Monday, October 29, 2007

Courage and Independent Thinking

Tower of Babel Superimposed Upon EU Parliment Building

Far too often, the mainstream establishment want independent thought suppressed. As for me, I reject that. More and more individuals globally are waking up about the new world order, eugenics, and the elite formenting (religious, ethnic, and political) tensions in the world for centuries (the same folks also funded many wars from the French Revolution to WWI, WWII, the phony "Cold War" and today with the war on terrorism. These bankers are controlled by the high level Freemasonry, the Vatican/Jesuits, and the Pilgrim Society today. One example is how Papal SMOM Franz von Papen aided Hitler's rise to power via the Center Party of Germany. Also, the Vatican has been caught in being involved in the Inquistion, Ustashi massacres, the Crusades, the creation of the ecumencial movement, the promotion of illegal immigration, and other events. Freemasonry has been caught also in infilitrating religions and promoting the worship of Lucifer. Some promote a new order. In other words, high level political, religious, and secret societies funded and orchestrated event including much of the wars then and now. I also expose all evil, so wicked Labor Zionists like CFR member & anti-Christian bigot Abe Foxman and wicked radical Muslims ought to be exposed as well. So, I'm consistent. Yet, I don't agree with collectively blaming everyone in one creed or ethnic group for all of the problems in the world unlike some in the "alternative media"). These are the same ones following Malthus believing that population growth was a liability not a benefit to the world and TH Huxley (which was Darwin's follower along with Wedgewood). Now, Watson wants genetic screening and a new professor wants people to divide into different "species." All of this wickedness is sick, but these are the critical times that are living in. We have to reject the dehumanization of human beings and except the value of all human life. There is nothing wrong with improving our health as well regardless if you're a man, woman, or child. Onnesha Roychoudhuri from Alternet at Monday on October 29, 2007 described on how on some occasions private companies have more control plus knowledge over personal information than we do. Many like CFR member Dodd, Obama (whose wife is in the CFR and is related to Dick Cheney), etc. (that doesn't mean I support Dodd or Obama) oppose immunity for telecoms who have participated in domestic spying.

Recently, there has been an ascendance of anti-war films like Lions for Lambs, Rendition, etc. They have a First Amendment right to exist, but I don't need a film to tell me what's going on. After the Ottoman Empire ended, European factions like the British wanted to control Iraq. Today, America is involved and the CFR (including CFR member Biden and CFR President Emeritus Leslie H. Gelb) is supporting a plan to divide up the nation along sectarian ties (which was mapped out years before the war began in 2003). Problems have occured there from attacks from many sides, torture, and one solution is to allow the Iraqis define their nation of their own nation. The LOST Treaty is still being debated. It talks about an international bureaucracy handling much of the affairs in the oceans (one founder of it is a dedicated socialist. Cliff Kincaid has written excellent research on this proposed treaty). That's a real threat in American society. It's kind of strange that fires in California occured 11 days before Halloween. Funny how O'Reilly says that are rights aren't being violated when we have RFID chips on our passports, free speech zones, the Pentagon caught spying peaceful protestors, tasered folks who are innocent, and other incidents spanning a clear defining pattern of an anti-Consitution, anti-libery mindset. We have to have courage and possess independent thought.

By Timothy


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