Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Evidence and Focusing on Real Issues

Rush Limbaugh is having his own controversy again. Some Democrats and liberals believe he called soliders collectively as fraudulent. Limbaugh said it was some not all troops. He should of claified more of what he's talking about. Media Matters is continuing this story. I don't agree with Media Matters on many issues, but I won't call them a criminal organization as some describe them as. Patriots are over shills like Neil Boortz, O'reilly, Sean Hannity, Amy Goodman, and others. The real issue isn't this. The real issue is the suppression of free speech before our eyes and the omission of real issues from a lot of the mainstream pundits like the Trans Texas Corridor, our civil liberties, abortion, how intelligence agencies and government fund or create terrorists (also they prop up puppets as our enemies like the CIA agent Osama bin Laden, the dictator Hugo Chavez, and the dictator Mahmoud Ahmaejad. Mahmoud was pictured holding the El Canuto horned sign. Chavez is quoted as wanting a new world order and he suppresses free speech even reported by the the Human Rights organization. So, Hugo isn't a pro-freedom, authentic human being), the evil committed by Secret Societies, the European Union (which is nothing more than a gaugernaut of globalists trying to eliminate the sovereignity of the nations of Europe. They are far-left and Bilderberg plus Vatican influence are in it), and other things.

O'reilly again yesterday said there is no civil liberty crisis in America and called for evidence. The truth is that there is tons of evidence of our rights being violated. For example, a Sixteen-year-old Pleajhia Mervin (as reported by Digitial Journal and other news outlets) said she dropped her plate of cake by accident when someone bumped into her. Later, a guard arrested her for no reason and arrested her mother named Latrisha Majors. The guard broke the girl's wrist. The guard also called the guard napped head (which is a degatory term for a black person). A man named Meyer was tasered for no reason, The Patriot Act was used against an innocent scientist (reported by Cliff Kincaid on 08/11/04, in 2004 at Philadephia 11 peaceful protestors were arrested for no reason (reported by Christian conservatives. Fortunately, the charges were dropped), testimony from Brig. General Rick Baccus, detainees, and others cite evidence of some torture occuring in Iraq and Guanamtamo Bay even Paul Craig Roberts (he's not a liberal, but an old school conservative) said that police brutality is an epidemic, etc. I could go on and on. It's out in the open. That's real evidence of rights suppression that O'Reilly can't refute. O'reilly is the same man wanting to execute folks at Gitmo while supposedely being opposed to the death penalty. New confirmation proves that increased child birth can decrease the risk of breast cancer (Scientists at the University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center presented the evidence). On the other hand, abortion increase risk factors of sterility, depression, etc. It's hypocritical for those who lecture on the legality on abortion when no where in the Consitution supports killing an unborn baby limb from limb. It's against the right to life in the Preamble of the Constituion as well and abortion is against taking life without due process of law. Honestly, people like me have evidence all day and we just focus on real issues. The good news is that folks are waking up all of the time and we can appreciate the good that is in the world and the universe (like God's creation, the animals, and the like).

By Timothy

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