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Hillary Clinton

Nixak*77*  7 hours ago
So Billary's support for the anti-worker Neo-Liberal Corp agenda, did NOT even start w their & Al ['Green Jeans'] Gore hawking & pushing that oh so 'pro-worker' / 'eco-friendly' [NOT!!!] NAFTA. It began in 1983 [= the Ray-Gun era assault on Unions] when {'Dollar'}Bill Clinton was AR Gov & Billary was AR's 1st Lady.
It was they, Billary- NOT George Bush Jr, who started the national trend of privatization of schools, the testing regime, & also attacks on Teachers' Unions- as she SAT on that oh-so 'worker friendly' [NOT!] WalMart's board!!!
Chris Hedges says that after Slick Willy & Gore pushed NAFTA, the US labor movement should have kicked the DNC Corp Dims' asses to the curb back in1994!!! Yet the largest Unions' {mis}'Leaders' are still backing Billary over Bernie [let alone the GP's Jill Stein]. And they want to know why the US labor movement is NOW in such a SAD shape- Duhh!!!

Nixak*77*  Nixak*77*  13 hours ago
PS-FYI: Famous / World Class Vegan / Vegetarian Athletes: Bill Walton, Robert Parish, Pau Gasol [NBA]; Ricky Williams, Tony Gonzales, Herschel Walker [NFL]; Prince Fielder, Hank Aaron [Baseball]; Carl Lewis, Edwin Moses [Track]; Venus & Serena Williams, Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King, Chris Evert [Tennis]...
They are all PROOF a well balanced plant-based diet DOES NOT impair [& in fact may improve] physical abilities IE: strength, speed, power & endurance- & even longevity!
Note Re: The claim that veganism / vegetarianism is just a so-called 'white elitist thing / fad': Most of these well known / 'Legendary' athletes are Black. Also note that the 2 countries w both the highest percentage of [at 35%-40%] & total number of vegans / vegetarians are India & Bangladesh.
PS-2 Note: ML.King Jr may not have been a vegan / vegetarian, but his inspirational 'mentor' Mahatma Gandhi was & also MLK's wife Coretta & son Dexter was/is as well.

 Nixak*77*  a day ago
This article's critique of Killary's so-called foreign Policy experience & 'expertise' is SPOT ON! But IMO Bernie's FP position is only marginally better. Of course to his credit he refused to back the Bush-Cheney Regime's Iraq Attack Pt-2 unlike Killary, but he's mostly been in 'alignment' w her, Slick Willy & OBomber re: most other FP & DOD matters.
Even re Syria, though Bernie's smart enough to know that calling for a 'No-Fly-Zone' NOW w Russia NOW in the mix [in effect have their own No-Fly-Zone over Syria in tandem w Assad's SAA], risks getting the US in a Shooting Air-WAR Directly w Russia!! Still he wants to go after ISIS in Syria [& elsewhere] by urging the Saudis [& likely the Turks too] to 'Step-up' & lead the anti-ISIS effort in Syria! Yet the Saudis & Turks are BIG anti-Assad 'regime-change' agents & both are even implicated in the rise of ISIS in Syria- to try to topple Assad!! Thus what Bernie's calling for is like having the 'FOX 'Guard' the Chicken Coop' = NOT SO 'smart' at-all!!

Nixak*77*  boatmemory  3 days ago
NO real 'progressive' let alone a real 'socialist' [woman or NOT] would ever call Billary a 'progressive', NOR ever consider voting for her!! Even Ms Walters admits that Billary's really a moderate / centrist Dim, that only started 'acting' like a 'liberal-progressive' because of Bernie's run.
Plus a real 'socialist' knows that even what Bernie's talking about is NOT really 'socialism', but rather FDR 'New Deal' styled regulated capitalism- which is of-course a lot better than the current neo-liberal unregulated / unchained corp capitalism run-amok- But still ain't really socialism [in fact FDR set it up as an alternative to real socialism- to save capitalism from its total collapse during the 1930s depression era].
Plus IMO truly 'informed progressives' would know of alternatives to the Dims [IE: Billary & even Bernie] like GP POTUS candidate Jill Stein [or even other independent 3rd party candidates even to the 'left' of her & the GP]- as their 'Plan B' should Bernie NOT make it & then endorses 'centrist' Wall St / War-Mongering / Corp DNC Dim Billary!

Here's some other things that Obama 'Should' [but likely won't] DO to try to Avoid WWIII before leaving Office- beyond those 4 more 'technical' things listed in the Article:
STOP Provoking PUTIN'S [nuke-armed] RUSSIA: 1} That means reversing or at-least backing off his whole [reckless] Regime-Change scheme in Syria- including restraining the US' 2 key Anti-Assad allies: the Saudis & the Turks!
2} Reversing or backing off his recklessly provocative support of that Neo-NAZI Coup Regime in Ukraine, who IMO quite likely shot that Malaysian Airliner out of the sky in 2014 & then tried to blame it on Putin &/or ethnic-Russian militia forces in Eastern Ukraine [Note: this same type of false-flag attack ploy was tried in Syria in 2013 w the Sarin Attack by US-Saudi-Turkish backed anti-Assad rebel mercs, which the OBomber & Kerry then tried to blame Assad for]
3} Stop trying to drive NATO right up to Russia's borders, in clear violation of the deal made by Ronnie Ray-gun / Bush Sr w Gorbachev at the end of the USSR.
4} Nix installing that so-called missile 'defense' [NOT] system in Poland & the Czech Republic, that the US falsely claims is to 'protect' the EU from Iran's NON-Existent ICBM nuke-missiles, but is really Aimed at RUSSIA'S Nuke-Deterrent- [FYI: this potentially enables a first strike option vs Russia by posing a threat to a Russian retaliatory strike].
- STOP PROVOKING [nuke-armed] CHINA: OBomber needs to NIX his & Killary's so-called 'Asia Pivot' plan to 'challenge' [= provoke] China in China's own 'back-yard'.
- Own-Up to the US' [& Russia's, China's, the UK & France] NPT Treaty Obligations & Commitments to come-up w a real time-table for TOTAL Nuke Disarmament. -And Then-
- URGE Israel, India & Pakistan [& N.Korea too] to sign Onto the NPT, including accepting IAEA inspections.
- RENOUNCE Regime-Change [along w the DOD's 'Full Spectrum Dominance' scheme] as a / the Current Corner-Stone(s) of US Foreign Policy- w IRAN as Well as Syria still on the US' Regime-Change {s}Hit-List.
- END ALL US' 'regime-change' / OIL & Resource WARS.
- NIX AFRICOM = STOP Expanding the US' Military Boot-Print in Africa to 'challenge' & 'check' [= threaten] China's [& Russia's too] growing economic influence in Africa.
- Really work to bring a just, equitable & lasting peace to the Middle-East, beyond mere 'lip-service' & 'faking in the game' by just 'going thru some futile motions'.
'Dissolve the CIA' - FYI: JFK threatened to 'Break the CIA into 1000 pieces & Scatter it to the winds' for lying to him re the Bay of Pigs fiasco, & then fired CIA Chief Alan Dulles & his Deputy.
After the Cuban Missile crisis JFK wanted to roll-back or even end the 'cold-war' vs the USSR [= roll-back / phase-out the US nuke-arms race vis-a-vis the USSR] & phase-out of Vietnam- But... We see how that all worked out for JFK in Dallas on Nov 22, 1963...
That fact may still be acting as a type of 'nuke-deterrent' re OBomber!!

Besides what you've said re Bernie's FP, folks need to look at politics analytically, rather merely sentimentally.
Unless some of Billary's &/or Slick Willy {Dollar}Bill Clinton's shady dealings w foreign Govts [& other shady characters- both foreign & domestic] while she was Obama's Sec or State, grows legs & then turns around & bites her / them in the BUTT- such that it sinks her 2016 POTUS run... The odds are stacked HI vs Bernie vis-a-vis Billary.
Besides the Billary Clintons' [undue] influence over the Corp DNC Dims, & her commanding lead in Dim super-delegates [even before the 1st primary]- Below I gave an analysis of key Dem constituency demographics of Bernie vs Billary: IMO She's got the clear edge vs Bernie among Blacks, Hispanics & of course women Dims.
- IMO the only region of the US Bernie 'Might' best her is in NE / the NE- but she's bound to win NY, so Bernie's would have to win almost every other NE state just to neutralize that! IE: All she has to do is also win either NJ, &/or Penn St, &/or Mass St & Bernie won't even top her in NE / the NE [= his home turf]!!!
IMO Bernie will be damn lucky to win in even just 1 southern state vs Billary- And everywhere else [except Cali & IL which IMO both are also hers] either she's got the edge or at-best [for him] is up for grabs.
So Billary takes Cali, NY, IL & the ENTIRE South- w Bernie at best breaking even w her in all the other regions [including the North-East / New-England = his home turf]. Plus she beats him among Blacks, Hispanics & women [all 3 are key Dem constituencies], & she'll have a commanding lead in Dim super-delegates. Thus IMO unless she really screws-up bad & makes a serious blunder, &/or some really BIG Skeletons come tumbling out of her &/or Slick Willy's shady closet- IMO the Odds are LOONG vs Bernie!!!

With all due respect: Bernie running as a [corp] DIM AIN'T NO 'Political Revolution'- At best it represents 'modest' [yet much needed] political reform. NOR is his platform about real 'socialism'! Bernie's economic platform is basically FDR 'New Deal' style regulated-capitalism [Don't = Socialism / was pushed by FDR as an 'alternative' to socialism to rescue failed depression-era capitalism]- even Bernie himself has effectively admitted that.

Remember Henry Wallace, FDR's VP who was the most progressive person to get within a hair's-breath of the oval-office & who once was the 2nd most popular politician in the US, exceeded by only FDR himself [& Wallace was definitely more progressive than FDR was]?? So what happened to him?? During the 1944 Dim confab in Chicago, the Dim party 'operators' literally snatched the rug out from under what should be a mere formality re: Wallace's renomination as FDR's VP candidate, & handed it to that hack HS. 'Duke Nukem' Truman!!!
By April 1945 that which everyone knew would happen - happened, FDR died in office & his VP [should have been Wallace but instead was Truman] became POTUS. Truman then went on the needlessly nuke Hiroshima & Nagasaki, started the 'cold war' & nuke arms race w the USSR, invaded N.Korea to take on Mao's China, set-up the CIA [= setting-up the US' national security state & MIC], etc, etc, etc...
My Point: Since Bernie's decided to run as a Dim, if the DNC Dim 'big-wigs' [most are Clinton loyalists] have decided that Billary is 'their Gal' & that 'it's her turn', if need be they'll most likely find a way to torpedo Bernie's run- by hook or by crook!!!

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