Wednesday, November 19, 2008

George Grant's Research and blog

I brought one of his books years ago exposing Planned Parenthood


Andrea Murrhteyn said...


You bought one of his books years ago, exposing Planned Parenthood.

What exactly did it expose, besides that he is twofaced.

What did it expose: that he is not willing to expose the root of the problem, because he makes money -- lots of money, -- by telling people what they want to hear; by having academic intellectual discussions on topics that make his readers feel good about themselves; like they are on some righteous -- in gods name -- crusade against anti-abortionists?

Did his words, that he made you pay to read, make you feel good about who you were? Self Righteous? Standing up for poor babies who are unwanted?

Did any of his book mention how to stop unwanted and unloved babies from being conceived, whereby PLANNED PARENTHOOD WOULD GO BANKRUPT?


Planned Parenthood is nothing but Pastor Grant's fucking milkcow, his bread and butter; his 'evil' fucking organisation that makes him feel like he is some goddamn fucking saint. He isn't. He is a twofaced gutless coward 'leader' who doesn't know fuck about addressing root causes of problems, he only wants to pretend how fucking self righteous he is. And more than that make goddamn fucking money of readers who are stupid and want to believe how fucking self righteous they are.

And considering my prior comment has not yet been approved by his blog, what is he peddling, goodness or evil; 'i'm hear to help' from an omnipotent busybody?

You are more than entitled to spend your money buying whatever books you want, to make you feel good, to tell you what you want to hear about how self righteous you are, and which don't challenge you to think, don't challenge you to ask yourself some very difficult questions, don't challenge your critical thinking, and don't educate you on the difference of the reality that much of book writers opinions are nothing more than intellectual theories, they are not kinesthetic opinions in their guts and bones, that they are willing to take a bullet for.

But they are quite willing to take your $20 for patting you on the back and telling you how fucking self righteous you are, sharing their intellectual opinions that mean sweet fuck all to them. In fact, some of them would tell you you are the best goddamn self righteous christian on the planet, just so long they get your $20, you ain't got to do anything dificult, no difficult thinking, no addressing issues at their root, no storming into temples of pharisee hypocrit moneylenders in rage and fury.

Planned Parenthood are a bunch of fucking murderers, of unwanted and unloved babies, and anti-abortionists, couldn't give a flying fuck about those babies 20 days after they are born, and in some goddamn fucking foster home, or beaten by incompetent mothers who are so emotionally and intellectually, not to mention spiritually insecure, they will let any man fuck them, or use a baby to black mail a man into marrying them....

And what is Pastor George Grant doing to kinesthetically educate and support those intellectually, emotionally and spiritually insecure young women to grow emotionally, intellectually and spiritually more secure?

He and all those who pretend to be anti-abortion, just out of some fake self righteous moralism, which they will give a few pennies, and pllenty of fucking bullypulpit time for, but won't address the root causes for, cause it may make them damn fucking unpolpular to speak truth to power, they are worse than planned parenthood, cause if they fucking had some fucking balls to address the root causes, they could fucking end abortion -- they don't have the goddamn fucking commitment nor the balls, it's just a goddamn fucking feel good intellectual BS story they spin themselves to make themselves feel like fucking baby savers...


Anyway, that's my views...


Timothy said...

The book was called Grand Illusions. It was short and easy to read. It focused on the wicked history of Planned Parenthood and the wickedness of abortion.

I don't believe George Grant is 2 faced. He is sincerely pro-life.

I do believe he exposes the root of the problem. The root of the problem is a set of globalists wanting to use the evil of abortion as a means of depopulation of the human race. They believe in eugenics and the bashing of the culture of life. It's as simple as that. There is nothing wrong with showing information that makes people feel good, as long as it is accurate and necessary. We need information to make us feel good, angry, and a wide spectrum of emotions.

No baby is unwarranted. All babies born are warranted by God to do what is right. All babies have a purpose even if their natural mother or their natural father is selfish enough to not care about the baby.

To your credit, your critique is just as strong to the pro-abortion. This book does talk about helping to end abortion, by first defunding Planned parenthood, increase assistance to people, and other solutions.

Using hypotheticals never justify abortion for what it is. Abortion is the murder of innocent unborn human life intentionally. There is nothing wrong with babies being concieved by love at all. I disagree with your ad hominem attacks against George Grant. He's a man who dedicated his life in exposing abortion and comprehending the root cause of it. You are very slick with sarcasm, but your sarcasm will never make me be anti-population at all.

As for you comments on his blog, I don't agree with that since i support free speech. I will make words known in order to make a stand, etc. It's a like to assume that I don't look at book that don't challenge me, etc. I've read plenty of literature that challenge my thinking and increase the development of my mind on many issues. If you continue that, you will be lying again. I also read book that make me feel good, make me feel angry, and carry a list of emotions. There is nothing wrong with that.

Also, many Christians are not self righteous. There is nothing wrong with selling a book in a legitimate fashion at all. George Grant is educating people about abortion, so we can develop policies where abortion is eliminated from society. That is what he is doing.

Timothy said...

In essence, you made distortions about me and George Grant. You try to equate simply selling a book exposing abortion to being a money changing Pharisee. That is false and extreme rhetoric. Also, the root cause of abortion is the culture of death and elitists wanting a eugenics, depopulation goal. It is also the bashing of human life. Modern technology, pregnancy crisis centers, and other solutions have done by Grant and other pro lifers in order to make sure that people don't have abortions. This has been occuring for decades in America and the world over.

Timothy said...

I read Killer Angel actually not Grand Illusions. My mistake.

Timothy said...

George Grant is telling women that abortion isn't a real choice. Abortion ruins choices. It has risk factors that can damage women emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. Abortion doesn't make women secure. It makes women unsecure and it destroys the choices the unborn has in life. It's a violation of the right to life. Plus, Grant's books cite the Bible in spiritual help toward those in need.

Timothy said...

Grant's book that I've read did challenge me to think, so I don't know what's your talking about that issue. Also, Planned Parenthood is evil since they fund abortions whether you agree with that or not. Also, that books have plenty of facts not just theories.

Timothy said...

Your stereotypes about Pro-Lifers are false. Many pro lifers are in the streets dealing helping infants and babies way beyond what you're doing. They are doing this not in America, but worldwide 24/7 365. You know I had to respond when you bash pro-lifers and anti-abortionists.

Andrea Murrhteyn said...

Thanks for all your comments.

I hear that you disagree with me on certain points, and it is quite possible you are correct. I say so, because in my opinion you have researched the 'abortion' issues, to a far greater extent than I.

I don't and haven't gotten involved in the abortion debate for the reasons I stated. I don't support abortion, but I don't get on a high horse against political candidates who are either pro-abortion or anti-abortion, because frankly I see very, very, very few people addressing what -- in my opinion, and others clearly disagree -- are root cause issues of how unwanted and unloved babies are conceived.

So many of the pro and anti 'abortion' brigade activists, seem to focus on this as the starting point for thier 'activism' brigade: the conception of unwanted and unloved babies, and then simplistically what to do with them: (i) abort them; or (ii) adopt, or 'support' the mother, etc.

In my opinion both of them are as I said, simply pruning the branches of the weed (what to do about the conception of unwanted and unloved babies).

So, I don't get involved in the issue, since; as a farm girl, I can tell you without much hesitation, that if a farmer spent his time pruning his weeds, instead of ripping them out at the root, he would have a farm of PREDOMINANTLY WEEDS.

That is just my perspective on the issue; what I do attempt to do, and have done is to attempt to support women and men -- when they are interested in the discussion, not often; -- is to THINK VERY, VERY, VERY SERIOUSLY about bringing a child into the world.

So, I don't know if any of that makes sense to you, but that's just the way I see things on the issue of abortion. I see every man and women who chooses not to negligently or intentionally conceive an unwanted and unloved child as a blessing, as not only a child saved from the horrors and murder of an abortion, but a child saved from the horrors of living their lives knowing they were unwanted and unloved.

I'd rather love the child in you; if that's okay with you! ;-)