Monday, November 24, 2008

The Alex Jones MHFM connection,


There's no end to their lies, deceits, distortions. These people are just 'punks'.



How much you want to bet they conveniently skip over Paul's epistles?



Of course. And Peter had nothing to do with Rome.That despicable video 1....sickening....this dimond-backed rattlesnake is enjoying showing dead, describing the proccess of death and rotting corpses, the return of the body to dust.

There is no love in them,....Love which is Jesus Christ, only teaches Life Eternal and Love for one of his neighbor. Most Hellish Family Cemetery is not our Biblical 'neighbor' or anyone who is involved in Romanism. Nothing beneficial ever produced from those sordid blood encrusted minds of works of theirs amount to anything but Scientific Death.


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