Friday, January 15, 2016

Brother Nixak 77's Words

Nixak*77*  High Ranking Official • 35 minutes ago
} AS POTUS I [Bernie] will defend this nation, its people, and America’s vital 'strategic interests' [what exactly dose that mean]... America must defend freedom at home and abroad [humm...], Senator Sanders will protect America, and be relentless in combating terrorists... [exactly who are these so-called 'Terrorists'] {

So-called US vital 'strategic interests' in the Mid-East boils down to OIL [& Israel] & in Africa it boils down to OIL plus a slew of key minerals [copper, gold, diamonds, tin, cobalt, coltan, etc...- NOTE the US military is the World's top Oil / Gas-GUZZLER]. So is Sanders saying he's prepared to commit the US military to 'insure' US Biz-Corps are able to continue 'exploiting' these key strategic mineral markets in the Mid East & Africa???

'Defending freedom at home'- So is Bernie committing to reigning in the US mass-Surveillance-Security {police}State, that's threatening everyone's legit right privacy & freedom of [legit] speech & legit access of info??!
'Defending Freedom at Abroad'- Has Bernie forgot the the Bush Cheney Gang's official name for their Iraq-Attack Pt-2 was called "Op Enduring Iraqi 'FREEDOM' " & that OBomber & KIllary 'R2P' 'humanitarian' Bombed Libya [then Africa's most prosperous nation] into total chaos & ruin??! Is this what Bernie means by 'Defending Freedom abroad??!

Bernie refuses to reject Drone-strikes or even be specific about how his policy would be much different than OBomber's current Drone policy [IMO Bernie's foreign policy talking-points sound too much like the 'Obama Candidate's' did in 2008]- IE Out-Right REJECTION Of: Signature Drone Strikes [= zeroing in on a suspect cell phone number, rather than on an actual terror suspect]; Terror Tues [or it's equivalent]; Extra-Judicial Execution by Drone [especially for US citizens & legal residents ala Anwar Al-Awlaki & his 16 yr old son]; Accepting an 'acceptable' level of 'collateral damage' [= innocent civilians] when targeting 'terror-suspects'...

Bernie's 'smart' Terror-plan to combat ISIS is to let the Saudi headed GCC spear-head the fight vs ISIS- which is like letting the FOX guard the chicken-coop [= NOT so smart at-all]!!

And is Bernie ready to reject the Neo-CON's 'regime-change' agenda which has effectively been US policy since the immediate wake of the 9-11 'New Pearl Harbor' Event- & articulated at-least a Yr earlier in the Bush-Cheneyite NeoCON manifesto by PNAC in Sept 2000??!!

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