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Friday, September 23, 2005

Bill O'Reilly

I wanted to discuss about Bill O'Reilly on this blog for a long time. THIS IS REAL. I know that a lot of people in the mainstream media are intimidated by him, but I'm intimidated by no man. I fear no man, but God alone. I've been bringing it and I will continue to bring it. To me, Bill O'Reilly is the perfect example of the typical Neo-Con. Yesterday's show made me more keen on his agenda. Bill O'Reilly refuses to even consider the real issues plaguing the country of the United States of America. I do agree with him on immigration and opposing abortion, but O'Reilly fails to see the truth among other issues. I used to be similar to O'Reilly in that I didn't view the bigger picture and was part of this Left/Right paradigm. My family are Democrats, so I was one when I was very young. It wasn't until some experiences happened to me by seeing movies, TV shows, the Internet, reading books, and really learning about the truth that I left this false paradigm dividing Americans. I know now that both Democrats and Republicans have their share of dirt and that both parties are manipulated to be paralyzed, so real solutions aren't met. O'Reilly doesn't realize that George W. Bush proclaims himself as a conservative Christian, but goes around joining the occult Skulls and Bones and Bohemian Grove Secret Societies. These groups have dark rituals and the Bohemian Grove and the members worship the false idol of Molech (the 40 foot high Molech idol is in Northern California, where the Bohemian Grove is located) that Alex Jones proved in his video. Many of our governmental leaders are members, so this is wrong. The Bohemian Grove's Cremation of Care is a ceremony when a human effigy is sacrificed.

O'Reilly doesn't show the genetically modified food (GMF) problem hurting organic and natural foods. GMFs have proven to increase immune problems for many human beings as proven by mainstream scientists. We have toxins like mercury, flouride, aspartame, aluminum, and others that can damage the human body. These chemicals should be banned, but the FDA keeps on promoting them like candy. We do indeed have a civil liberty problem in America. The Patriot Act ambigiously defines terrorism and violates the Bill of Rights in habaes corpus and other portions. Texas Congressman Ron Paul said that the Congress wasn't given sufficient time to evaluate the Patriot Act before voting on it. Many knowledgeable civil libertarians, conservative constitutionalists, and liberals have exposed the Patriot Act, torture, and other anti-civil liberty policies going forth in this country. I don't agree with Phil Donahue on everything, but he was courageous to stand against the illegal Iraq War and seemed more conservative/libertarian than Bill O'Reilly. Phil Donahue refuted O'Reilly completely in their debate. I saw it and it's apparent. O'Reilly, regardless of your proclamations, the Iraq War was unConstitutional [in violation of Article 1, Section 8], people have died, and continuing to send massive troops will put more troops in risk of death. I support a program of gradually sending the troops home, compensation, and set a list of goals to leave from this war. I guess Bill O'Reilly forgotten about Paul Watson's story found in that showed British soliders committing terror attacks against our American G.I.s. Bill O'Reilly is smart, so why does he not talk about the Project for A New American Century Document? The Project for A New American Century called for a "new Pearl Harbor" like event as the catalyst to carry forth the Neo-Con's agenda. It also planned to invade Iraq.

In terms of 9/11, O'Reilly still refuses to accept that it was an inside job. 9/11 being an inside job is now proven by countless people like Victor Thorn and Lisa Guiliani, Jim Marrs, David Ray Griffin, Alex Jones, George Humphrey, and tons of other legitimate scholars. We know for a fact that no high story skyscraper collapsed by a plane hitting it alone, but only by a controlled demolition or earthquakes. Firefighters, witnesses, architects, and others have pointed to the explosives discharged in Towers One and Two. George W. Bush signed W199I forbidding the FBI to investigate al-Qaeda or they would be arrested. That was blatant treason. Many top defense department officals and San Francisco mayor Willie Brown were told not to fly on 9/11. Bill O'Reilly, the smoking gun is Building Number Seven. Building Number Seven was never hit by any aircraft, but it feel in a symmetrical fashion in less than 10 seconds. Blast points can be seem in the photographic images of Building #7. The owner of Building #7, Larry Silverstein, said to "pull it." There is dispute whether "pull it" means to blow up the building, but there is no dispute that by the collapse of the building and no aircraft hitting it that Building Number Seven was exploded by a controlled demolition period. The Bush and Bin Laden families had business connections spanning decades, which have been proven by Judical Watch and other sources. Operation Northwoods is a government project detailing a plot to use a crisis by the government to justify an invasion of Cuba. JFK rejected it. That is one piece of evidence that the government have planned terror attacks before. The government was warned plenty of times of a threat of a terrorist attack in America years before 9/11. David Schippers was one man who tried his best to warn Congress of an impending terror attack in Lower Manhattan, but no one responded in time. Many of the "hijackers" were trained in military installations. Many foreign countries like the British, Israelis, Pakistanis, etc. warned of a terror attack in America. I'm not blaming Bush for everything, because Bill Clinton allowed Osama Bin Laden to escape Sudan when Sudan asked Bill to retrieve him 3 times.

It's a known fact that the U.S. government trained many of the Muslim radicals and funded Osama bin Laden plus Saddam Hussien. There are tons more points to prove that 9/11 was an inside job committed by select members of the U.S. government. As for Jeremy Glick, you should apologize for you yelled at him unfairly. Glick peacefully told you that thousands of my people were not giving the fair voting treatment in the 2000 Election (Greg Palast's "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" proved the problems in the Election of 2000). In his conversation, Glick never raised the point of Bush being involved in 9/11, but he said that Bush Sr. trained Muslim radicals that were involved in 9/11. You said "shut up" to him. According to Glick, O'Reilly said to Glick that he will tear in up to pieces and used the "F" word. O'Reilly should exposed more of the Big Brother system controlling a lot of America with its microchips, National ID cards, GPS trackers, RFID chips, and some individuals even promote a cashless society. Many political figures and internationalists promote the creation of an one world government (a New World Order) and we as citizens of America must oppose that agenda. In terms of the "War on Drugs," it has been a failure. California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, the late Gary Webb, and others have documentated the CIA's involvement in sending tons of illegal drugs like cocaine into America. As for the racial issue, Bill O'Reilly have said a racial slur against Hispanics and that's been proven by FAIR (Fair and Accuracy in Reporting) and Bill O'Reilly said controversial comments about my people. That's why me and my little brother laugh sometimes, because his mistakes are apparent to see.

Claiming to possess morality, O'Reilly wrote a book with tons of profanity (he claims that it's only for adults, but a real moral man would never say or write profanity in a book or in a speech period. God's Word said to let no filty communication proceed out of your mouth) and was accused of committing phone sex with a woman that's not his own wife. Also, O'Reilly supports homosexual civil unions when homosexuals live in a shorter life expectancy and have an increased risk of acquiring STDs even if you exclude AIDS. O'Reilly is a hypocrite then on morality. Yes, I'm calling Bill O'Reilly out. My email address is here and I've been to plenty of debates in my life. I'm prepared. His fans are just brainwashed in not realizing a higher level of the facts in this world. The facts are real, the truth is apparent, and the lies are being exposed. I'm not some left wing nut for I'm a Black American, I'm for the Second Amendment, Pro-Life, Pro-Civil Liberties, Anti-Torture, and for real Freedom. There's hope for Bill O'Reilly since at least he's a smart man, but we must expose his mistakes from the Factor.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)


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