Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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There are more developments in Egypt. People are legitimately protesting against the military dictatorship in Egypt. The Arab Spring is very historic, so anybody can acknowledge that truism. Mubarak was a dictator. Most of the Egyptian people rightfully disagreed with his dictatorship. Many individuals were protesting in front of Tahrir Square to express their legitimate grievances. Mubarak was soon overthrown in 2011. That was a positive development, but the military generals took over the political systems of Egypt. Now, protests are continuing in order for the establishment of a new Egypt that can give all of its citizens equal political & social rights. One woman in Egypt was assault by military thugs. Therefore, the protesters are working hard in order for their country to experience real reforms without token measures. There are continued protests in Syria. People in Syria desire political reforms, yet some NGO-sponsored entities are trying to infiltrate the freedom movement in the country of Syria.
In the final analysis, times will change. Although, I faithfully adhere to my core convictions or beliefs. When you see babies in the Middle East experiencing depleted uranium and the aftermath of bombs harming them, then that is unjust. It is wrong to see innocent Israelis suffer violence and it is wrong see innocent Palestinians to suffer through violence as well. It’s very easy to witness the imperfections that the Federal Reserve has made in their economic policies. It obvious that al-Qaeda related terrorists [ironically, al-Qaeda is a fruit of the CIA’s Operation Cyclone] worked with the NATO war criminals to permit a puppet state in Libya. I believe in universal health care for all human beings. What I don’t agree with are poisons being injected into our bodies, I don’t agree with loving MSG, and I don’t believe in BPA being omitted by the news. Even mainstream scientists have exposed sodium fluoride (a neurotoxin) as being dangerous in the world. The Natural News website and other tons of other individuals have exposed the anti-natural foods movement as supported by the internationalists. So, we should do our part to adhere to embracing natural medicine, organic foods, and authentic healthy living completely.  I still respect the Second Amendment. A defenseless public can increase the risk of our rights to be totally gone.

When a person says that property rights trumps human rights, then that’s person embracing an extremist, supremacist doctrine. The enemy uses code words like states rights and business protection as an excuse to excuse discrimination in society. You have no right to do what you want with your private property. You can’t murder, rape, steal, do fraud, or discriminate in an evil fashion on your private property. To do what one wants on private property is at odds with human values. That is why market forces left to their own devices can create Jim Crow segregation, environmental damage, and labor rights suppression. With these words, you know which group of people that I’m talking about. I’m talking about the reactionary movement and the infiltrated Tea party movement. Much of the Tea Party movement is now infiltrated by Freedom Works plus like minded organizations. It’s hypocritical for the reactionaries to believe in copyright violation laws and other regulations, but they want corporations to basically experience little to not regulations after that. I don’t believe in fantasy. I don’t believe in the lie of American exceptionalism, I don’t agree with the mass incarceration of people of color (especially Black People), I don’t agree with other deceptions either. War mongering and imperialism has nothing to do with “family values” or being pro-God period. It isn’t just one party responsible for the problems in America. The Democrats have proposed cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. They have ignored unemployment in many ways. They have deported about 1 million Latino human beings. They have protected the bankers by not prosecuting a series of bankers responsible for the foreclosure crisis. Numerous Democrats even support the invading, bombing, occupying and subverting of even more countries than the Cheney-Bush regime. This doesn’t mean that I am a Republican, but both parties have their fair share of imperfections. Both parties are allies of the energy, insurance, corporate media, release, military contractor, and Wall Street industries. As a man, I am anti-war, anti-US Empire, anti-Wall Street bailout, and anti-police state. I am also pro-freedom, pro- labor rights, pro-love, and pro-civil liberties (as I reject the Patriot Act completely).

There are tons of information that is known about the Byzantium Empire. The Eastern European region (which is the home base of the Byzantine Empire) was heavily Hellenized. That means that Eastern Europe during the early centuries of the first millennium experienced a great deal of influence from the Greek culture. This influence of Greek came about to the Byzantine Empire via the Macedonian Empire, and the Roman Empire (including from the Greek colonies in the Black Sea region). By 330 A.D. Emperor Constantine founded Constantinople as a second Rome on the site of Byzantium (This location was between the trade routes to connect the East and West). Constantine developed more administrative reforms that were introduced by the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Constantine stabilized the coinage or the gold solidus (which was a stable currency). He made structural changes to the Army. This caused a period of military strength, stability, and prosperity under the reign of Emperor Constantine. He or Constantine granted Christianity imperial preference or basic privileges. Previous Roman Empire would outright murder Christians. After Constantine, the Roma Empire would make Christianity its own official region. Constantine didn’t believe that the Emperor should settle theological disputes among churches. He did believe in organizing ecclesiastical council for that purpose. This is why he convened the Synod of Arles and the First Council of Nicea in claiming to be the head of the Church. The Eastern Empire didn’t have as much difficulties as the Western Empire. The reasons were that the Eastern Empire had a more urban culture, it had greater financial resources, etc. Also, the leaders of the Eastern Empire paid tribute to invaders and paid foreign mercenaries. A tribute is a bribe to prevent an invader from conquering your territory. After Constantine died, there came Theodosius I. The East was ruled by Arcadius after Theodosius and the West was ruled by Honorius. Arcaidus and Honorius are Theodosius I’s sons. Constantinople was fortified in its walls by Theodosius II. Justinian I was the most famous Emperor of the Byzantine Empire. Justinian ruled in 527 A.D. His (who was the son of an Illyrian peasant) reign saw the Byzantine Empire recovering former territories. For example, he sent his general Belisarius to get the former province of Africa form the Vandals, who had been in control since 429 with their capital at Carthage. The Vandals were a Germanic tribes that invaded Europe and Northern Africa. The Germanic tribes defeated the Roman Empire plainly speaking. He paid a tribute annually to the Saddanids (or a Persian Empire in that time period). The Saddanids were just as power as the ancient Roman Empire in military strength and culture.  Justinian’s wife was Empress Theodora. She supported Monophysite Patriach Anthimus I of Constantinople, but Justinian didn’t. Justinian’s forces captured Rome by December 17, 546. By 529 A.D., The Emperor allowed a 10 man commission chaired by Tribonian to revise the ancient Roman legal code to form a new code called Codex Justinianus. A Codex means code or a complication of rules. The Codex Justinianus was updated and reorganized into the system of law used for the rest of the Byzantine era. The Corpus Juris Civilis is the total composition of the Byzantine laws (it includes changes to old Roman laws as well). The Corpus Juris Civilis is also called the Justinian Code (made up of 4 parts called the Code, the Digest, Institutes, and Novels). The purpose of the Justinian Code was the organize Roman law and create rules that interpret Roman laws. The Justinian Code united church and state by making Christianity the state region of the empire. There are laws that forbid certain pagan practices like you can be experience something similar to an indictment of murder (if persons were present in a pagan sacrifice). Much of the Justinian Code influenced the laws of Western Europe. Even today, the Justinian code (made up of civil law) is related the European Union’s civil laws. Justinian’s rule caused Byzantine to experience its peak of culture and prosperity. Also, architecture achievements were made during his reign and throughout the era of the Byzantine Empire. One great example of this architecture was the completion of the church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. Today, the church of Hagia Sophia has been transformed into a famous mosque. It was finished in 562 A.D. Hagia Sophia means Holy Spirit. Justinian died in November 16, 565 in Constantinople.

Dr. M. Mirsch Goldberg admitted in his book entitled, “The Jewish Connection” that “The Star of David is not of Jewish origin and the ancient Israelites never used it as their religious symbol.” Dr. Graham in his book called, “The Six Pointed Star-Its Origin and Usage” said that: “…This symbol is compromised of a six within a six within a six (i.e. six points, six triangles, six sides of the inner hexagon…” To understand the elite, you have to understand about the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is one work of the occult world. In the Kabbalah, God didn't directly create the world only his emanations. Kabbalists believe that people can study the Tree of Life to reac enlightenment or a real spiritual connection with God. Malkut is a significance divine aspect or emanation of the Tree of Life. The Kabbalah’s Zohar said that Malkut is feminine and rules over the people of Israel (according to the proponents of the Kabbalah) to absorb the energies of the other god forms. Malkut means Kingdom of royalty. It’s found in the bottom of the Tree of life. It relates to the Earth or the physical world. The archangel of this sphere is Sandalphon, and the Ishim (souls of fire) is the Angelic order. The name of God is Adonai Melekh or Adon ha-Arets. There is also a connection to the tenth card of each suit in Tarot. Malkut can be the potential to be in the highest part of the Tree or Life, which relates to the Hermetic maxim of ‘as above, so below.’ Malkut filters the energy from the rest of the Tree of Life to spread across the other parts again. Ex-33rd Degree Freemason Jim Shaw and others admitted that one big secret in Freemasonry is to form harmony in the forces of Nature (or equilibrium. This means that according to Jim Shaw, Masons believe that man’s evil and good natures must merge to be one. This mix of good and evil is embraced by the Sabbatian movement. This movement was invented by the apostate rabbi Sabbatai Zvi). The old Mystery Religions and Mystery Schools inspired the creation of the Tarot, Catholicism, Freemasonry, mainstream Christianity (not true Christianity), the New Age Movement, witchcraft, Wicca, and other similar types of organizations & religions. Even 33rd Degree Freemason Albert Pike’s book entitled, “Morals and Dogma” admitted that Freemasonry is heavily influenced by the occult teachings of the Kabbalah. One secret of Masonry is the praise of the Serpent. To this very day, the elite use Enochian rituals, secret obscene parties in mansions worldwide, mock human sacrifice in the Bohemian Grove, and other acts of degeneracy.

Objectivism in our generation has been exposed as a polemic to pout it lightly. Objectivists regularly believe that people should die if people experience a deadly disease (and they can’t afford health care). Ayn Rand completes abhors altruism and this philosophy of Objectivism is commonly promoted today. Ayn Rand was so extreme that she devoted her philosophy to one book entitled, “The Virtue of Selfishness.” Selfishness is never virtuous. It’s actually undesirous and evil. Objectivism blatantly mischaracterizes altruism and unselfishness. Even Alan Greenspan was once a disciple of Rand. His 1963 essay called “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal” said that regulation is based on force and fear to undermine the moral base of business dealings. This is wrong, because legitimate regulations can improve businesses and prevent fraud (saving money). Greenspan believes that greed is good. He said that: “…It is precisely the ‘greed’ of the businessman or, more appropriately, his profit-seeking, which is the unexcelled protector of the consumer.” Ron Paul would promote similar ideas 49 years later. Ron Paul wants virtually any regulation to be abolished from local building inspectors to the Food and Drug Administration. The leadership of the Republican Party (not all Republicans) desire to reduce if not eliminate the Capital Gains taxes, Dividend taxes, Income tax rates on the rich, the Estate taxes – which only the super rich pay –, and Corporation taxes – which only the owners of corporations pay. This proves that in general, the leadership of the Republicans favors the super rich. An extreme amount of tax cutting can potentially means fewer decent schools for younger human beings, fewer opportunities for higher education for all, fewer hospitals in the nation, etc. Sometimes, a federal hand is necessary to defend minorities against corrupt individuals who are abusive against people in the state level. Also, corrupt government is wrong and corporate corruption is wrong as well (like Exxon spying on its employees and BP harming the Gulf of Mexico with its oil spill). I don’t believe in privatizing the police state either. The corporations violating people’s rights are wrong and the government should interfere to prevent that (or prevent corporate crimes).

By Timothy

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