Monday, September 19, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Here's 3 short pieces of prose that I wrote about Hurricane Katrina.

I now see what is happening here. The government including puppets like Chertoff said that they never knew that a hurricane was coming, but this is false. Anyone with an access to a TV realized that the hurricane was temporary a Category 5 before it hit landfall in Louisiana. The government restricted funding to built up the levees in New Orleans. Police have looted as shown from MSNBC. People have been displaced. FEMA cut emergency lines according to the testimony of Aaron Broussard. Regardless if this is a Judgment from God or some weather modification program (which exists today right now and have created storms, hurricanes, and floods for decades. Nikola Tesla perfected this technology in the early 1900's), God allowed it to happen. It's a known fact that the area was filled with gambling, voodoo, withcraft, abortion, etc. The response of the government is now an Ordo Ab Chao thing (have a crisis, reaction, and solution). Some sensitive people in the government may use this as an excuse to expand the power of FEMA to damage people's rights. Steve Watson wrote that FEMA restricted giving aid, food, and supplies to the victims. In one article by Joseph R. Chenelly/Army Times on September 4 2005 treating American citizens as insurgents. Wired News on September 3 2005 had an article written by Xeni Jardin outlined sonic laser weapons sent to the disaster zone. We must be viligant, because the real Elite are using this as an excuse to get rid of our rights, bash arms, etc. Now, all the evidence indicates that regardless if it's God's judgment, Nature, or weather modification technology, the government now are using this tragedy as an excuse to cover up their mistakes and perform even more bad policies to the people period. This isn't conspiracy theory, but fact. We must keep following God's Word, but fight against tyranny at the same time. Not everyone in government are evil, but the evil people in government are using this terrible event, as an excuse to gain more power. Now, people can't own guns, espeically in New Orleans. I hope this isn't a prelude to the rest of America. What we can do is to get right with God, pray, and help the victims by charity and other means.

By TruthSeeker24


Yesterday, I keep hearing this new spin in blaming completely the mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana. They are only right that both people can do more to help out, but these Neo-Cons from Fox News forgotten that New Orleans was federalized for years. Bush and his team restricted funding to create a better levee system in New Orleans. With the funding, New Orleans could of being better protected. Also, FEMA itself prevented help, food, and other supplies as validated by tons of witnesses including officals in the Gulf Coast region like Broussard. He was crying exposing this, but the media won't discuss elaborately. Barbara Bush yet again is bashing the poor saying that they are better off after the storm than before when people drown and disease are infested in the water with many toxic chemicals. What planet is she from? With a Nazi supporting grandfather of Bush 41, Prescott Bush, and a man who loves population control efforts on people of color like George H. W. Bush, what can you expect from a corrupt family tree. The federal government proved itself incompetent yet again not to mention that warnings about this disaster were sent to them for decades with no radical changes in their disaster response policies. The mayor and the governor had no funding to adequate take care of the whole situation. The only point the Neo-Cons have is about the buses, but they refuse to look at FEMA's and the federal government's terrible response.

As for race, we need to becareful to embrace extremists. One set of extremists want to lie and blame black people totally for all of the looting and rioting occuring placing blacks in general as inferior. The other set of extremists want to blame white people for everything. It's obvious that Bush and his cronies could care less about the poor. They are in the Elite and most of the real Elite consider the poor less than human and "useless eaters." The fact remains, that the government is using this tragedy to gain more rights, bash the Second Amendment, make the military more receptive in civilian life violating the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, and further control the people. Once again, George W. Bush is not a true conservative, but a Neo-Con extremist. The blame by Fox News is sent to the mayor and the governor, while the real blame should be at FEMA and to the federal government.

By TruthSeeker24

September 7, 2005


There's no question that the Katrina aftermath is evil. FEMA and the federal government are to blamed by restricting communications, even blocking the Red Cross, Coast Gaurd, and other aid during the Hurricane. After this, many troops were confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens in New Orleans. This is a violation of the Second Amendment blatantly and even the NRA have condemned this activity. On TV, I seen the feds forcibly throwing an old woman out from her house. Now, Euthanasia is done by doctors in New Orleans, which is morally wrong. I've thought about Kanye West's comments for a while and I agree with a lot of what he has to say. Many in the media never made a distinction between a few roiting people (some were black) and the majority of black people not being involved in that madness. The Bush family tree is know to have colloborated with the Rockefellers, Harrimans, DuPonts, Fords, etc. for decades (all known for their racist population control and eugenics policies. Many folks in those family aided the Nazis. Prescott Bush was a member of Planned Parenthood, a terrorist, murderous organization) As for George W. Bush not caring for black people, Bush certainly cares for black people that agree with him like Condy Rice and many others. He certainly doesn't agree or could care less about real black interests in general. Take a look at the 2000 election where 58,000 votes were cancelled out in Florida. Greg Palast in his research has proven that and the Bush/bin Laden family connection, so that isn't a conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy fact indeed. Not all black people or white people are racists and we need to love one another and new, real solutions are needed to solve the continual racial problems in this country. Bush Sr. prides himself as giving money to the UNCF, but most people don't realize that in 1969, George H. W. Bush was on a panel in support of the decrease of the black population when the black population never grew into high levels in the 20th-21st centuries at all. A lot of the cronies involved in that voting theft of 2000 are prominent members of government now like Katherine Harris, Bolton, etc.

The poor are always oppressed and many of the Elite consider them less than humans, but let us never believe in that myth. More should of been done to the poor and black people that we trapped in New Orleans period. The media once called the displaced "refugees" when they were American citizens in the USA. That was of course offensive. The upper class areas didn't recieve as much damage as the poorer areas. Now isn't the time for socialism or communism to help the poor since they never work, but new methods and legitimate activities. Problems aren't just in New Orleans, but in Mississippi, Alabama, etc. so those locations should merit equal concern as it should be given unto New Orleans. It's a shame that wordly men like rapper Kanye West are exposing more government corruption than many Bible-Believing Christians. What's good is that many Bible-believing Christians are exposing evil as well. Let us expose what we know, give aid and charity by money, food, supplies, and any legitimate means, and ask God for help and guidance.

By TruthSeeker24


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