is a term of the Luciferian false “Christ.” Sources proves that occultists and Luciferians call Lucifer as “essence. Note that essence is not found in the Holy Bible, but in occult writings meaning Lucifer (Satan). Jesus in John 17:26 described love among his disciples not mysticism. No “apage” love spirit saves, but the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Acts 4:12). According to Lisa and Gary Ruby, apage is a name of the demon spirit (or goddess). Pagans accept apage. Alice Bailey’s false “Christ” is the inner radiant reality. Best is using an occult representation of the Scriptures. The smoking gun is that Libery to Captives Ministries reported that Best wrote in his Book of Zero Options Part 2 that God doesn’t care about what you think or your opinion (he also uses the New Age term of reality of existence). The truth is that Satan cares about nothing of men period. God Almighty of the Holy Bible completely cares of our beliefs and who you are as a person. God wants us to cast all beliefs aside that are contrary to the Word of God. God is still in authority, God loves all men equally since he is no respector of persons, and God wishes that no human would perish in his or her sins but come into the knowledge of the truth. God is absolute with no human-like opinions or viewpoints. God is not relative at all. Best uses the term truth behind the universe, which is a Hindu term. The best policy toward Stewart Best is to let him be known of his errors and hopefully he can wake up.

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